American Idol 4/4 & 4/5: Country

I implore you, put away that Alan Jackson CD. Here, take this instead. It’s called “The Outlaws.” Pick a track, any track.

The “southern rock” band, as in “Green Grass and High Tides?” Or Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, et al?

I meant “Wanted: The Outlaws,” the classic compilation CD of Waylon, Willie, Tompall Glaser and Jessi Colter. It doesn’t have to be that CD in particular, of course, but it’s representative of good country music.

I’m by no means a country music expert and I’m looking forward to tonight’s show. Please Chris, don’t rock out a country song - just sing it from the heart.

I like Faith Hill, Bobbie Gentry, Reba McIntyre and Dolly Parton. (well they’re some country singers that I know). I would love to hear one of the women sing “Ode to Billy Joe” or that Coat of Many Colors song - something with emotion that’s not a love song.

Would “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” fall into the country catagory?(I don’t consider Jim Croce a country singer but the song sounds country to me)

But that opens up the possibility of a rendition of “I Will Always Love You” and it could be a Whitney Houston style. :eek:

Alan Jackson’s "Remember When’ is one of my all-time favorites but I would hate to hear it sung by anyone else.

In case anyone is confused it’s NOT April 5 and 6 as the OP title suggests, it’s April 4 (tonight) and April 5.

I don’t like country music. Well, I do like Dolly, but I don’t want to hear anyone else sing her songs. I’ll just have to force myself to watch this week. :slight_smile:

Tonight my other dorky pastime will probably intrude on my Idol watching. I’ve got a mosaic class from 7-8 so you guys better snark it up real good. Leave no nattering nabob un-negated! Rip 'em new ones for me!

Oh, right. I, um, forgot about daylight savings time. Yeah.

I’d like to see some of them try bluegrass type country instead of pop-country.

Is the band up to it? :wink:

I’d love for Katharine to take on Alison Krauss song.

The good news is, Dolly will not allow that song to be performed on “American Idol.” Other songs, yes, but not that one. So there is at least one reason to keep on living.

I’m not a huge country fan, so Country Nite is always an experience for me. I hope to hear at least one song I recognize. Perhaps some Willie Nelson, or some Hank Williams.

The next few theme weeks are known, BTW.

This week is country. Next week is the music of Queen, which is sure to suck. The week after that is Rod Stewart, but it’s really pop standards because they have to pick songs Rod puked all over for his songbook CDs. The songs themselves are fabulous, though, even if Rod sucked them up, so it could be good. According to the blogosphere, these are official themes.

That gentle breeze you feel? My sigh of relief exuding across the universe.

I do follow current country/pop so it will be fun to see who picks what. If Pickler chose “Suds in the Bucket” I guess she won’t be harkening back to classic stuff?!? Or will Grandpa talk her into “Crazy”?

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! If there is a God, somebody will sing “Fat Bottomed Girls,” and if God loves me, that somebody will be Chris – although, he’s my second choice, because I really wanted Bo to do it.

In all honesty, though, there are some people who could really do a good job with Queen’s songs. Katharine would match up well with “Somebody to Love,” and you know Bucky’s calling dibs on “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” And Mandisa could knock “You’re My Best Friend” out of the park (and dedicate it to Jesus at the same time).

You and me both.

She did do “Walkin’ After Midnight” during 50’s night, so I don’t think it would be a stretch.

I would like to see Ace do “The Mole That Henry Thompson Talks About”. But Bucky would probably take it.

I hope Chris will redeem himself by doing something totally against type, like soulful version of “The Cowboy Song” ala Don Edwards, not Garth Brooks.

Oh, and give me some Ian Tyson or Kevin McNiven.

OK, I know all that is a pipe dream, they’ll all do pop-country, Southern fried rock or Honky Tonk crap. No Bluegrass, no Western, no Alt-Country.

I also bet no one has the guts to do Jim Reeves.

A few more quick pipe-dreams:

“Annie Laurie/ Bad Half Hour”
“Nightwatchers Lament”
“Four Strong Winds”
Jim, I Wore A Tie Today"

shoot, they won’t even play those on Nashville Star. (Which sucks this year, BTW).

Ace can do that song from “Mars Attacks!” that defeated the Martians.

Slim Whitman. Let’s see if Simon’s head explodes.

Hmm. Cite? I’m not sure she can make such a demand, legally.