American Dad! 12/2/07

So I don’t know, I’m just in love with this show. It seems to get better with every single episode I see. Stan Smith is probably one of the most hilarious characters I’ve ever seen. The writers have added so much to his character that goes against the backdrop of his Arch-conservative image that is hilarious. For instance:

There’s a scene in the beginning where the gay neighbors Greg and Terry explain how they are going to have a baby by in vitro fertilizaiton. After they explain how it works Stan says,

"I thought I’d seen every episode of Star Trek…Wait! Is this Deep Space 9? Because I won’t watch that. It’s garbage and let me tell you why! One, " Then he gets interrupted by his wife.

But Stan has THE best tangents. There’s also his plain out kookyness. His reading the book “How to Scowl” Was strange, true, but still different.

His “love affair” with the couch was a bit weird, and even worse when he got caught “undressing” the cushion later on.

How about the “fight scene.” “This fight is unbearably campy!”

The writing for this show is so great. First you have my second favorite character, Roger. He’s so self absorbed and melodramatic. He and Stan are great together.

Even the weaker characters will have their moments. Haley is alway good for a laugh when they show her being hypocrytical.

Francine has her moments as well.

But I’ve really enjoyed the show a lot. It’s far better than Family guy to me.
Anyone else fell the same?

I realize that we don’t normally do American Dad! threads here on a regular basis, but I like to bring them up every few episodes…

It and Family Guy are guilty pleasures of mine. Just came to that realization in the last two months or so. Stan’s obliviousness to the gay appeal of his Lincoln play was a joy to behold.

“blah blah blah…Fire Island”
“A whole island made of FIRE?! How Manly!”

Stan is the stereotypical doofus dad in the sitcom, except with a dangerous twist.

There’s just so many moments that are out of character that they begin to be in character, like this moment.

He is a really manly man, yet his interests really betray his exterior, for instance his love for figure skating, his anger that Roger was going to see “Mama Mia” without him. His laughing at “That’s So Raven” His history of being a dork in highschool. So great, IMO

I don’t mind the show when I see it, but I don’t seek it out. Same with Family Guy. They’re both not too bad, but seldom induce more than sporadic chuckling.

It’s a great show, Roger and Stan are two of the best chracters ever. I can’t believe (current) Simpsons fans seem to outnumber American Dad fans by like 100 to 1.

The writing on the show has gotten much, much better over the first season. The plots are complex, interesting, well-meshed with the subplots, and occasionally feature a twist that always works. The voices still drive me nuts, especially Francine’s, but I’ve come to really enjoy this show. It’s not always laugh-out-loud funny, but I really look forward to it. Much more so than Family Guy, which has maybe two or three good jokes in a half hour of shit.