American Horror Story - CULT (season 7)

Returns tonight - I’m sure I’m not in the majority here but I love this series and I’m really looking forward to a new season starting tonight.

Looks like a few new faces (Billie Lourd), and a few old ones too (Evan Peters)

And thank God that Sarah Paulson is back again.

Ehhh. If nothing else is on…

Honesty, I want to like AHS at the start of every season. I really, really do. If nothing else, this show really does deliver great hooks in the first episodes of each new season. The initial set-ups never fail to grab my attention.

But also without fail, every single season I’ve watched so far has devolved into an unwatchable mess about halfway through. Storylines are consistently incoherent, character motivations change on a dime to suit whatever new development is happening at the moment, intesting ideas are either never developed in any interesting way or simply forgotten. Eventually the season-long story never so much come to an end as it simply stops because there are no more episodes left that year.

For a while, it was at least watchable for the benefit of seeing some great divas get to chew up the scenery in grand guinol fashion. But this current season doesn’t have Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, or Angela Basset. Instead, this season lists Chaz Bono and Lena Dunham as it’s “stars.” that’s not too exciting to me.

Thanks for the reminder; I’ll give it a chance. Just listening to the title music always gives me the creeps.

Yeah, this. The series is only as good as its scares and surprises, and those tend to be front-loaded at the beginning of the season. I really want to like AHS, I do! But it always turns into garbage.

This is the 1st season I’m going to try and watch as it airs, instead waiting for Netflix to get it.

Quick thoughts after the premiere:

  • Great acting once again from Paulson & Peters; and Billie Lourd was way creepier than I thought; nice addition
  • Some of the irony had me laughing. Chaz Bono as a Trump supporter?! Only in the sick mind of Ryan Murphy!!
  • The clown thing is even creepier than I thought it would be.
  • It’s got my interest, for sure. Really looking forward to seeing what happens next week.

Clowns! Oh my, what a surprise! Were they extras from It?

Sarah Paulson gets to scream, has horror visions, acts irrationality, and so is no longer the show’s sane person that the audience can connect to. Instead I’m liking her wife, Alison Pill. She’s reminding me of an early Kirsten Dunst; she even looks kind of like her. That just probably means she’ll get killed off mid-way through the series.

I lost all sympathy for Sarah Paulson’s character when it was revealed she voted for Jill Stein. :smack:

So now that we got everyone’s backstory I don’t really care. And apparently Kai’s master plan is for build is cult to the point where he’s elected President of the United States. I miss Jessica Lange. :frowning:

Well I did not see Ally joining Kai’s cult coming; only 3 more episodes to go to find out how it all ends.

And holy crap (literally) that was Rick Springfield as Pastor Charles?!!

I will admit this has been my least favorite season so far, but the last few episodes have had some decent twists and backstory.

I’ll finish it out to see how it ends.

Terrible season so far. The acting is all over the map, all the characters are stupid charicatures of extreme righties and lefties, the plot is stupid and unbelievable, and there isn’t a single likeable character in the show, which means it’s impossible to care who lives or dies.

Evan Thomas is the only reason left for watching this trainwreck. He steals every scene he is in.

This went through my head after I watched the first episode. Then I saw the “coming this season” and it looked like such a caricature of real life that I’ve literally not watched a second of it since.

Glad to see I wasn’t mistaken.

I have watched all of AHS and enjoyed it, even though some parts are better than others. This one, well it is still interesting to see where it will go, but it seems to be a little too unbelievable. No vampires or ghosts or demons or aliens, but still, Kai’s hold over these people is not so much developed as taken for granted. Sure, he ropes them into murder rituals by suggesting they’ll be the next victim if they don’t participate, but prior to that it is almost as if he hypnotizes them into murder. “Hey man, I was working out at the gym, and well, look into my eyes… Let’s kill your boss, then you can join my cult. Maybe some gay sex, because Trump.” That part doesn’t add up to me, and since the whole show hinges on it, it bugs me a little.

I take it they are trying to set a story in something closer to the real world, and this season is no more unbelievable than the others in absolute terms, but in this case it causes believability to constantly crash into reality. It doesn’t serve their cause.

It takes the weight out of the gorier stuff, makes it seem gratuitous. Some of these characters are getting seriously tortured, so the writers ought to have a decent justification to air it, otherwise the target audience is people who tune in for the torture. Me, I have always been turned off by cruelty for its own sake, it only works as an ingredient in a larger context.

I have to admit I’m liking Ally more and more.

Well, Ally sure is a hell of a lot better at leading a cult than Kai.

I’ve lost interest, but I will always remember earlier Chaz Bono as a TrumpTard and what he did to get to the voting booth. One of those memorable ‘I don’t know whether to barf or laugh’ moments, good sick humor!

Loved the ending. I think this is the best season in a long time.

The ending was a bit of a let down for me, but I loved the Lana Winters reference.

Ryan Murphy has promised that the next two seasons will really show how all the seasons are tied together.

Yeah, I liked that to. It would’ve been downright hilarious if they actually tried to pull off a scene with Lana interviewing Ally. I’m really hoping Murphy convinces Lange to come back.