American Idol 1/17

Good to see you, Good Egg! I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who’s excited about the start of AI. I always enjoy reading what everyone has to say Wednesday & Thursday mornings. Here’s to a great season and great commentary on a board where no one uses horrendous webspeak and multiple exclamation points.

I’m excited, too! Glad to see y’all again. (It’s my second season, too.)

I’m definitely looking forward to it. Although I’m a bit leery of ALL the bad audition footage – if it’s people who genuinely think they can sing but are absolutely awful, that’s entertainment; but if it’s famewhores just trying to get some camera time by being annoying, it’s not nearly as much fun. So here’s hoping for lots of delusionally bad singing, with a bit of really good thrown into the mix!

I’ve got classes on Tuesday nights. I’m gonna miss the whole season. :frowning:

Between SmithWife & Cafe Society, I ought to be able to keep up, though.

I’m readying my snark synapses as we speak. :smiley: See ya tonight!

Too bad they don’t really peform for the first time until sometime in March.

I still enjoy American Idol’s lead-up somewhat though.

Someone had asked about the audition process and I have to assume that there is a legion of staff auditioning the thousands that turn up; only if you are really good or really bad do you ever see the main judges. So it kind of makes sense that some of those auditioning are shocked when they get the bad news from the judges; they already advanced a step and have been kept on for another round and must think that’s good news.

I have to miss tonight but will be on board tomorrow. squee

It’s on at the same time Scrubs is. NOT FAIR!!!

The auditions are fun. I know many people who only watch the auditions. AI is like two shows in one-- Part I: Crazy People with no Self-Awareness Whatsoever and Part II – Who Will America Feel Sorry For The Most.

I am way more excited for this than I should be. My cheesy goodness fix is on its way!

Here’s a first-hand account of the process from someone on the TWOP boards.

Nigel Lythgoe says this year’s contestants are really contentious – should make for some interesting television. . .

One of the guys they’re pimping early this year, Ace Young, looks so much like Scott Peterson, that he’s already creeped me out enough not to want to vote for him.

I am definitely looking forward to this season.

Geez, somebody oughta check the outside of Ace’s boat for claw marks!

Damn, that joke was in bad taste. Still gonna post it, though.

There’s some guy in the previews, a brief clip of with Paula and Randy yelling “Yes!” and applauding, as well as one of those rare wow expressions on Simon’s face. I can’t remember what he sang, but his voice had a Cat Stephens / Janis Joplin sort of coarseness to it, and was beautifully melodic. I’m looking forward to seeing his whole stint.

One of the guys they’re pimping early this year, Ace Young, looks so much like Scott Peterson, that he’s already creeped me out enough not to want to vote for him.



I’m really looking forward to this season.

If you’re so inclined to get a preview of sorts, you can hear a sample of Ace’s singing on track #10 of the soundtrack from “The Little Vampire”, here.

I’ll be there. I even bought plenty of pretzels, Cheetos, and beer for my husband so he can sit up in his “cave” and play shoot-'em-up video games and leave me the hell alone. Bring it on! Although, I have to say, I’m already missing Bo. He will always hold a special place in my heart … mostly because he he’s close to my own age, and therefore doesn’t make me feel like a dirty old pervert.

I’m not a ym friend from last year, but I’ll be watching and I want to post here after the show. Is it cool? When is the ym friend initiation ritual? Do I need to get naked?

Your post made me laugh out loud, jali. I think you’ll fit in just fine with the ym American Idol friends here. Welcome!

Last year was the first time I ever watched, and I’m pleased to see it starting up again.
Can’t wait, can’t wait…

I never liked this show, and I doubt anyone harbors any pretentions about it being an honest contest, but I’ll pick up a Wednesday show when I can. I’m really more interested in the fallout from each episode than the competition itself.

The one thing I hope for above everything else is that the viewers take a hint from the past few seasons and vote for who has the best chance of a successful music career. Kelly Clarkson became a legitimate star. The last winner (sheesh, who was she again?) might. Everyone else has been forgettable or a complete bust. Heck, Jasmine Trias, who finished third, has more of a career than most of the winners. While all the drama and machinations and backstage antics and posturing are all great fun, the point of this contest is to determine whose singing America is actually willing to pay money for. I just hope the rest of America still remembers that.

I wouldn’t call Clay Aiken a huge star, but he’s carved out a pretty good niche for himself.