American Idol 2/25

This show started out pretty bad. Frenchie was sorely missed. However, Simon was spot-on with all of his comments, especially regarding a couple of the contestants who were waaaay overconfident. Now then:

SYLVIA CHIBILITI - Good, strong voice, but Randy said exactly what I was thinking – she had a problem pronouncing the contractions or something. It kind of sounded like she was drunk. Reminded me of the “Tar-Pangoed Banno” guy from early on. Plus her comment about wanting to be a diva was kinda nervy. Isn’t being a diva…y’know…a bad thing?

CHIP DAYS – A very good voice, but the performance was nothing very exciting. I wish he had sung something else, but I’m not sure what.

JUANITA BARBER – WHAT THE HELL. Her voice sucked, her outfit sucked, and her attitude sucked. She has this innocent looking face, but she’s an ass. And she was a last minute replacement – who else remembers her collapsing at the news that she didn’t make it to the quarterfinals? I couldn’t get her out of my face fast enough. Thank goodness for Tivo. Asking the judges if they know who she is. Who cares?

NASHEKA – Great, another one-namer. Pretty, but kinda boring, a flat personality until she went off about how she’s not Tamyra. Half an hour after watching her I can’t remember what her voice sounded like. That’s a bad sign.

PATRICK LAKE – I’ve been pulling for this guy since he sang “Hard to Handle” but I just wanted to break off those damned rock and roll fingers of his tonight. He should stick to songs the Black Crowes have sung, he can pull off that kind of white-boy bluesy deal. An okay performance, but not great by any means.

JOSHUA GRACIN – Awwwww. Good guy, great performance. He’s a new favorite. I even liked his outfit.

ASHLEY HARTMAN – hot damn! That is one gorgeous girl. I mean, damn! Too bad she picked a bad song for her breathy, boop-a-doop voice. She seems like a genuinely nice person, too.

COREY CLARK – I hate to admit it, but he was pretty good. Not better than Josh, but still pretty good. I hated his little “performance” for Paula (and why doesn’t she just fellate him and get it over with? Christ!) earlier – especially his hat-fondling – but he picked a song that worked for him. Dammit.

So, I pick Josh and Corey to move on.

Ack! I missed the first few performers, so here’s my take on what I saw.

NASHEKA – Agree, totally boring. So/so voice, plain looking. Blah.

PATRICK LAKE – Flat, flat, flat. He was yelling over a piano? Give me a break - how much power can he have? I agreed with Simon: Lamb in Wolf’s clothing fer sure.

JOSHUA GRACIN – Yup, good guy, good voice, good song, good job. And a patriotic plug to boot - he’s a shoo in.

ASHLEY HARTMAN – Whoo, she was cute. Bad song for her though - not enough power. She could sing some country I bet. The judges were too hard on her. [Butthead]huh, huh, she said hard on, huh huh[/Butthead]

COREY CLARK – Couldn’t disagree more. My hubby and I were wincing through the performance. I’ve seen Steve Perry, and sir, he was no Steve Perry. Flat, flat, flat, and suckety uck ucked. For the first time, the judge’s reaction had me gobsmacked. Bizarro.

I missed the first few performers too. Damn my clock! It was off by 15 minutes. Grrrrr.

I agree with your comment about Corey. I thought his performance was okay. It wasn’t great and he did have some really flat notes. And what was the deal with the hand gestures? Didn’t they get after Ruben or Rickie (one of those guys) for the same thing?

I think they’ve decided Corey is the next Justin Guarini and they’re determined to play that up. Do they think the audience can’t hear?

They all should’ve chosen different songs. I think Corey has Paula Abdul under some kind of spell.

I think Joshua was the best, but if he’s such a good little soldier, putting his duty to the Marines above American Idol, why the hell did he audition in the first place?

Sylvia: The diva comment made me oogy and her pronunciation was odd, but not a bad singer
Chip: I liked him. When the judges nagged about him not having personality and he responded to whats-his-face that he can’t “Hercules” like Rickie, I laughed.
Juanita: I honestly do not remember.
Nasheka: Ditto.
Patrick: Being a rocker girl, I love the fact that he made it this far. Too bad he will not go further. He had that constipated “I’msingingrealhardtomakeitsoundemotional” thing going on
Joshua: Pretty good!
Ashley: When she started singing LilMiss looked at the tv and said "What the hell is THAT? I agree. My cats even left the room
Corey: Not overly impressed there either. I agree, Morgainelf, he’s a Justin Jr.

My picks to go on: Joshua and Corey.

My SO commented that Patrick looked like a bobblehead with all his head-wagging.

The only person that stuck out was Joshua Gracin - well talent wise anyways. I think it’s a given that he moves on. After that, I don’t think it really matters.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Ashley Hartman though. She seems like a really sweet girl and she took that criticism well. She has a nice tone to her voice as well. I think after some training, she’d actually have a really great voice. It broke my heart when she teared up.

Mr. Rock and Roll is soooooooooo wrong on sooooooooooo many levels. This is unreal how this guy actually thinks he has a shot at winning America’s heart. Let’s take a look at this train wreck shall we?

  1. Thinning hair at what? 23 years old? I feel for you pal, but you gotta face facts. Having a pony tail doesn’t make it any cooler.
  2. Kinda chunky for a “Rocker” ain’t he? (he might make a GREAT Meat Loaf impersonator in a few years)
  3. Spiky wrist bands that he wears like a badge of honor. (Too easy, speaks for itself)
  4. “Devil” sign every 2 minutes. This is worst than that guy saying “Hercules, Hercules” every chance he gets.
  5. Spouting off about “Rock and Roll!” every chance he opens his mouth. I’m sorry pal, but I know Rock and Roll and you sir, are NOT Rock and Roll.
  6. Forced vocal styling. HE makes SURE you HEAR every GRUNT! He sounds like he’s in pain somewhat. Whew!

This guy is so pathetic that he actually imagines himself as a Rock and Roll spokesperson that it makes me wince. Can you fathom how embarrassed this guy is going to be in 10 years down the road that he did all this on tape? His kids are going to have a BALL someday.

Top two were definitely Joshua and Corey. Corey actually surprised me because the last time we heard him, he sucked. Hard. And he doesn’t creep me out like Justin.

Poor Ashley. She seems like a really sweet girl and it wasn’t nearly as bad as Juanita. And good God is she hot or what? Still not over that.


“I was singing for the children” - That was the best quote of the season though.

The first half of Joshua’s performance was stellar. That was the only part of tonight performance that I liked. If I had to pick two, it would be Joshua and Corey.

A couple of days ago on the TODAY show, Simon said that he was probably going to cut a music deal with Frenchie. Glad to hear that.

I think that none of the judges are really good at catching pitch problems.

Sylvia: Okay, but she sounded like she was in pain. Sometimes trying too hard can get the opposite result of what you intended.

Chip: Completly forgettable.

Juanita: Uh, no! Just NOOO!!! There’s less sap in TREES! AAGH! awful song, awful performance.

Patrick: Sounds like he’s in a meat grinder. No.

Nakesha: She looks very nice, but her performance was easy to ignore. Nothing impressive.

Joshua: Not too bad. Very nice as he could actually get my attention and KEEP IT.

Ashley: EW!!! She makes me cringe. Truly awful! But, yea, she’s really pretty.

Corey: Bad song choice. Bleagh! Just horrid! EW! EW!

I’m only voting for one person and that’s Joshua. But, because I just HAVE to predict, Joshua is a sure fire bet in the top three, but Corey will make it and I’m I’m not going to bother with the third. None of them would surprise me if they made third though.

Yeah, what was up with the judges falling all over Corey?! My g/f and I thought he was horrible!

Half of them sounded like they were doing their Buckwheat imitations. Enunciate, people, enunciate!

The only one I was impressed by was Josh, and there’s no doubt he moves on.

Agree with the WTF’s on Corey - he did nothing except look like Justin. Perhaps the judges heard more in the earlier rounds? Hey, Corey, Sideshow Bob called - he wants his hair back.

Patrick was in over his head, too.

My second choice is Ashley, who does need a little more seasoning but is essentially readier now than most of them can ever be. The judges were kind to her, and she needn’t have cried.

Did you catch Simon’s comment that the finalists include “the Kimberleys”? Since only Kim Locke is in, that means Kim Caldwell (? The blonde from Texas) is a wild-card. If Corey isn’t chosen by the viewers, he’s obviously the other, otherwise bet on J.D. Adams to fill the slate.

Bring back Frenchie. The people demand it.

I kinda liked Corey. He’s cute.
The girls were all terrible. (What’s with this sassy back talk anyway? Just makes them look dumber and trashier than they actually are!)
And will somebody please explain what this “Hercules, Hercules” thing is? I haven’t a clue and feel very left out.
Oh, yeah. . . Josh was the stand-out!

Thank the gods my SO and I weren’t the only ones who thought the judges were on crack regarding Corey’s performance. He was NOT on key the entire time; it was a horrid song, and he’s hideous looking!

I really liked Ashley. She had amazing control over her voice. Yes it was high, but she carried it off beautifully. She probably has the highest pitched voice of anyone in the competition, and I think that makes her stand out. It is high without being grating or squeaky. And yes, she is gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous.

I was disappointed with Patrick’s performance. He was one of my favourites, but he didn’t prove himself last night. Sorry, buddy, you gotta go. Still love ya though.

My picks, Josh and Ashley.

Corey is damn lucky. I thought he sucked, regardless of what the judges said. Looks like some other people agreed. But he’ll probably still get through, because who else is there to vote for other than the Marine?

annieclaus, it’s from a scene in Eddie Murphy’s “The Nutty Professor”. He plays almost the entire Klump family having dinner together, and the grandmother is bragging about her little boy: "He’s my little Hercules! … Her(clap) cu(clap) les(clap)! … Her(clap) cu(clap) les(clap)! "

Well, you have to see it.

Thanks, ElvisL1ves! Actually, I did see THE NUTTY PROFESSOR and I do (sort of) remember the scene, now that you mention it.

I can’t stand that marine. I hope the Iraqis shoot him first.