AMC's Monsterfest! Woohoo! (and a Godzilla question)

I love this stuff. The cheesy sci-fi, big bug, classic trash they’re showing this year is great. Last night’s It Conquered The World gets my vote for second worst monster, next to that Carpet Monster (the name of the movie escapes me).

They’re a Godzilla-fest right now, and my stepson just asked me a good question. I’m not a Godzilla-phile, so maybe someone else can help here. Is Godzilla male or female? Stepson claims Godzilla has laid eggs, so that means female, doesn’t it? Thanks!

You’d think so, but…I think they make a big deal out of this in the most recent Godzilla film - a lot of talk about how some creatures, amphibians mostly, who are hermaphodites filling whichever role the species requires at a given time. So the answer’s a little ambiguous.

I wouldn’t use that travesty as an example. For one thing, the scientists supposedly found out Godzilla was pregant with a home pregnancy kit. Somehow, that sounds like bullshit to me…

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I never saw the new Godzilla movie, so all I can say is…a home pregnancy kit? No way.


Does anyone seriously think that any guy can carry that kind of attitude for millions of years???

Mjollinir, that was great! I think it answers my question, too!

A brief aside: My 2 year old daughter has been highly amused by these Godzilla movies today, particularly one with Mothra (“biiiiig butterfly!”) Anyway, at the end of the Mothra one, an island blows up. She saw that and said “big boom! bye bye butterfly!”
Laughed so hard I cried.

I always was amused at the way Godzilla started off as the bad guy then became the good guy in later movies. Mothra did the same thing.

My vote for the cheesiest monster of all time goes to the slime in “The Green Slime”. There is at least one scene where you can see an actor’s tennis shoes sticking out below the monster costume.

“Drink your coffee! Remember, there are people sleeping in China.”

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In the earlier films, Godzilla is male; if you need confirmation, look at the male bonding in one of the middle era films with Godzilla Jr. No self-respecting lizard woman would ever be so dorky.

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And I gotta argue with Green Slime for cheesiest film – although it’s a contender. My vote’s with “Attack of the Eye Creatures.”

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“The Complete Godzilla Companion” does not settle the issue. But hermaphroditism ** does** seem to be the most likely asnwer.

Where is HubZilla on this question? **He’d ** be the one to ask!


The best japanese monster movie has to be All Monsters Must Die (1968) which had every japanese monster (up to 1968) in it. Every major city in the world gets stomped (New York, Rome,etc.) except Tokyo which gets stomped on when all the monsters gather there…" "-Marcel Marcol

Hey Gary!

The title was: Destroy All Monsters.

Got it? Good!

Next time, maybe we won’t be so forgiving…


Where the hell did Godzilla JR come from? Was that ever explained?

Not that I recall, but I saw him last night for the first time in ages and he’s SOOO Cute!

He even had his own little laughing baby theme music. . . awwwwww . . .

Speaking of theme music, what 18 hours of Godzilla movies have taught me (besides “I ought to get a life”), that I missed a sure thing not being a trombone player for Toho Films. Man, those soundtracks are RELENTLESS!

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Christi–the other movie you described was “The Creeping Terror.” It’s the story of a deadly throw rug that somehow kills people by stuffing them up his/her/its butt. No dialogue, only narration.