American Idol seems flawed to me.

Why do they have all these kids perfoming like lounge singers? I understand that we should be able to hear thier unprocessed voices, but these kids sound like they should be singing at the Mirage in Vegas or something. All these old Whitney houston tyoe songs and shit.

And why don’t they let different types of acts perform? Like rappers and people who play their own instruments?

Just seems really limiting the way it is set up. I don’t know alot of people under 20 years old who like the kind of music they sing on this show.

I, too, have wondered why they’re so insistent on singing, and butchering, the worst songs in history instead of something that people who buy their album would actually listen to.

I think on one of the shows last season one of the judges made a comment about how the singers don’t sing current songs because then they would be compared against current singers.

Also, this series is specifically designed for pop stars–not rock stars or rap stars (TNN is doing a country star version). The true demographic for this show is the pre-teen and young teen listener–Backstreet Boys fans and their slightly more sophisticated older siblings. The judges point this out all the time, for example, they may tell a contestant tht they have a great voice for Broadway or for jazz, but that’s not what they’re looking for. Some rap did show up a bit in the last series, and in the early rounds of this one–but only as part of a larger performance.