American Dad 6/19

“Did you say “alien baby”?”
"No, I said “doctor’s corpse found in desert.”

I didn’t get the “Laurence Fishburne drinks for free” joke."

“I touched her hand. Her hand touched her boob. By the transitive property, I got some boob! Algebra RULES!”

This show is slowly growing on me. Slowly.

Okay. That one was funny. Mostly for Karl Rove.


I hate Karl Rove. Bastard’s killing our country. He’s funny!

This could be the first time AD was funnier than FG, but mostly because FG sucked this week.

I found Roger hooked up to the milking machine to be quite an amusing scene. And Karl Rove was funny.

[wolf howls in distance]

Mon Dieu, that was disturbing. After the second act, I started to turn the TV off, then realized it was only 9:47. It had felt like an entire episode already.