American Idol 4/4 & 4/5: Country

Kelly Clarkson wasn’t going to allow her songs to be sung on AI until Simon complained to the press - so I know songwriters are able to deny access.

He better knock this one out of the park… It’s Country Roads! It’s WV!! HOORAY!

Not a bad performance by Taylor… started a little weak, but he’s doing alright on the chorus.

GREAT song choice and great performance.

Wow, for the first time the judges don’t like Taylor…

Me, he creeps me out…

I thought it was really boring. Taylor hasn’t lived up to my expectations–I expected him to get better as the show progressed but he just hasn’t. It’s too bad, because he has the most unusual voice of all the contestants, I think.

I agree with what Simon said about Gray Charles…safe and boring. It’s going to get worse, though.

I hope Mandisa doesn’t preach at us about our “lifestyles” again.

Ah, the first Shania song appearance… probably won’t be the last.

Not a bad choice at all for Mandisa, however.

This song blows. She’s singing it ok but it’s a crappy song. Karaoke.

Who was the one who said they didn’t want Mandissa to wear jeans?

I swear, she looks like she’s lost some weight since the show started… or is it the make up?

I like it… funny song…

Still, it’s country, cannot say I fully enjoyed it…

Why have Simon around on Country night? He’s not going to like any song?! He’s just going to critique the songs and not the singing. Just seems like a waste.

Paula has a flask!

Wow, I haven’t been watching recently, but when did Taylor and Mandisa become so boring?

Well here is the first Garth Brooks song… right after the first Shania song. Lets see how many times their songs get played tonight.

Not really on topic, but what the hell happened to Kenny’s face? Jesus, that’s scary.

Yea, safe and boring seems to be the theme…

Elliot’s kind of interesting. I like that he’s interpreting the melody without trying to twang it up.

Bababooey, I didn’t notice… for real?

I like Paris… and I like this song choice :slight_smile:

She did sing it pretty well, much better and more ballsy than the previous ones…