AMC's "The Killing" returns tonight

Season three - involving a serial killer.

Anyone looking forward to this? I’ll be watching for sure.

Love the characters in the show. I know there were complaints re the first 2 seasons being drawn out, but I really enjoyed them. It helped that I watched them on Netflix and didn’t have to wait another year to get resolution.

I don’t know if I’m watching it live, but it’s definitely on my DVR list.


They sure came back this season with a pretty impressive supporting cast.

I watched the first 2 seasons on Netflix last month (well, some of the second season since I got bored with the mob stuff and skipped to the last couple of episodes). I would have been seriously annoyed if I’d been watching it live because there wasn’t any resolution after the first season. The main character’s single facial expression (scowling) got old fast and I didn’t find the actions of the police believable half the time. I’ll be passing.

I was of a similar opinion and ambivalence, then I saw this thread and there was nothing else on when it started, so I figured I’d at least watch the season premiere to see where they went with it. Nothing too noteworthy plotwise since they’re just setting stuff up, but the HUGE amount of pretty damn good supporting actors I recognized from lots of very good shows has piqued my interest, I must admit.

So, it looks like I’ll keep giving it a shot, because good actors (and lots of 'em!) can often make up for other shortcomings, IMO.

I loved the premiere - we finally got to see what the meaning of the drawing was!

Really like this show, but man is it dark!

I thought the opening episodes were very good. Sarsgaard is suitably creepy and a good addition to the cast. I didn’t recognize any of the other supporting cast, but they seem to be doing competent jobs.

Question: What is it that Linden did to her former partner that has his wife so pissed off? It’s been too long since the last season and my memory is short.

I don’t recall anything specific. Looks like a nice little suggestive placeholder that goes well with Sarah’s quote: “I break things.”

So, what I got from a very well done premiere is Sarah’s turmoil relived but this time with the idea that Seward who’s facing a death penalty in a month maybe innocent. And that’ll be the whole season, I guess?

They’ve managed to convey some mystery with Seward. No doubt he was a murderer in my mind, but there’s also the killings of the young girls going on.

Bigger question: how is Linden going to be involved when she’s no longer a cop?


His scenes were the best. And he does seem to be building the story toward something… as I suggested, that he might be innocent.

I’d be surprised if he’s innocent of at least some murders, since his son saw. . .something. . .out where that pond is located. Perhaps the dead wife was the murderer and Seward killed her to stop her.

I stopped watching ages ago. So who DID kill Rosie Larson and why?

I’m thinking he’s acting this way because he feels responsible for her death, but he didn’t actually kill her.

Some kind of circumstance that ultimately was his fault and he’s so overcome with grief that he feels he deserves to die.

As for Linden’s ex-partner, I’m thinking an affair. If not, then perhaps he got locked in the psych ward along with Linden. Maybe a “guilt by association” kind of thing.

You should watch the rest of the series and find out. :dubious:

I assumed they had an affair. The wife said, “I’ve forgiven him, but I haven’t forgiven you. I want you to stay away.”

Plus you have Holden’s new partner’s assumption that he and Linden were getting it on, and her comment that she breaks things.

Certainly, the implication is there that he might be innocent:

[li]Linden was never entirely convinced that the husband was guilty. [/li][li]Seward’s insistence that her former partner lied on the stand.[/li][li]There is at least one very similar new murder, two if the newly missing girl ends up with her throat slashed by a perpetrator who breaks the victim’s fingers post-mortem in order to remove her jewelry. [/li][li]Seward’s dead wife’s missing ring wasn’t found in his possession, and he hemmed and hawed when asked what pawn shop he sold it to. [/li][li]Obviously, Seward couldn’t have committed the recent murder(s) because he’s been incarcerated for 3 years. [/li][li]Finally, the son is obsessed with the island where all the dumped bodies were found. Seward seems very protective of his son, to the point where he flips out at the mention of his son. [/li][/ul]

Unsolved (to date) mysteries:

[li]If Seward didn’t murder his wife, what was he sorry for? [/li][li]How does his son know about the dumping ground for all those bodies?[/li][li]What happened to the missing girl (Ashley?)?[/li][li]Who did she get into the car with? Is it the taxi driver they’re afraid of?[/li][li]How the hell did all those cows and horses starve to death? Was the owner killed? [/li][li]Why was the guard Becker so unnerved that Seward knew his relative who was also a prison guard?[/li][li]Is the pastor a good guy or a bad guy?[/li][li]And finally, will that wretched mother feel badly if/when her daughter turns up dead?[/li][/ol]

Loved Holden’s girlfriend commenting on his ink…

The season got settled in with cliches all over the place and some nuggets of mystery. It’s going to be a slow, slow ride but must say I like several of these little story threads with different characters.

However, my vote for most auto-ironic scene in the last night episode goes to Linden who at one point, when referring to Kallie’s mom, says: “Yeah, real mother of the year.”

Jesus, the US version of this was an appalling travesty of a show. The original was truly outstanding.