AMC's "The Killing" returns tonight

I watched the first two season, though by the end of the second it was more inertia than actual interest. However I did like the main actors and general atmosphere, so when I learned about this season I decided to check it out.

I have only watch the 2 hour premiere, which I thought was going well… until the final scenes. Linden was/is so obsessed with Seward’s case and the son’s drawings that she had to be institutionalized, right? With that in mind, they expect us to believe that this is the first time she’s been to check out the location that the drawing depicts? C’mon.

When she visited the boy who drew the original picture, she noticed he drew a new one. This one had two old factory buildings in it, which led Linden to the scene because the most recent victim was found in that same factory.

Whoosh! That was the sound of me totally missing that the original drawing didn’t include the buildings! Thanks!

Who killed Rosie Larson?

TV Guide article explains how it happened.

Didn’t see the first two seasons… would you recommend that I do so before jumping into the current season?

I loves me some Jewel Staite. More, please! I kind of wonder, though, if she’s just there so she can be killed at some point, driving Holder into a crippling morass of pain and rage.