American Desires....

I know that most of the posters here are Americans, and there is an erroneous stereotype that all Americans are rather insular and fail to consider other nations to any great extent. So a question. Were the United States to cease to exist for whatever reason, and you had to emmigrate to another country, which would it be, and why?
Consider anything you like, politics, lifestyle, similarity to the US, rights and freedoms. Will you all choose Canada;)?
I phrased this for the benefit of the Americans, but I’d still like to know what countries other furriners would adopt in the same situation.
This is my IMHO duck…:slight_smile:

Erroneous stereotype my ARSE, andy :wink:

Great topic though. If the Netherlands were to be submerged completely (and they COULD be), I would consider the following countries as my new “home”, in order of preference:

  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • United States
  • Italy
  • Belgium

And many many more… but these, I can actually picture myself living in.

If I had to leave the US, my choices for a new homeland would be, in order:

  1. Australia
  2. the U.K
  3. Canada
  4. France


Australia/New Zealand
African Subcontinent (might as well do something worthwhile if I’m homeless)
Is Canada an option? I’d live in either Toronto or Vancouver.

And android? If the thought of being away from my family wasn’t so disagreeable, I wouldn’t have a permanent home. And even if I did, it wouldn’t be in the US. Hell, yea it’s erroneous.

There are other nations besides the US?

Canada - I have family there, it would make the adjustment easier.

Iceland - my mother tells me they have the lowest suicide and depression rates of any country in the world. I’d probably need some help with depression if there was no more US. I’ve always wanted to live in another country, but having to because the US was no more . . . that would be tough. Good-bye, New Orleans, good-bye Yosemite, good-bye Sedona, San Francisco, St. Petersberg Beach . . . Goodbye, Disneyland, Hello, Euro-Disney . . . sob

UK/Scotland/Ireland/Wales - pretty much any part would be okay by me. I’d prefer rural over one of those more or less abandoned former industrial centers, but I’m practical; I’d go anywhere they’d have me.

Australia/New Zealand - with a slight preference for Australia. It’s bigger, so there’s more room to spread out, and an amazing variety!

*If all those places were full to bursting with American emigrees, I’d take any non-English-speaking country. At least that way, the college degree I’m working on might still have some value - I could teach English.

Amsterdam, Holland. For obvious reasons.

Sydney, Australia. I’ve never been there, but I guess it would be the closest thing to living in America.

I’d like to say Italy, but given my absolute inability to learn any other languages, I’d probably end up moving to Canada.

For a second, I was going to say “England”, but then I realized that I would have to learn new languages in order to understand any of you.

I think I’d move to Ireland.

Regarding the stereotypes – Europeans, for example, are forced to consider other nations because of their proximity to one another and of course the EU. In our run of the mill, everyday lives, here, we’re a big vast country and that shapes the way we think. I’m not saying we SHOULD be so insular, just that there’s a reason we’re the way we are. We live differently.

Coldfire, are you American? I get the idea you are, but I don’t know for sure. If you don’t mind me asking.

• England. I love it, I have friends there, I could make a living.

• Australia. Because Aussie guys are SO hot.

Ummm, is Hawaii gone, too? It is just the mainland or the whole U.S.?

If this great nation of ours (US) were to suddenly be obliterated, God forbid, I’d head for Australia. G’day mate…

In order:

  1. Canada. English spoken, friendly folks, beautiful countryside. I would need a new wardrobe, though. Brrrrr…

  2. Australia. Culture reminds me somewhat of the South. Plus, I hear Aussie women put out. Huh, huh, huh, huh…

  3. Spain. This is my favorite travel destination. I think I’ll buy me a castle.

  4. Ireland. Friendliest folks on the planet. (Well, as long as you’re not discussing religion or politics…)

  5. The Netherlands. I’ve got friends there, plus hey, it’s a fun place.

Ellen said:

I don´t mind you asking - and I´m Dutch :wink:

What made you think I was American? If you don´t mind ME asking, that is.

I’m with you, vandal.

My choices:

  1. Israel. It’s my other home.
  2. UK. It’s very cool and I have family there.
  3. Mexico. It’s beautiful and I have family there.
  4. Ireland. I once spent three awesome days in Dublin. Good as reason as any!
  5. Canada. I have never been to Canada, which is why it ranks kinda low. I guess it’s pretty similar to the US, though.

It’s a beautiful country! I love it every time I go there. Granted, I’ve only been to British Columbia; but it’s a wonderful place!

  1. Canada. Ok, it’s kind of a cop-out, but it’s really the closest thing to home.

  2. Mexico. I have family there, and I already have a good grasp of the (Mexican) Spanish language, so I’d adjust quickly.

Symbonia :cool:

Ugh… what a choice.

  1. Australia. They have seasons!
  2. Canada. America Lite! (but no seasons… only lukewarm and deep freeze.)
  3. Scotland/Ireland: English speaking without being English.

Otherwise, I’m sunk. I can’t learn other languages. (Ask about my 2 years of German I took. Hah!)

I guess I have to say Ireland, since that’s where I actually am living. And I do like it a lot - the people are friendly, the pub life is great, the climate’s kind of shit but, well, you can’t have everything can you?

If it weren’t for the impossibility of getting a work permit, though, I’d rather be in Scotland or Spain. I just love both places; I also have a lot of friends in both.

Somewhere on line there’s a test Americans can take to see if you qualify for a Canadian visa. I took it a couple years ago and passed, but I never seriously considered moving there. It just seems so … I dunno, unambitious or something. I mean if you’re going to emigrate for the sake of emigrating, why go someplace that’s that similar to where you’re already from?

Australia and New Zealand never appealed to me, too far away from everywhere else I know and besides, I can’t stand their accents (yes, I realize it’s probably mutual! ;)) Argentina is vaguely appealing but again, the distance would be a bit of a bummer.

England would be OK if it’s London (I enjoyed the spell at university I did there) but as a whole the place doesn’t thrill me.

That’s it really.