American Idol 3/21 - the 1950s

Here is the thread for this week’s shows. Word on the “street” is that they get those old records of the shelf, cause today’s music ain’t got the same soul. Speaking of no soul, Barry Manilow will be in attendance.

Is it too soon to say that Ace sucked?

Yay, Barry Manilow’s on TV tonight! Perhaps we could just set this silly contest aside this week and just have Barry sing.


Is it too soon to say Kevin got the axe?

Maybe they’ll bring the CopaCabana guy back. Not the greatest singer, but fun to watch. Personally I think it won’t be a stretch for kevin to pull off Barry Manilow. I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that Lisa Tucker (I think that’s her name) will be gone, and I’m always surprised when she makes it to the next round.

I kind of wouldn’t be surprised if they bring that guy back and pan to him shvitzing in the audience when Barry gets up there.

My understanding is that all the previous contestents are always in the audience (at least the ones that made it to a certain round), hey, even the twins are still there watching.

Hell no. You don’t need Miss Cleo for that one. :smiley:

Does anyone want to play the crazy gray haired guy drinking game with me tonight?

Let’s all thank our luck stars Barry put out a '50s album because we could be stuck with Ace singing Mandy, Mandisa singing I Write the Songs and Taylor doing Weekend In New England.

Personally, I’d punture my own eardrums-- and I like Barry Manilow.

I finally figured out who Ace reminds me of–Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, which just happened to be on last night. This has been bothering me for weeks, ever since Hell Week.

Carry on.

I think encouraging that much drinking in such a short time frame might be irresponisble.

Paula Abdul does it every Tuesday and Wednesday, and she’s still doing okay.

According to whom?

He reminds me of a younger, fresher-faced Joe Millionaire, aka I forgot because hopefully his 15 minutes are up. Evan something?

I haven’t been home from work long enough for all my snark muscles to be warmed up, but … I’m sort of hoping that Kevin will sing a Buddy Holly song. Maybe “Everyday.” I think that would be even more adorable than usual.

One of those songs I play for my daughter. Love it.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: This show needs a real theme song.

Evan Marriott It bothers me that I know that.

But I like it!
aahhhhh AHHHHHhhhhhhh ooooh oh ooooh oh oooohhhhh

Wow … Mandisa really looks like Angela Bassett tonight. This song suits her, too. We’re already like 200% better than last week. Hooray!