Amazon sneaky bastards!

If something becomes temporarily out of stock, fucking say so dicknoses!

“Usually dispatches in 24 hours”? Bollockear.

"Delivery estimate: Oct 27, 2003 - Nov 5, 2003 " Wanktoe.

" Items Dispatching Soon" Fuckfinger.

Sneaky bastards have set a ‘dispatching soon’ status so that I can’t cancel the order.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. They’re pretty sneaky all around; remember when they were charging different prices for the same item? Barsets.

I accidently chose an express delivery bullet once and couldn’t cancel the order immediately after processing because supposedly it shipped (within 5 fucking minutes?).

Had to pay 15 bucks extra to get a 14.99 CD.


They offer free delivery in the UK for orders over £25. Of course, what they don’t tell you up front is that the “free delivery” is the lowest possible class, taking about twice as long as normal Post Office delivery.

There is an 800 number you can call to get customer issues resolved. Damned if I can find it now though.

Those fuckers! :rolleyes:

They do so tell you that.

I ordered two cds with the “free delivery” and they got here in about five days. Considering one of the cds was supposed to take two weeks to be special ordered, then another week or so to be delivered, I was most impressed.

I gotta say, I always go with the free shipping option (cheap bastard that I am), and I have never had a delivery take more than three or four days–generally a good week or two ahead of Amazon’s estimated delivery date. I always attributed this to living near one of their warehouses, but I recently moved to a different state and I’m still getting three day free shipping.

Yay, Amazon!

My only problem with Amazon is when they pull release dates out of their asses for books I’m waiting for, to get people to preorder. They’ve had fake release dates for the next George RR Martin book for well over a year now, despite the fact that he’s not even done writing it yet. Every few months, amazon will push back their pretend release date by a few months.

I strongly doubt that that’s Amazon’s fault. They’re probably just repeating what the publisher tells them.

I ordered Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” and they sent me Steve Earle’s “Sidetracks” instead. I hunted and hunted around their site to find out what to do, then just gave up and kept Steve Earle. It’s not bad, but it’s no “YHF.”

Yes, once you complete the order. It would be nice to be forewarned so that you don’t spend time trying to get your order over £25 when you wanted it in reasonable time.

The American Amazon site has the “spend $25, get free shipping” offer all over the place. And the one time I used it, I got my stuff in TWO DAYS. I was rather pleased about that. I’m going to do that from now on whenever I can. Even if something does take a week to get to me that’s all right.

The last time I got something from them with regular shipping, it went through the Post Office but still only took three days.

I’ve never had a problem with Amazon, though with their volume of business I’m not surprised that some people do. I have yet to get something from them that didn’t arrive at least a day earlier than could be reasonably expected.

For any Brits, I recommend CD-WOW – cheap, free and prompt delivery, and, good customer service, the only downside being that if your tastes are outré then it might not suit.

And, er, they don’t sell books.

I’ve bought from CD-WOW, and the mad thing is that the CDs were shipped to me in about 4 days - from Hong Kong.

As for Amazon: they don’t offer free delivery to Ireland, but the UK is the only place from which we can order most items.

Cunty buttfuck.

Isn’t that just outside Swindon?

I ran a thread about this a year or so ago. In it I mentioned that I rarely had books ship in 24 hours. Several dopers chimed in to explain the difference between “shipped” and “delivered.” LOL. Oddly, my very next purchase shipped within 24 hours. However, I stand by my original statement, it is rare for one of my purchases to ship within a 24 hour period.

Still, I don’t really mind. I could always go to the local book store if I really needed it quickly.