"American Dad" question

I just watched a new episode of American Dad on Hulu and I was a little surprised. Haley was making out with some guy and I was thinking “isn’t she supposed to be married?” But I figured I haven’t watched the show in a while and they must have written out her husband Jeff.

So I checked on Wikipedia:

Seriously? Did this actually happen or has somebody vandalized the wikipedia page?

Yes, those things did happen in the show. The American Dad plots can veer wildly and some are “out there”.

I recommend the episode “Lost in Space” for the sheer spectacle of its space ship and numerous aliens species.

I don’t know if Hayley sleeping with other men is a surprise. Not after Jeff supposedly had sex with another man to put the spark back in their marriage in “Killer Vacation” and they suggest he worked as a prostitute to support them when they came back into the series in “There will be Bad Blood.”
But all that is probably because Hayley is a bad influence.

One of the few episodes I have seen fairly recently, but yes, that happened.

Yep, we finally got to see other members of Roger’s species, and it turns out that Roger’s ex-boyfriend is their emperor. And Roger’s cheating is what let to Emperor Zing to wander the galaxy using the Majestic to trick his slaves into getting “the smoothening”.

I’m reminded of this article from Cracked: 6 TV Shows That Completely Lost Their Shit.

But “American Dad” has always thrown in an insane episode every season or so. The post-Apocalyptic episode where Stan had to help Jesus rescue Francine from the Antichrist, the time-travel episode where President Mondale surrenders unconditionally to the Soviets a few weeks after taking office, the James Bond/Sexpun episodes, etc. Given that they already had an alien, having one episode take place on an alien ship is pretty normal for them.

Of course, the funny thing about that episode, is Stan goes to heaven at the end, and as a reward, his own personal heaven is whatever he wants, so it simulates him being back home a few hours before the Rapture happens, and then of course the Rapture doesn’t actually happen in his heaven-dream, so he and his family can live the rest of their lives together.

So technically, from that point onward, nothing that happened in American Dad actually happened. It’s all just been Stan’s “Heaven Dream” or whatever.

Of course, that can certainly be considered null and void from the fact that plenty of AD episodes are “non canon”/fantasy, like the “Tearjerker” James Bond spoofs, the hot tub episode where they all die, etc…

I like the one where Stan dies from an allergic reaction because Roger used his epi-pen

Wasn’t Klaus stuffed and mounted on the wall in Stan’s Heaven?

Plus a few of the characters got yanked over to Family Guy’s spoof of Return of the Jedi so… canon… whatever.

Yes. So, technically, the Rapture episode is just non-canon.

Hayley is one of the most insane characters ever. She’s been a stripper, an evil glutton at a refuge camp, a prostitute, and she dated Stan’s Double and volunteered to do some seriously sick with him (and then burned down a forest when he dumped her).

Plus she was a homicidal sleeper agent.

I knew I forgot one!

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