American Dad 6/12/05

Sorry, Chinbender.

…and what was with the bizarre golden turd subplot?

It’s the alien’s special power, given the Family Guy treatment of Running The Joke So Far Into The Ground It Comes Out In Beijing.

I knew about the special power, but it looks like the part where the power company guy calls home was a movie parody.

I would so watch a cartoon based on that subplot. But what movie is that from? I believe it is from something I’ve seen but I can’t place it.

Twilight Zone maybe?

A Simple Plan perhaps? I haven’t seen the movie.

It seemed so damned familiar, but I don’t know why!

It seemed familiar because it played on many different movie cliche’s, I don’ t think it was a parody of anything particular…But i could be wrong.

Aside from that bizarre subplot, I’m liking American Dad more than the new Family Guys.

I thought the subplot was hilarious. I too think it was just a combination of cliches. It follows the TZ’s general rule of structure: something goes right for a guy, and then everything in the universe conspires against him…

As for the episode, it was funny, but not great. Worth watching.

And am I the only one who is liking Roger more and more each week?

I had exactly those reactions. When it switched back to the “real” episode, it was almost physically jarring.