AMC's Dietland (open spoilers)

Anyone else plan on watching this? I haven’t read the novel, but I’ve been waiting for this to premiere ever since the previews started. It looks really good.

So far I’m loving this. Ditto for Unapologetic with Aisha Taylor.

I bought the book when I learned about the show; I finished it a day or two before the show started. I found the book/am finding the show to be inexplicably compelling…even more so with the show, since I, like, just read the book. I’m not caught up yet and have so far only watched the premiere episode(s), but I fully intend to keep watching! I’ve never seen the actress they cast as Plum in anything else, but I really like her.

(I assume by “open spoilers” you mean from the show as it airs…not from the book, right?)

P.S. I keep meaning to record the Aisha Taylor show!

Season finale tonight!
I regret not having found this thread sooner, as it’s a fascinating show worthy of much discussion. I’m surprised more folks haven’t replied.

I’ve been watching with Mrs. Wheelz, who struggles with weight and self-image issues (though it’s about much more than that), and it’s actually brought her to tears more than once. We’ve had some fairly deep conversations after most of the episodes. an extremely rare thing for a TV show to do in our house.

So if you haven’t been watching, I encourage everybody to find it and watch from the beginning. The whole tiger hallucination bit in episode 3 (I think) almost lost me, but I got sucked back in quickly enough. Hang in there through the strangeness, and you will be rewarded.

Been watching and found it very unique and interesting. I wasn’t a big fan of the last episode though - it seemed like it was too easy for Jennifer to “recruit” Plum like that.

It did seem like there were some blanks left unfilled between their first contact on the computer and her “abduction.” But I got the idea well enough to just go along.

I’m still surprised more dopers haven’t been watching this.
Anyhow, the finale was pretty good, I thought, but I was a bit disappointed that the story wasn’t fully wrapped up. This show really had the feel of a “limited series” with a distinct beginning, middle, and end. I’m somewhat skeptical that they can plausibly maintain the premise through multiple seasons.

I know it’s based on a novel. I haven’t read it, and I’m now wondering how far along in the book we are at this point. If we’re only halfway through, then I’m anxious for next season. Misnomer?

I flew back from a vacation in WA the day of the finale, and am just now catching up on the boards!

Anyway, the show deviated from the book after the first few episodes. All bets are off as to what might happen next. :slight_smile: IMO that’s a good thing, because the book – while compelling – was ultimately a little “meh.” For example, in the book Kitty is a minor character who we never see after she fires Plum (when I saw that Julianna Margulies had been cast as her, at first I thought “what??”). Except for Belle’s history and the revelation about her daughter, nothing that happened in the last half of the season was in the book.

I enjoyed the season, and will watch the next one. I love that Plum isn’t perfect, and makes some really bad choices/decisions while also going through some genuinely horrible stuff. I found myself wishing she would just grow up, and then realized we’re actually watching that process. I’m also a fat chick, and it’s been nice to see some realistic portrayals of what happens when we’re out in the world.

I also watched most of the Unapologetic companion show episodes (all but the first two), but I’m kind of hoping they don’t renew it. Does anyone know if it’s definitely coming back? I love Aisha Tyler, and enjoyed most of the guests, but I found the show to be little more than a feminist soapbox. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I kept wanting it to be more about Dietland. Also, every segment felt super rushed: usually only one guest could address a particular topic, and there was zero time for genuine conversation. And I wasn’t a fan of some of the segments, including the tweets, calls, and “what aren’t you sorry for” bit at the end of every episode. I think if the Dietland season had been longer, I would have eventually stopped watching Unapologetic.

Agreed, but I am looking forward to season 2.

I feel like they’ve painted themselves into a corner. I’m reluctant to buy into full-blown vigilantism, though it was satisfying at first as a kind of revenge fantasy. I really like Plum, though, so plan to stick around for season 2.

Unapologetic felt like it was milking every feminist issue that exists and started seeming a bit phony.

Well, it doesn’t look like there’ll be a season 2. Unless Netflix or somebody decides to pick it up, but given the ratings I’m not holding my breath.

I would have watched season 2, but I find that I’m not particularly moved by the cancellation. Meh.

I’m not surprised. The series fell off a cliff with the last couple of episodes. The idea of revenge-seeking vigilantes torturing and killing bad guys works better when it’s a wish-fulfillment fantasy than real people discussing their next target, who might not actually be a bad guy (e.g. the female porn star). Worse, throwing out the cast you’ve built up all season for a horde of new faces who can’t all be introduced properly in one episode is more disconcerting for an audience than for the characters. Worst, a show whose gimmick was funky fantasy scenes ditched them for boring grit and dirty reality. Worster, how could the magazine get along without its beauty room so that it could stay empty all this time and hide people in it? The plotting and arc was just bad, impossibly so.

For AMC’s execs the real surprise must have been those numbers shown in the article Wheelz cited. The vast majority of their audience was over 49? A show aimed almost totally at millennials wasn’t watched by any? They didn’t have a choice.