American dad 12-13

Oh my. The show is rocking totally. Clever jokes about the rapture. love it.

I just saw it and thought it was outstanding!

Brillant. I’m was quite shocked that Haley :eek: of all people is apparently a devout enough Christian to be raptured!

Interesting that this episode didn’t seem to take place entirely outside of continuity (like the James Bond spoof), but wasn’t entirely reset either (like the Xmas episodes). So apparently from now on the show will take place entirely in Stan’s afterlife. :wink:

With Klaus mounted on the wall.

Steve’s heaven was great - a hot chick riding a unicorn that shits pepper jack cheeseburgers.

And some of the Gays.

Might be a bit of a jab against fundamentalist Christians, in that it’s more important to be a good person than to strictly follow the dogma.

And yes, it occurred to me that from now on we’ll be seeing Stan’s afterlife. (Though I doubt it.)

Only the Tops.

thank you to the mod who fixed my spelling error in the title.
Loved so many bits, and didn’t write them down, may have forgotten some. The fake jesus who told Stan to take his clothes off, the green monsters in the lair of the antichrist, the christian puppet show.

I’m trying to figure out just what church the Smiths are members of - all the trappings seem to be Catholic, but Stan believes in the Rapture, which is the domain of a handful of protestant sects.

Of course, Stan might just be an idiot.

(On the other hand, MacFarlane mixed up Purgatory and Limbo in an episode of Family Guy, so expecting good Catholic theology from the MacFarlaneverse is probably expecting too much.)

It was an Episcopalian church.

An even the priest seemed surprised by what’s happening (“the Rapture” isn’t part of mainstream Anglicanism/Episcopalianism).

I get the feeling Stan is at heart a fundamentalist, but goes to Episcopalian services for reasons of social standing. Episcopalians wouldn’t be opposed if a gay couple adopted/surrogated (can’t remember which) a baby, would they?

I think it has been a point of plot before that the priest is a bit of a skeptic. I can’t remember the episode though.

Well, Father Donovan has lost his faith, so even if the Episcopalians did believe in the Rapture, he’d be surprised that it’s actually happening. So he’s not really a good measure.

But, ‘Stan’s an idiot’ is pretty much the premise of the series, so why shouldn’t it extend to his beliefs vis his church’s beliefs?

That was a great episode, I actually watched it twice. The ending reminded me of Futurama. We were really cheated on the war though, would liked to have seen a lot more of that.

Were there any specific works being paradoyed/imitated? Stan’s hook-handed character seemed to be based on Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. What about the art of the battles and demons? Obviously higher quality than normal American Dad, was it based on a particular comic or graphic novel?

looks like the they drew some inspiration from the *Heavy Metal *magazines. Needed more boobs though. Did you notice the Marauders from Mad Max 2 hanging in the bar?