America is Sterilizing ICE Detainees!? What-The-Actual-Fuck...?

First, source links (because even I wouldn’t believe this is happening in America 2020 without a cite):

When I first heard this story, I thought it was just some rumor. I mean, here in the US? No… that’s the sort of Murderous Bullshit medical experimentation that actual NAZIs like Mengele did. It’s the stuff that is in novels and movies about The Camps in Germany and Poland. Names like Arbeitsdorf… Auschwitz…Bergen-Belsen…Buchenwald…Dachau… and dozens and dozens of others.

I’m cursing a lot here… The Pit is where this has to be. I’m stunned… shocked… sickened. This is happening in Georgia… “The Peach State”… north of Florida, south of South Carolina? Yes, I know what “Godwins Law” means… but this is Actual NAZI Shit perpetrated by the government we pay our taxes to.

Roll Over Godwin, and tell Nuremberg the News!

Fuck ICE, fuck Kemp, fuck Steven Miller, and Fuck Trump for making this shit even possible on US soil…

I am deeply saddened and ashamed… but not shocked.

This is just an extension of severing the bonds between parents and children, treating asylum seekers as criminals, and demonizing immigrants. You’re correct, it’s “Nazi shit”. Trump & Company have been walking down this path since the day he took office.

Latinx immigrants were merely the first group demonized.

Others will follow - unless US society as a whole wakes the fuck up and stops it.

I’ll also note that forcible sterilization has a long and sordid history in the US, particularly with the early 20th Century eugenics movement which actually served as an inspiration for several Nazi policies in the 1930’s and 40’s

That’s horrible. How the hell can they get away with doing things like that?

The cruelty is a feature, not a bug. This is what Trump supporters want, for the most part. If they didn’t, they would speak up against it and stop supporting Trump. Whatever they say, their actions demonstrate they don’t really consider migrants fully human.

I guess we can expect the military will also follow illegal orders.

Absolutely correct! And speaking of that, check out this depressing legal bit of sterilization that occured all the way to 1979.

I thought stealing their children by placing them in child rape internment camps then losing their country of origin and records of parents then deporting them to some random country was bad enough, but now there is no doubt, we have become the axis of evil.

I’m not surprised at all because, when he created what amounts to “child prisons”, I realized that there was nothing whatsoever that he wouldn’t do.

Abhorrent if true. But this is based on one “whistle blower”? I will remain skeptical unless this is confirmed by reputable sources.

This does seem over-the-top cruel. How does it even get confirmed, though?

Who would stop them?

I think I’ll wait until I see this verified and then go ballistic. It’s not like you can secretly perform a hysterectomy – it’s real surgery. And, you need hormones afterwards to prevent the shock of instant menopause. It would also be quite expensive, I imagine.

This is cartoonishly evil, if true, and I’d rather wait for it to appear in the NY Times or on NPR or something.

Too many good people have stood by and done nothing.

Honestly… I don’t know.

I don’t have to check it out - my late spouse was one of the victims.

Yep. It’s genocide. And the US is guilty, guilty, guilty.

Continue in your denial, then. So far, everything else brought up by whistleblowers in ICE has been confirmed. Why should this be any different.

The US is committing genocide and gross human rights violation. It has been for years now.

If people are sterilizing people against their will what the fuck makes you think they give a damn about “instant menopause” or the suffering that ensues? No, they don’t actually NEED to give hormones post-surgery, the women will survive without them. In misery, perhaps, but they’ll survive.

What, the Trump administration somehow isn’t “cartoonishly evil” yet?

Here’s the complaint.
Notice that Project South(who filed on behalf of the whistleblower) also interviewed some of the women. They didn’t just take her word for it.

Hey, I agree that they’ve been unbelievably bad. But, I don’t want to be like some QAnon idiot, jumping on crazy allegations before they’ve been verified. Think of it this way – hysterectomies are expensive, and ICE would save more money by just neglecting the detainees.

It also has to be difficult to find doctors willing to perform unnecessary surgery like this. They can’t find doctors to do executions, for example.

Hey, if this turns out to be true, I’ll be outraged for sure. My favorite news sources have nothing so far.

This. I don’t want to see a liberal version of PizzaGate splash into the news.

This is far from new, although its practice on refugees is just an extra, added horror to their treatment by ICE.

Forced sterilization was legal in 32 states until sometime during the 70s, when I think the eugenics laws in those states were finally all repealed (still trying to find cites).

Even then, some prison systems continued with forced sterilizations. At least one prison system in CA (apparently without state authorization) performed tubal ligations through at least 2010. A TN judge as recently as 2017 (I think) was offering a 30-day sentence reduction to men if they got a vasectomy and to women if they got an IUD.

Our hands are far from clean in this respect.

You can remove just the uterus, not the ovaries, then no menopause.
But wouldn’t tubal ligation be simpler?

And this is so bizarrely horrific that I don’t think your reservations about seeing clear confirmation of the story are unreasonable.

Or, “just” use Norplant without their consent. No surgery required.

Surgery is forever. Keeps them from “breeding” the next wave of undesirables. /s

Besides, it also sends a message.

I will need confirmation too. It’s not that I don’t think Trump would allow this; I think Trump would allow the children of natural born Americans to be sold for meat if he could make a buck off it. I literally mean that.

The issue here is that it just seems like a weirdly expensive thing for them to do to people who they have generally been treating with a sense of neglect. You do not pay a surgeon tons of money and go to all this trouble for people you don’t plan to even have aroundt. Their plan is to get them all out of the country; why would they even care to do this?