American Idol - 21, 22, 23 Feb

Love the hair. Total babe hair.

Seems like Becky OD is trying to make up for in ‘attitude’ what she lacks in vocal power & control. Bleah.

Dear Becky O’Donohue,
Please. Shut. Up. Twice!
Thanks a mill,
PS - What in the crap is “enuhzhuh”? Diction, dammit!

Nice hair. Bad singing.

I wish the hair was shoved into her gaping maw. She sucked.

I’m liking O’Donohue a lot lot lot more than I expected to. She has a really good voice and wields it well. She needs to take the staginess down a notch, though.

Hottie Twin was extremely meh. Where’s Paris?

I look at Becky and I see Heidi Fleiss. That’s not good.

The singing was OK, nothing special.

I actually thought that was a very fair, honest and accurate evaluation from Simon. He’s right. On singing alone, Hottie Twin is never going to beat someone like Paris or even Mandisa.

Becky was not good in her initial audition, and she is not good now. Oy. Just send her home so she and her sister can become models for some beer brand already.

She did better than expected… so they expected crap from her…

I did like it, until like Simon said, the final note.

Mulan was her favorite movie growing up? Isn’t that movie like three years old?

Why would anyone sing Christina? You don’t get cool points and Christina has good pair pair of pipes, so you can only suffer in comparison.

Meh… I don’t like that song, but it was ok.

I think Ayla really knocked that one out of the park.

I thought Ayla wasn’t that bad. Not spectacular but decent.

Ayla. Ayla, Ayla, Ayla. You are very pretty. You have not had a difficult life. Stop pretending you have.

The singing started off terribly weak and got stronger. It ended up somewhere in the vicinity of dull. Mandisa is still head and shoulders above everybody else so far.

I like it when Simon gives a fair, balanced review…

Oh my god, what is with all the yelling? Vommmmmmmmmmmit. I’m getting a headache already. Rhymthic screeching is not singing, people! You have a microphone. You do NOT need to try to make the whole world hear you without amplification. Tone it back, just a wee bit.

And seriously, I do not care about why they choose their songs, unless they’re singing a cool song, like “Brick House.” But that is a song that doesn’t need any explanation, so – I do not care about why these people choose their songs. Please stop telling me.

Where’s Paris, dammit? I’m getting old, and I want to go to bed.

She all Glaydis Knighted up.