America : Shut yer hole about being the "Land of the Free".

Yeah, but a part of him really really wants to move out. It’s just, you know how hard it is to get a job as a sovereign nation these days, and did you see what happened with Chechnya, and Taiwan says he moved out but everyone knows where he sleeps it off when he’s had a good drunk, and oh sure America moved out, but then not a hundred years later there he is trashing his own place all to hell and it was so much easier to break it off back then, so don’t give me any of your shite about the Falklands or India, I mean really, with all that pressure and such, Ireland just… can’t be arsed. Another pint, barman! :rolleyes:

I feel kind of stupid for jumping into this attempt at pittery, but your extreme hyperbole is just too ridiculous. Sierra Leone? Give it a rest. We’ve got a democrac-ish political system that works fairly well, a high standard of living, representation in our government (for the most part), and most of our important rights are upheld with vigor and conviction. Debate and dissention is not only legal but encouraged, and despite the fact that some might argue that our rights to speak freely have been compromized lately, we still work in a system where we have the ability to fight against the changes that have been made in the past few years with hope of success. Really, not much different than most other modern representative governed nations.

So gambling and alcohol are regulated. I hardly think it’s different on your side of the lake, and I hardly think those are grounds for calling a place a shit hole.

Talk about disingenuous: “let’s not turn this into America v. The World, as that seems to be the way the wind is blowing anyway, so any thread on that would be pointless - all we gotta do is wait ‘n’ see.

Right. Except for the fact that that’s exactly what your OP is. America is teh Suxx0rz! Get off your anti-American high horse and chill out a little bit.

I’d like you to kindly address the issue of flush toilets and cable tv in the Americas. Quit dodging the subject just because you can’t answer the question:

Why are you giving the Vikings a pass yet condemning the Spanish?

Sheesh. You must be American.

Well it seems that you’ve managed to turn it into a US V Ireland thread by equating both.

Yes the mantra of FREEDOM and GOD BLESS AMERICA is very strange to our ears and the flag printed on everything is a bit wierd but we have a lot of shit over here that’s strange to a lot of people.

Ireland can’t be really equated to the US. 4 mil V’s approx. 300 mil is a slight difference.

There are a lot of things that annoy me about Britland or France of god help us Germany. They’re different and wierd as fuck as well.

This thread is going to die or become a trainwreck with people taking your flippant throw away remarks as gospel, some of these these Yanks also seem to take themselves and their country very seriously :wink:

Have a good one and enjoy the dial up connection speeds :smiley:

Ireland is a frat house country that, while beautiful and culturally interesting, has no real significance in the theatre of world affairs.

Yes, all we like to do is have keggers and haze each other.

Think John Belushi & co in Animal House.

Finally, vindication of my theory that Animal House is really a very deep allegory of the foreign and domestic policies of Ireland in the mid-to-late 60’s. Expect to see me on all of the morning talk shows any day now.

Oh, you joke-stealing bastard! That’s it. You’re on the list.

Is the bird with the big tits the UK then?

A lot of Irish people have tried to fuck her :wink:

Perhaps the central problem with America is the inability not to annoy the shit out of other people and one another.

According to a recent study, on the U.N. Poverty Index, America ranks worst of 17 surveyed nations, with 15.8 % of it’s population living in poverty.

Yeah - right on ! 40,000,000 people living in poverty - you’re doing a bang up job !!


thats one thing we don’t have, yappity morning talk shows. We import Oprah from the US and Trisha from the UK. Kiss me teeth!

That’s only coz Derek Davis’s heart would explode before he got up the stairs to put the mike in Mick the donkey fucker’s face.

I think this is the crux of the argument. It’s on it’s way down the crapper.

My father lives in France, and all I can say is everytime I go visit, It seems a lot more laid back and free. I can go smoke anywhere, I toast the cops with my beer bottle walking by them in the street, and let’s not even talk about the beaches. I’ve found the way of life to be more relaxing in all facets, not just walking around partying, they seem to be less WORK! WORK! WORK!. Don’t give me this I was only on vacation crap, I’ve spent enough time over there to form my conclusion.

This was of course before 9/11.

After 9/11 anyone who doesn’t think America is experiencing the fall of the republic is blind.

Does that mean the US can stop giving money annually to Ireland since you’re “free”?

Lookie here for US Pork Barrel bullshit:

Get your shit together and then we can talk:

We call those people “the underclass”. We use their blood to oil the machinery of our capitalism.

Want a cigar? It tastes much better if you light it from a $100 bill. Use a euro equivalent if you prefer.

Oh, by the way, who came in riiight behind the US on that poverty index?

The Government has rejected the finding of a United Nations report that Ireland, in spite of rising prosperity, continues to have the second-highest level of poverty in the Western world.

World Eater, I must say your idea of “freedom” seems to be mere hedonism. Drinking? Smoking? You know, you could do that in the streets of Moscow during the gulag years.

Well Ino, but given Eire’s population they can all fit in a pub.

Ahem, sociology argument being thrown in here…

Many people who have put hyper-patriotic stuff around and about their persons are those people who, for reasons of skin color, ethnicity or religion, want to make sure everyone knows they are “a real American.” Thus, if the dry-cleaners was owned and operated by an Indian Muslim family, they might want to be absolutely sure that their customers know they are Americans. That way, moronic psuedo-patriots won’t decide to take revenge or other bullshit on an American working family. I noticed after 9/11 that many people who kind-of looked Arabian did that. It seems to be a defense mechanism agaisnt possible attacks. Did Americans commit a wave of race based attacks against Arabians, Indians or other “looked just like Osama” people? I don’t know the statistics on that.

During WW2, when the U.S. government interred Japanese Americans, even those who had been in the country for generations, in concentration camps (in the literal, non-Nazi, but got too close for comfort kind), many Chinese, Philipino, Hawaiian and other “Orientals” tried their best to distance themselves from Japanese Asians. Some non-Japanese Asians went to so far as to point out the Japanese and wear “I’m not a Jap” buttons or put such signs in their businesses.

Thus, sure America can be hyper-patriotic at times. Sometimes though, with such a diverse populace, there is much more going on than people who don’t live here can understand. A sad point is that many people who do live hear don’t, or won’t, try to understand it either.

You silly twit.

Ireland is free because the U.K. and Western Europe is free.

The U.K. and Wester Europe is free because the U.S. bailed much of it out of WWII, in the face of almost certain conquest by Nazi Germany.

Like the parents that worked hard to buy a nice house, establish financial security, and basically live a responsible existence, the U.S. (and other countries involved in world affairs) provide a nice comfy haven for moochers like you to sit back and complain that there isn’t enough beer in the fridge. I’m sure that if IRELAND was running the show things would be different. Yeah boy.

The fact that Ireland is not a world player, and that it directly and positively benefits from the impact that the U.S. has (and has historically had) in the world, is not a red herring. You tried to play the game of critical thinking, but you flubbed that one.

Ireland gets to be relatively worry-free because the don’t HAVE to worry - other countries are doing the worrying, and the work, for you. But instead of realizing this, and going about your business, you sit back and moan about eroding freedoms in the U.S…