Where would you go? (move to another country)

That’s it! You’ve had it! You are absolutely fed up with the oppressive government of [wherever you live] and you’ve decided you’re moving to another country.

Assuming they’ll take you permanently, where will you go?
Just one rule: you have to move to a different country than where you live now. You can visit, but you can never move back.

It would be a tough choice. So many wonderful places in the world. I won’t be able to earn a living anywhere else, so I guess I’m retiring and need something cheap.

A South Pacific island I suppose.


Try Pitcairn. There’s a school and a health clinic, and they have internet access via satellite. They’ll give you land to build on for free, but you’re kind of on your own after that.

I’ve looked into it. Seems a pretty decent deal, but a lot too tropical for me.

I would go to the United States.

Canada. Vancouver BC most likely.

This is tough. I did a year abroad in Cambridge UK when I was in college, and I loved the city and the UK in general. History, charm, pubs, and London are all very tempting. I could see myself relocating there. On the other hand, Paris is just unreasonably beautiful and cool, and the vacation my wife and I took there was one of the best times of my life. Neither my wife not I speak French, though, and that will make it hard for us to restart our careers (she’s a doctor, I’m a university professor and consultant). On the other, other hand, I’d hate to be too far from my elderly mother, in-laws, and my brothers, so Canada is attractive.

I think I’d probably ultimately go for Canada just because of the relative ease of cultural transition, the career options, and proximity to family. Probably the Toronto area. But the UK is a close second.

As usual when this has come up: anywhere between Georgia Republic and the Kamchatka Peninsula is do-able for me. I have some level of connection/connections all through that expanse and could relocate in as little as a day to maybe at most a month. Now if you are talking dream destination but maybe not as feasible I would think Brasil. Their diversity, in almost all the meanings of the word, has always appealed to me.

Second Vancouver.

That’s a tough question.

Theoretically, I can live and work wherever I’ve got a decent internet connection. My wife is an accountant, with experience in international and non-profit bookkeeping, so she wouldn’t have too much trouble finding work.

However, we’ve got two dogs- and one of them, our youngest, is a pit bull mix… and many countries simply don’t allow that breed at all. Moving without her is simply something we’re not willing to contemplate.

So, yeah, much of Europe, the UK, and Scandinavia are right out. Parts of Canada would be impossible, as well- but that may be changing soon, as breed-specific laws are being challenged there. I *almost *moved to Spain earlier this year, but the job offer fell through.

I don’t know. But honestly, I’m getting of an age where universal health care is more and more attractive, because tying our healthcare to our jobs is a remarkably bad idea.

I love living in the UK and would be very unlikely to move voluntarily. But if I had to, it would be to New Zealand, no question. Probably because it has a lot of the features of the UK, with a slightly nicer (but still temperate) climate. It’s the only country I’ve ever been to (including the US, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, and much of Europe) that I feel I’d be happy living in. Note that I haven’t been to Canada yet, though :).

The entire population is Seventh-day Adventist
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Thanks for the suggestion. But I think I need a bit more civilization. Not much, but a little.

New Zealand for me, visited there twice now and would happily go back several more times. It’s sufficiently like the UK in lifestyle to suit us, and the climate isn’t too extreme either.

The United Kingdom, very easy decision. I could easily get a job in London.

Costa Rica

Probably Vancouver, BC. The only relatives I’m really fond of live within 60 miles of the border, so visits wouldn’t involve a lot of travel. Although New Zealand sounds nice as well.

New Zealand.

Chile. Nice climate for growing grapes, not too hot, not too cold. They’ve got quality healthcare and a robust economy that isn’t dependent on any single thing. I could also stay an a similar time zone which would make consulting in the US simple. My wife works in mining and so could get a job there relatively easily. The biggest hurdle is neither of our Spanish is great but we could pick it up again with a little immersion, well that and the earth quakes after California I’ve got my wife convinced they aren’t too bad but she’s still leery.

After that we’d be looking at New Zealand and Oz. If Mrs. Digger was the only one voting we’d probably have New Zealand as #1 and Australia as number two.

Italian Alps. Skiin’ and Drivin’ like a bastard!

I’ve lived in a lot of different counties , but for all it’s faults , the Good Old USA, I’m weathering the storm here.