American Horror Story: Apocalypse (open spoilers)

Murder House crosses over with Coven starting tonight. Jessica Lange may only be returning for a cameo, but Dame Joan Collins is joining the cast for this season! Super excited to see that.

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Well they sure didn’t waste any episodes waiting to introduce the Antichrist*. :wink: He’s cute too, though personally I prefer short hair on men. The aesthetics are pretty interesting, very weird and claustrophobic. All the candles & fires were pretty ridiculous though; I get the vibe they’re going for, but that seems like a really unnecessary strain on their air filtration systems. :smack: Also I half-expected the “paying guests” to default to grey status (unless they had special skills or superior genes) now that their money’s served it’s purpose. I do love how Evie’s still acting like she’s at a house party at a country estate after 18 months in an underground bunker. :cool:
*I was going to say based on this age it must be at least 2030, but then I remember his development accelerated in the womb so probably kept maturing fast after being born too.

The first ten minutes were truly horrifying. Then it got quite silly.

Are they copying Handmaid’s Tale with the castes sorted by the color of clothes people wear? Or is this all steampunk - who else would put black ostrich plumes on horses?

Surprising that after 18 months of minimal food that they still looked pretty well-fed. Even if the cubes were full of nutrients, they didn’t look like lots of fats or sugars. I’d expect some starved-looking survivors.

Just like previous years, I’ll give them a few more episodes. I have high hopes (each year), so I hope it doesn’t go off the rails (again).

Margaret Atwood didn’t come with the idea to color code different castes; Aldous Huxley did it in Brave New World 50 years earlier (sumptary laws were a thing IRL too.) That being said the Enforcers, even the males, seriously look like Aunts. Especially when they’re in their protective gear.

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So Mead is a android?! :eek: I did not see that coming. Also Evie better show up again in some form; flashback, hallucination, ghost I’m not picky.

“The entire world is littered with 7 billions bodies that will never be buried, and all you can think about is fornication?”

Too funny.
I’m getting a bit of a “girls have cooties” vibe from this season. Like it’s being written by someone who lives in a clubhouse with a “No Girls Allowed” sign on the front door.
Someone mentioned upthread that they were surprised the people who bought their way in weren’t in gray. That surprised me too, but then I realized that that completely logical and interesting plot element needed to be scrapped so the show could focus on hoity toity people in hoity toity clothes acting all hoity toity. Regular people with “perfect DNA” wouldn’t have the right upper crust attitude to properly showcase all the fabulous-ness. rolls eyes

My first impression of the series is that it is a pretty good recreation of the vibe from the American International films of an earlier era Dark and creepy, meant to be taken seriously but requiring a very large amount of disbelief.

Updated and given the humor that occasionally surfaces in AHS, I like seeing this trope reborn.

Oooh, this really nails it for me – definitely an AI vibe emerging this season.

I’m going to try and commit to finishing the season. “Murder House,” “Coven,” and “Asylum” were great fun for me. I didn’t finish the other seasons; they either lost my interest or were so violent (“Hotel” – anal rape with a giant drill?!!) I didn’t find it fun/thrilling.

Coven was my favorite. Hotel was a great idea for a story but I agree it got bogged down from a bit too much violence.

I kind of want to rewatch the entire series again to try and catch the connections between the seasons. I prefer waiting until it is possible to “bing” an entire season of such shows. Nowadays, by the time between seasons is so long I lose interest it.

And there’s the Coven crossover. Not only that, but Michael actually fears witches. Of which Coco is apparently one, somehow that’s a bigger surprise than killing off most of the cast 3 episodes in. Not that death is actually final, I wonder if the entire Apocalypse could be undone.

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Oo, an Apocalypse thread!

I found the first episode to be Quite creepy, even though it was mixed with silly one-liners from Joan Collins or a sillyfied conflict with the blonde’s bf (I rarely remember the names of characters on TV, sorry). Nuclear war is just naturally scary to me, and the story they tacked onto it didn’t spoil that for me.

Now that they are in the bunker it reminds me of a 60s experimental dystopia where the characters are put in some outrageous situation and we see how they react to tease out some point about human nature. If that is what they are really going to do, I don’t take AHS seriously enough for a project like that, but hey, if they can pull it off then kudos to them.

But it isn’t just human nature, is it? After ghosts, angels, devils, aliens, vampires, witches, and I suppose you could include the gays (if that is what they’re going for), I thought the series had run out of alternative beings to portray. Nope, now we’ve got a robot. That was a big surprise and a nice bit to add substance to the plot.

Cult was such a disaster that I mostly expect Apocalypse to crash and burn into drivel, but after 3 episodes I am appreciating how many surprises the story delivers. The whole Mad-Max wasteland warrior scene that turns out to be the blonde’s aggrieved boyfriend, motivated by revenge to survive the nuclear winter just so he could track her down and stab her in the face- “You seem angry…” WHACK- the way they portrayed that whole bit right up to the reveal made me want to applaud! That should NOT be hilarious, but it was. That is the kind of wrongness I watch this show for.

Now they’re all mostly dead, and here come the witches. Just more surprises and cliffhangers. At this point I can tell that the project is a little silly, but I still really want to see where it goes. Go, AHS!

I don’t know where this is going, but I’m happy to watch. So Michael wasn’t just mistaken for warlock, he was mistaken for the warlock messiah. Also I loved Madison’s hell being only just a slight exgarration from working retail.

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Based on everything I’ve been reading, I am the only person in America who really dislikes this season. It’s extra campy, which I’ve come to tolerate and even appreciate from this show, but the dialogue is REALLY poorly written and the acting is … not good. Even at its worst you could usually rely on decent-to-good acting but, man, the big gay warlock gang was truly awful

I’m watching because it’s supposed to call upon ‘Murder House’ and ‘Coven’, my two favorite seasons. I dunno if I’m really liking it much, but I want to see where it goes.

I didn’t like ‘Hotel’ much at all for the violence. My husband wanted to take a look at it one night to see Lady Gaga, and I told him ‘you are forbidden from watching this season’. (he is a sensitive type and would probably have nightmares!)

I recall all the shower curtain scenes in AHS. There it is, the claw foot tub with the curtain drawn shut, the lighting and camera angle are weird, and of course someone is going to flip it open. Inside is… a burglar with a gun that shoots you in the head! or Piggyman with a butcher knife!

Always at least a little suspense, if not actual horror, in those scenes. Well, in Apocalypse the veils seem to be inside the characters, there are a lot of them, and for me anyway it builds suspense about the whole project.

Ms Meade doesn’t even know she is a robot. Then, she can’t see the face of the boy in her memories. Then, we get some robot persuasion with the Antichrist. Whoops! Her programming means she will shoot Venable! You never know what is next.

More obvious with Zoe (?). We find out they’ve cast an Identity spell on her, so she doesn’t know who she really is, even under questioning from Devilboy. Then she gets meditative, staring into the fire, alternating shots with anxious close-ups punctuated by “Alfred Hitchcock strings”, going through her own psychological horror as we watch in suspense. What’s behind the veil? Ooohhh, she’s a witch… I thought the writers succeeded in building suspense into the reveal of this character.

The fulcrum of e4 was the reveal of Cordelia. Warlocks- haven’t seen them before, another new one. They are all so impressed with the idea of The Alpha that I couldn’t help thinking these guys were being portrayed not as gay, but as betas. I thought the whole metrosexual style and sort of passive, committee decision-making process bore this out. And they were a jarring contrast to hiding from nuclear winter in the bunker- I was laughing through all these scenes while my gf endured it all. Cordelia and her pals sort of have contempt for the warlocks, or “mole people” as she calls them. They don’t want to have a bunch of men walking around* their* house. And they look down on the inferior witchcraft skills of the warlocks.

Well at the council meeting, after she laughs in their faces at their proposal and tells them ‘no’, a catty black warlock impotently lisps his accusation of racism inherent in Cordelia not saving Queenie. Racism! She has contempt for the warlocks, but she still cares what they think about her and is going to clear this up Right.Now. And so we see the story of her failed attempt to save Queenie, no I’m sorry but I really am judging this properly, you pathetic warlocks could never pass the test and I, at least, am a good enough person to not throw another life away, not even one of yours. So don’t you lecture ME about not caring about people, young man! <wipes away tear>

Maybe it isn’t Jane Austin, but I like it when writers drive plots while simultaneously fleshing out the characters. That’s just “tight” writing, but I’m no expert, trust me. This gang-reveal leads directly to Michael Langdon revealing himself as some kind of Satanic demigod. What can’t this guy do? And the show ends up posing the question of how one should take it should the Antichrist Himself show up before one in Hell, sort of command one that he extract one from Hell, and one doesn’t even have to blow him. But Madison, at least, would totally blow him! But she’s a doomed soul in a shallow Hell, so while he doesn’t accept the offer, he doesn’t shut down the option like he did with The Hairdresser and his intemperate neediness. But he does extract her from Hell Itself, and Queenie from the hellmouth Hotel Cortez (which has never happened before), and presents the whole party to Cordelia outside the entrance of the warlock’s lair. (I mean, could I write a post like this about the Magnum P.I. retread?)

She faints. She could have been thinking, “Geez, I guess I was wrong about that whole test thingy.” Or she could have been like, “Holy crap, it’s the effing ANTICHRIST!”

So Coco’s magic power is the ability to detect gluten while her assistant has the ability to raise the dead and completely undue injuries? I wonder which power is going to be more useful saving humanity from extinction.
I wonder what became of Queenie and Misty; they didn’t accompany Cordelia, Myrtle, & Mallory. Are they dead (again), if so how did they die? Is Queenie even alive again or is she just a ghost who’s not confined to one building?

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In contrast to all the destruction, a scene of healing. Misty is sprung from Hell and her witch pals bring in Stevie Nicks to put on a touching original performance, with that beta guy on the piano.

But it calls to mind the whole -In God’s hands intended evil becomes eventual good- line we’re hearing these days. Misty is, sort of, glad to be out of Hell, but her testimony is that they should have left her there, because this guy is Evil.

Well that was a fun journey back to Murder House. Surprising that the ghosts didn’t all materialize at once to shove a dying Constance out of the house given that almost all of them hate her. :wink: Also if it was that easy for Madison and a Level 3 warlock to free Moira why couldn’t Supreme Witch Cordelia get Queenie out of the Cortez? :dubious: It was adorable watching them try to pass for a married couple when the realtor obviously didn’t give a damn about anything other than the wire transfer. And based on the preview…

…next we get to see Joan Collins again. :slight_smile:

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s getting late; I gotta go look out the window and cry while masturbating.

Well I wasn’t expecting to see Ms. Venable again; presumably she had an underling escort Michael around. I loved Sandra Bernhard as a Satanic priestess. And apparently a standard part of making a deal with the Devil is having sex with Ryan Reynolds on a regular basis whether you like to it not.

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Season finale next week, and I think it’s crystal clear at this point
how things are going to do down. It’s pretty funny how easily Michael is manipulated by other people. I loved the Cooperative/Illuminati board meeting, but I wished we got to see at least one unmasked. Maybe the one with the ranch in Texas?

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