Amber Chronicles

I’ve just finished reading “the amber chronicles” at least the first 5 books, should I continue reading it. Someone told me the latter books are not that good. Opinions

By all means, continue reading! I just had to finish all 10 books of The Amber Chronicles so I could find out what happened to Corwin and the others.

IMHO, they aren’t as good. I won’t go into why because it would involve a whole lotta spoilers.

Someone on my Amber message board pointed out that the Merlin series was begun after the abortive Changeling/Madwand saga, about a naive young wizard and that those planted the seeds for Merlin.

But for completeness, you should read them so that, as Jeff pointed out, you know what happenes with everyone and there are some pretty funny moments in the second series.

The first chronicle was so much larger in scope than the second. Kindoms rising and falling, wars won and lost, light and Shadow and all that is Amber. The second lot had some kid with a magic lasso. Still worth reading but I don’t plan to spend any time re-reading them the way I have and will the first.

On another note, I liked Changeling and Madwand and would have liked a third book to tie up the loose threads (pun intended) and provide some closure.

Oh, and get ready for the Prequel books.

John Betancourt, who has gotten premission from the Zelazny estate, is writing a set of 5 books told from the viewpoint of Oberon with his father and siblings as secondary characters, plus various other relatives. The title of the first book in NINE PRINCES OF CHAOS.