American Idol - 21, 22, 23 Feb

Gals tonight. Guys tomorrow night. Voting Thursday. Three nights and five hours of Idol. Here’s my early predictions (not necessarily my own faves):


  1. Mandisa

  2. Paris

  3. Kellie

All the rest…

Out: Melissa


  1. Ace

  2. Chris

  3. Taylor

All the rest…

Out: Elliot / Bobby (too close to call)

Five hours. That’s a whole lotta Idol!

I’m definitely more excited for the guys than I am the girls, for some reason. Which is a good thing, because the husband has struck again and asked me out for dinner, which means I might miss part of tonight. What can I say? I just can’t say no to the man. Though my first question was, “Can you have me home by 7?” :smiley:

My favorites for the girls are definitely Mandisa and Paris. As usual, there are several forgettable girls who won’t last long.

I just want that biatch Brenna to get off the show. It’ll be a while though. I like Ace and Chris for the guys. Paris, Kelly and Lisa for the girls. That young 16 year old boy Will Makar is from my neck o’ the woods… he’ll bear watching for that reason alone.

I’m so excited! :smiley:

If they’re doing things the way they did last year (and I think they are, just from looking at the calendar offhand), then two of each gender are going this week, no? And then two each next week and the week after that, with the first pre-recorded “live” performance of the final 12 airing on March 13. If they only vote off one at a time, we won’t even get to the Final 12 until May.

No idea who’s going, but I hope Brenna doesn’t last very long. Girl works my nerves.

I want the judgmental Christian girl to go home. Other than that, I don’t care which of the non-Paris barbie dolls they keep or send home.

I’m looking forward to sitting down with the little lady tonight and cheerfully smacking down the worst performers.

We’ll be right here with you!

Although I was with everybody in the Paris love after her first audition, she sucked in Hollywood. I’m reserving my picks until after tonight’s competition. Today I will take notes!

I think Paris knows she wasn’t great in the Hollywood rounds. I read something in the paper that she’s got a recurring medical condition that might have flared up in those rounds, and they put her through based on how good they know she really is (and because she’s sweet and likable).

I’m a Lisa fan from the start. I’m amazed there hasn’t been more buzz about her. Her initial audition was one of the most brilliant performances I’ve ever seen on this show, even before you take into account the fact that she’s 16! (admittedly, I’ve never really watched the show except for the last few episodes the year of Clay).

Go Lisa!!!

So I’ll be studying and watching… Hope the girls sing pretty enough…

Mandisa sounds a little flat to me…not much energy…the outfit is hideous.

“You broke the record for magnificent”? Oh, Paula.

I enjoyed Mandisa’s performance.

God, Thursday too? Goddamn part-time job, this is.

Mandisa: Good energy and I like that she chose a rock song instead of the soul-mama type song that some might have expected, but I didn’t think she sounded great.

A compliment from Simon? I don’t think she was that good.

Meh performance from Country Girl. I have an intense hatred for pop country, though, so I’m not an objective judge.

Pickler is going to milk the “Pappy’s in the slammer” thing all the way to the end, isn’t she? She wasn’t that great tonight.

O.K., I can’t stand The Pickler. Not her fault, she just annoys me. And I can’t stand that voice-- the talking one.

The Pickler was awful. Also, she used the word “journey”, so she can go straight to hell.

I liked Mandisa better than Kelly Pickler…

And man, I want Mandisa’s shirt!

I love Heart, but if I were Mandisa, I would not have picked that particular Heart song. She could have killed on “Crazy on You” or “Barracuda.” And Kellie Pickler still icks me out. Flat as hell. And why does she insist on screaming at me all the time? That isn’t going to get me to vote for her - doesn’t she know that?