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Did anybody else watch last night?

I had pretty much decided to forego this one after the convoluted mess of last season’s, but the five words Kathy Bates as Madame Lalaurie made me check it out. I’ve had a fascination with the evil Delphine Lalaurie for almost 40 years ever since I read about her in a children’s book (!) about ghost stories, and while the supernatural elements of her story are something I won’t pass judgment on, the known facts are actually more horrifying than any ghosts could be. (She was a psychopath [if half of what is said about her is true] who routinely beat and tortured slaves and her husband was a bonafide mad scientist who used his slaves as lab rats; they were evil enough to have their slaves legally taken away from them and to have to leave New Orleans.)

Anyway, while Bates was over-the-top of course, as was everybody, I was actually surprised at how good she was in the role, and Angela Bassett promises to steal the show as Marie Laveau.

And then of course there’s Jessica Lange and the returning Lily Rabe and Jamie Brewer (the actress with Down Syndrome who played Lange’s daughter in the first season) and the cute Evan Peters and soon Denis O’Hare (according to the credits) and some other familiar faces, to which add Gabourey Sidibe and Bates and Bassett (and everybody’s favorite diminutive gay character actor Leslie Jordan among others). And they did a great job of making New Orleans a character.

So, I’m back in.

What’d y’all think?

The DVR recorded it and my wife watched it last night. At first I just rolled over to go to sleep but then I heard Cathy Bate’s voice. I guess I’ll be watching.

I’ve never watched the show but we’re giving it a shot because of the New Orleans setting (big Nola lovers). I was pleasantly surprised… it’s cheesy and melodramatic - but pretty damned entertaining.

From what I’ve seen on my FB feed and on other websites, I have a feeling the ratings are going to be very very good for this. A lot of buzz this year.

Good God!

I liked it a lot. The frat boys from a frat being dickheads seemed a little uninspired, and the ‘only 4 members of the witch school anymore’ struck me as too clean and contrived, but what the hell.

It’s as lurid and sexy and cringe-inducing (in a good way) as ever.

I love the idea of a witch with Down Syndrome.

I have been waiting for this since I saw the announcement a month ago and I made my teen daughter promise to watch with me, for bonding purposes, not because I’m scared. Ok yes I’m scared but deliciously so!

At first I was a little concerned about the overdone subject matter (frat boys, strong but unstable powerful mother versus pragmatic weak reasonable daughter, spoiled movie star) but the episodes that are coming up have snagged my curiosity. Love the wardrobe too, my niece didn’t get the hats and gloves vibe but I do and I LOVE IT!!

Watched it and the wife and I were totally enthralled. Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates make fine additions to this series. Personally, I think Angela Bassett is going to steal the show and get an Emmy nod.

The first five minutes were horrific, but I guess that was the point.

Wishful thinking : Ryan Murphy and Vince Gilligan write a TV together.

I watched! I’ve loved the awesome weirdness of this show since the first season, and the previews and teasers for this season looked really intriguing, so I wasn’t going to miss it. Just one episode, but it looks better than last season, and maybe even better than the first.

Did you miss Denis O’Hare? He was there - he’s the creepy, stringy-long-haired butler (?) named Spalding (Madison was calling him “Jeeves”). His storyline will be much more than just a butler.

Yep: cheesy, melodramatic, freakish, horrifying, squirm-inducing. Those are the things Murphy and Falchuk are going for. If you find that entertaining, well, buckle your seatbelt.

I’ve got it on the DVR to watch tonight, and I’m totally excited. Although I’m afraid I’ll end up freaked out because Kathy Bates looks almost exactly like my mother.

Makes watching Misery very difficult for me. :slight_smile:

My wife watches it regularly so even though I don’t pay attention I’m familiar with the show.

My wife was gone last night so while it was recording my choices were watch it, or clean the house. The episode was pretty good. So, a few things:

-I wonder if Lily Rabe’s character will come back from being burned at the stake, she played such a large role in Asylum.

-I thought the frat boy rape was pretty contrived, I mean the witch was too drugged to use her powers to stop the rapes but after it was done walked out and flipped the bus which is ‘a difficult thing to do’ apparently.

-The ‘Embolism Pussy’ is really :rolleyes:

-I don’t normally watch next episode previews but couldn’t help it this time, gotta say I’m intrigued enough to catch the second episode.

-Torture porn really turns me off (not so much for the gratuitous violence, but see it as lazy story telling) but I had no idea Delphine Lalaurie was a real person until just now, so that’s cool.

I totally didn’t recognize him. Thanks!

Lily Rabe is in the credits, so I’m pretty sure she wasn’t just a cameo.

Kudos for the writers incorporating Marie Laveau’s actual occupation (hairdresser) into the plot (at least judging by scenes from upcoming episodes).

I’m totally- ahem- snatch-ing this for a band name.

Wait… I thought the vampires banned all use of witchcraft in New Orleans, on penalty of death.

Oh wrong show… never mind.

My roommate had yelled out “COOCH OF DEATH!!!” But I think I like yours better.

I enjoyed it immensely. For some reason, watching Jessica Lange do lines of coke was the highlight of my evening. It seems kind of weird that so much information was presented so easily in the first episode–usually the audience is left wondering about stuff for much longer than that. I thought maybe the character of Madison was a little overdone, but there always has to be a Mean Girl, so I’ll give her some time. It’s not like we can’t figure out that she is not going to be the Supreme of her generation. But I think it would be absolutely awesome if Nan was.

Lily Rabe’s name is right up front, so I’m guessing she gets better after her burning. I’m looking forward to watching Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange hiss and spit at each other for the season, and Angela Bassett looks so stellar in the previews that I’m dying for the next episode.

What an awesome episode. I was glued to the screen. I’ve admired the cinematography from last season and this season picked up where last season left off. It’s on a level above everything else I’ve seen on TV series.

Oh my God. What the hell happened to Jessica Lange? (I know, aging. The miracle of Hollywood makeup makes this photo completely shocking.) I didn’t even recognize her until I read the caption. Just… wow.

So far I’ve seen “embolism pussy”, “cooch of death”, and “killer muff”. :smiley:

I heard somebody else refer to her as the Sexecutioner, but that seemed kind of uninspired. :slight_smile:

“Are you in charge here?”
“I’m Fiona Goode. I’m in charge everywhere.”

I like that they have a sense of humor this season.

I like Emma Roberts in this. Just the right level of bitch, IMO.

I can’t help but think of Kathy Bates as Bobby Boucher’s mother when I watch. When she called Angela Bassett’s character “the devil” I laughed entirely too much.

My favorites so far are Angela Bassett and Gabourey Sidibe. I think Gabby had some of the best lines in this last episode and Angela Bassett is so stunning. It’s as if she never stopped lifting babies after playing Tina Turner.