America : Shut yer hole about being the "Land of the Free".

First off: let’s not turn this into America v. The World, as that seems to be the way the wind is blowing anyway, so any thread on that would be pointless - all we gotta do is wait ‘n’ see.

But this bunch-of-arse that I keep hearing about America being “the land of the free”? And the US defending “Freedom & Democracy” WTF? You guys are competing with fucking Sierra Leone for individual freedoms, when you actually look at it.

Such-and-such a state: You can’t gamble
Such-and-such a state: You can’t buy dildos ‘n’ lube
Such-and-such a state: You can’t have an open booze container in yer jammer
Airports : They’re gonna start fingerprinting everyone that enters the fucking country?

They’re basically bending you over the law and fucking you in the Privacy Rights.


Okay, you can’t smoke in any “workplace”. But that’s it.

Drink where you want, gamble where you want, Jonnies and Lube coming out the wazoo. Finger printing ? There’d be a fucking civil war.

Okay: “Home of the brave”, well, yeah, you’d want to be brave to live in a country like that.

Rather you than me.


Say, wasn’t divorce illegal in Ireland until, like, 1995 or so?

Meanwhile, I can get you a deal on a large quantity of straw for your next argument, if you’re interested. Looks like you might be running low after this one.

Yeah, and while we’re demanding changes, they should get rid of all of that crap about “buncha bombs in the air” and “flag was still there”. That is conclusive evidence that they are arrogant, hyper-patriotic warmongers.

Who peed in your potatoes this morning?

Yeah, but we’re talking about now. America was fine until 1492.

I don’t get you.

No-one. My sister just came back from a business trip to the US, and she showed me the dry-cleaning bag that she go back with her clothes : It had a huge american flag and “FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY” and “STAND BY HER” printed on it. WTF ? Are you people on crack ? It was her fucking dry cleaning !

I’ve always believed the U.S. National Anthem should be Alice’s Restaurant, but I suspect that’s just me.

That’s when Bush was elected, right? I’m still trying to figure out your gibberish.

Certain aspects of American society, including paying lip service to being the “land of the free” whlie being in in some aspects less free than other countries are hypocritical?

Guess what: we know.


Any time we travel through another country and someone asks us where we’re from, as soon as we say the U.S., we cringe because Here It Freaking Comes. Like clockwork, someone is going to jump on your ass for being American because America is shite this and fuck America that and why doesn’t America stick this up it’s ass like I’m a foreign policy advisor. I know about America’s various problems and hypocrises (which no country is completely immune to, by the way) and even if I didn’t the thousands of non-americans who preceded you in dutifully pointing them out would have educated me to the fact. You have no idea how completely old it is to have to live with it on this side and get shit from the rest of the world on the other.

So give it a rest.

While I think you have some fair points regarding federal vs. states’ rights undermining the ‘Land of the Free’ epithet in some places, I predict that this thread won’t go very well for you.

Arse. What about Ireland’s shitty licensing laws? Why can’t my local corner store sell me beer, but it can sell me wine? Why do I have to leave the pub at 12?

I doubt it. I find the Irish electorate pretty complacent in the face of diminution of citizen’s rights.

I’m sorry. You must be American. No, 1492 is basically accepted as the date when America was discovered by the Spanish.

And here I always thought that Christopher Columbus was Genoese.

I think you’re really overlooking the previous colonization at L’Anse aux Meadows - I mean, yeah, America turned into a shithole in 1492, but the five hundred years prior were pretty fucking awful, too.

They didn’t have a single flush toilet or any cable tv, those poor, poor bastards.

Okay fine. We can’t drink 24 - 7. :rolleyes: Big deal.

Basic Point: America is well nigh on becoming a shit place to live.

Not only what jjimm said, but we’ve even got Americans here in the U.S. telling us how bad we suck. Yeah, everyone hates us. Like I give a shit.

Do you live here?

Yes he was, but working for the Spanish King. Hence - discovery by the Spanish.


Achilles, I agree that the pendulum has swung over to the right about as far as many Americans would like. However, comparing the U.S. to Ireland is silly, for so many reasons.

The U.S. is the world’s biggest superpower, and is responsible for all that this entails. Use your imagination.

Ireland is a frat house country that, while beautiful and culturally interesting, has no real significance in the theatre of world affairs.

The U.S. will eventually get things straightened out. And, Ireland will always be … well, it will always be just Ireland. Ireland is like the 25-year-old guy that is still living with his parents, has some self-esteem issues, and doesn’t have to worry about a good job or a house payment or insurance.

That’s about it. I love Ireland, and welcome the chance to visit whenever I can. But the premise of your OP is pointless.

It may very well do, but until that time, the moniker “Home of the Free” is bitterly ironic.

And they fact that Ireland isn’t a player in international politics in any real sense, is a big, fuck-off, red herring. That is not the point. The point is that the Irish living in Ireland are far more free than the people living in America.

No. And I don’t live on the fucking sun, so how do I know that it’s hot there ? :rolleyes:

You. Fucking. Idiot.