Ambusol medical question TMI

Today at work I was doing some repairs and of course eavesdropping on the conversation in the next cubical.
Today’s conversation on the other side of the wall was quite interesting. Mr. A, seems to have a premature ejaculation problem and Mr. B his close friend told him to place Ambusol cream (ya know for temporary relief of minor tooth pain).

I have been having visions of some nasty results happening to Mr. A.
Has anyone ever heard of this?

  1. It could actually keep the guys penis numb so he can go longer.

  2. The skin down there is a sensitive place not somewhere to be placing stuff.

Which is it?
thans, in advance.

I think you mean Anbesol. It’s a topical anaesthetic meant for use in the mouth, so I’d imagine it’s safe for use “down there”. However, it’s only absorbed well through mucous membranes (such as line the mouth), and probably wouldn’t be as effective as Mr. A. would like. The skin on the glans is thin though, so some numbing may occur.

:eek: What kind of place do you work?

“Hey Bob, how 'bout them Colts?”

“Well, Jim, I don’t know because I have a little pre-mature ejaculation problem.”

“Well son, next time try some Anbesol on your head.”

“OK, Jim. Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a shot. heh heh. No pun intended.”

::leaves thread shaking her head in wonder::

The major active ingredient in Anbesol is lidocaine, if that helps. It’s a local anesthetic, considered safe enough to administer in OTC drugs to be applied to mucosa. HOWEVER, I have seen many warnings about “caine” allergies, so you might wanna spot test it somewhere less sensitive (or at least less embarrasing to show the doctor…), or forego it completely if you know you have an allergy to benzocaine, novocaine/procaine, or cocaine :wink:

I can see that working pretty well, people have been known to apply cocaine to their genitals to numb the area so I guess that would work. Plus it would be a hell of a lot cheaper!

Would this issue be sort of self-defeating after, ahh, insertion?

Man: “I can last longer!”
Partner: “I can read during numb sex!”


Well, as QED pointed out, -caine drugs are really only effective when absorbed through mucous membranes. That’s why you can get high from smoking or snorting cocaine but (generally) not from handling it with your hands, and when you apply Anbesol to cold sores your fingers don’t go numb but your mouth does. So I guess what I’m saying is it’s probably safe (barring the aforementioned allergies) to experiment on your own, but you will most likely be disappointed. Disclaimer: IANADoctor, but I am a chemist :wink:

There is a product, Detain[SUP]®[/SUP], that is sold for this problem. It contains lidocaine.

This may sound dumb but I thought the head of the penis WAS a sort of mucus membrane. I know that it’s included in the “mucus membranes” that things like A5-35 advise against application on. I also know if you screw up and put something like A5-35 on your penis you’ll get the same reaction as if you put it on other mucus membranes.

The anbesol will numb the area a bit - you can also get this as a “sex” product but it’s more expensive.

yes, but what would it do to his partner?

Ok thanks I was wondering… Your right QED I misspelled the product name.

Ruby, I work as a locksmith, many times on a jobsite people tend to forget I am around working on something so I get to eavesdrop quite a bit, which can be very entertaining.

Oh really? Do tell!

Yes, do tell Alice.

Well I am saddened that this might work… I so wanted to read about some goofball in the paper who did this thing with train wreck kinda funny results. I so wanted to say… I was there when his buddy talked him into this… snicker

Lidocaine is an extremely effective anaesthetic when injected subcutaneously. I’ll leave it at that.


Good point, Erislover, I mean, the guy’s gonna smear numbing cream all over his weenie, then insert said weenie into his partner, where he will most likely proceed to smear it all over the inside of said partner. I don’t see any gain, here.

… and in my best American Pie impersonation ---- This one time… at band camp… I used Anbesol on my lower lip after playing the saxophone for hours on end. As I remember, there was quite a significant tingling sensation. I just don’t think I’d try it down there!