American Dad 02-11

Simpsons and Family Guy threads, but no American Dad, which blows the other two out of the water? This episode was easily the funniest thing I have seen since Borat- Roger as victim of domestic abuse- friggin hilarious. Obviously Seth Mcfarlane is putting his best people on AD and leaving the secondary jokes for Family Guy, kind of like what the Simpsons team did once they started Futurama. Even the Mr. Pibb plot was funny. Highlights were- Daphne Zuniga in the Lifetime movie (honey, I’m sorry dinner is cold, husband starts beating her, then while crying she blurts out “I love you so much”) and at the end when the other boy asks for Roger to come back, Roger says “oh yes, yes, a thousand times yes”- who ever thought domestic abuse could be so funny? And whoever thought to use the Paul Lynde voice with Roger is a friggin’ genius. Also I know it’s hard to work a fish in a fishbowl in episodes, but they really should either use Klaus more, or kill him off- he’s as useless now as Chris in Family Guy.

Yeah, but it makes Klaus’s big scenes all the better. The ones where Klaus is doing the DVD commentary and his Black Man Brainswap were some of the best.


I get wierd looks whenever I say AD is better than FG and Simpsons. Glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks that.

I’ve had the last four or so episodes of both Family Guy and American Dad sitting around since they aired, and I finally caught up on them all tonight. I have to say… the American Dad episodes were universally excellent, and the FG episodes were mediocre-to-decent. AD isn’t just the best, it isn’t even close at this point.

I haven’t watched the recent episodes, because I keep forgetting it’s on, but I agree from what i’ve seen, AD blows the new Family Guys out of the water.

The old FG’s are still great though, but something happened after the 3rd season where it went all down hill.