Amazon paying you to buy their games?

Check this out:

After rebates, the game is -1.01 dollars. Sounds like a good deal, even if the game sucks.

Well, BYW, I heard that that game really does suck. As in, unplayably sucky. Still, you ARE getting paid a doller…but what about shipping?

It’s still not a good deal. My time is worth much more than that to me…

Ugh, I previewed that damn game, and nothing on God’s green earth would make me have it in my house again. After all, I was paid to play it, and it still gives me chills to consider playing it again.

bouv, looks like shipping is free if you add a few more bucks to get $25.00

So order something you actually want and consider it a one-dollar discount.

Of course, we all know what happens when you try to cash in a rebate.

Anyone remember the old days when there was free Amazon money all over the internet? Once I made almost $2000 in Amazon gift certificates in one day, just by making tons of free email addresses and signing up multiple times at a free site.