Amazon's 'the Boys' season 2 release date announced

Amazon Prime Video announced on Friday that The Boys season two will premiere its first three episodes on Sept. 4, with new episodes airing every Friday until the season finale on Oct. 9. There are eight episodes in total.

Excellent! I very much enjoyed the first season.

Didn’t they drop the whole season last time?

Yeah, all of season one dropped on the same day, which seems pretty standard for Amazon.

I’m wondering if the covid situation has slowed down the post production work on the show. For the past several months the rumor was that it was to be released in July (but I don’t know if that was based on anything from the production company or just fans randomly speculating).

I’m looking forward to it. I suspect (hope) they veer further away from the source material because, quite frankly, the source material is more dark and disturbing than I care for.

I watched S1 twice but I’ll have to remember to at least skim thru it in August to get ready.

Thanks for posting the release date!

That makes me want to read it. I just googled ‘the boys graphic novel’ and I’m probably on an FBI watchlist now.

I loved the first season and it ended on quite a cliffhanger.