The Killing: Final Season

It’s coming out on Netflix today August 1. All six episodes will be available.

I didn’t like the death penalty angle on the last season.

I binged the whole damn series.

Season two was a bit better than season one.

Season three was really good. I think it would do just fine on it’s own, no need to watch the rest.

The short (6 episodes) season four was decent.

I really enjoyed Enos and Kinnaman throughout. This is one of those frustrating shows that was almost brilliant. It had the potential to be, anyway.

Don’t read the spoiler unless you’ve seen the series finale. It’s about a loose end:

Mills is a complete scumbag, so it doesn’t really matter, but it was out of character for Sarah to let him take the fall for all the pied piper murders. Kind of funny, though.

I binge-watched the whole series and really liked it. Even though I got annoyed with EVERYONE! I would definitely agree with this: “This is one of those frustrating shows that was almost brilliant.”

Rain, rain, rain… oh yeah, Seattle. :smack:

I liked the resolution of the ending very much! Nice to have an upbeat conclusion for a change.

I watched it - I loved the series from beginning to end. Glad that Netflix brought it back to close the book on the whole story.

I’m going to miss all those clever “Holderisms.”

I thought that the character development in this series was outstanding…right until the very end, which I found to be jarring after the slow and natural progression of their relationship til then. I understand that the writers must have known that the series wasn’t being renewed, and they wanted to give these great characters some closure, but I really wished we’d have been treated to a few more seasons to see their relationship evolve in a less contrived way. I’d have loved to see the unraveling of Mulder’s relationship, and Holder and Sarah slowly realizing that they loved each other, for instance. Ah, but it was not to be.

Not sure why it wasn’t picked up for more seasons, but I really, really enjoyed it. It was so different from other shows, Not many shows have such a developed and rich subplot, which were as compelling as the investigation itself. The darkness was a bit much to take at time, but the character development was exquisite.

Fine writing and acting all around.