Get Out Of My Country!

Premise: You are being deported.

Question: What country would you move to and why?

Where: USA (I’m Canadian)

Why: Friendly people and comparable standard of living.

To hell with you, I’m not going anywhere! You get out of my country!!
[I fixed your coding, and here’s a one-way ticket to Greenland. :)]

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And fix my coding error on your way out!


I’m in the U.S.

I would go to the Brits.
Cause they are so fucking cool. :smiley:

Egypt. To work in the Cairo Museum.

My first trip to college earned me an Associates in Egyptology and it’s my first love.

I have to agree with Mercutio and go to Britain. I’ve been there and I know I love it. However, I would pop over to Ireland and see how I liked it there.

I would move to Spain. Or “Espain”, which is fun to say. This would allow me to live in a Western country at a similar latitude to my home in the U.S.
Of course, Italy would be nice, too.

I’d go to either Hong Kong or England. As a die hard capitalist and city lover, I’ve often suspected I’d feel more at home in Hong Kong than, say, Indiana. As for England, well, I’ve always been a bit of an anglophile.


Australia sounds nice…


Nice people, relatively good TV, mad cows, what more could a guy ask for?

Yeah, wait a minute here. You better be sure you can make me leave first!

(Looks out window - Swat teams, two Army divisions, etc. Reminiscent of the scene in the Blues Brothers)

Dammit, I’m going to go form my own country. And wait until you see my immigration laws!

This is a tough one. I have to leave New York?

Um, New Jersey? It seems a little exotic, but I think I can adjust. Do I need a visa, or is just the passport ok?


I’m sorry, but I said another country, not another planet.

I’d move to Mexico. It’s nice here in Cali. but some parts of Mexico has it beat. Besides, I gots family down there. :slight_smile:

The Netherlands. I like countries that subtitle their films instead of dubbing.

South Korea, course I’d have to learn more of the language.

Under the premise that I’d have to leave my S.O. behind, I’d go with Thailand. My best friend has been there and he said it’s an unbelievably beautiful land. Not to mention that alot of the females are drop dead gorgeous (although I guess having a thing for Thai women and food doesn’t help)

Toss up between Canada and Australia. Canada is more like the US, but it’s not known for it’s climate. Australia has the better climate, and loose women, which is always a plus.

But alas, they don’t have a major league team down under, so I’d head for the great white north.