American Horror Story: Asylum -- what happened to the Bad Seed girl?

There was one episode early in this past season in which a distraught mother drops her adorable, sweet li’l girl off at the asylum, says the girl needs to be put away, then (I think) offs herself - all despite Sister Jude telling her that there is no children’s ward at Briarcliff.

Of course, the precious little girl is a sociopathic serial killer who bonds with the possessed Sister Mary Eunice and kills at least one person at the asylum before the end of the episode. The episode in question occurred early enough in this season’s run that I assumed at the time they were introducing a new character who would have more of a role in the ongoing story.

But then she was never seen again. In fact, I forgot all about the character until the last episode when former Sister Jude / Judy was having a psychotic break at Kit’s house and screamed “We don’t have a children’s ward!!” What happened to her? Did I miss or forget something? Or did she just disappear at the end of the episode? If the latter case, why did they spend the better part of an episode introducing a new character when she was never going to be seen or even mentioned again?

I don’t think we ever saw her again. This season of the show was a little like “Glee”. I don’t think they were really trying to build a coherent narrative as much as they were trying to present a series of gory, disturbing, sexy, gross, mysterious, things the way “Glee” exists to present a series of musical numbers without much concern for characters or continuity.