American troops?

What is the general thought in the States about having troops all over the world.
( I ask this out of curiosity not hate )


( I to learn from past mistakes )


Thor - it depends who you ask. A lot of people are pretty damn apathetic about it (“it doesn’t relate to me, so why should I care?”). Some people think the country should be out there solving all of the world’s problems. Some people think the country should solve its own problems first before it goes out policing the entire planet. Personally, I teeter on this one… the US started doing this a long time ago, mostly to fight the “horrible foe” of communism. Now, the country is stuck. If something’s going on, the world looks to the US to do something (or nothing). That’s something that comes with being the most powerful country in the world (trust me, I’m not bragging about that).

All over the world? I forogt about that Antarctic batallion.

We have troops in foreign lands because we have bases there. Further more, I don’t think we’ve set up shop in any country that hasn’t asked us to. But to Rock’s point, I think we do need to learn how to say no once in a while.

Exactly, Rock. The tradition of having teh US help out started after WWII, when everyone needed help protecting themselves from the “godless commie heathens” in the USSR. (Actually, they weren’t that well-equipped militarily, but I digress.)

And so now after 50 years, it’s become the standard practice. Personally, I’m for it - I’d rather have the US working to control problems (with armed force, if need be), than have them erupt into wars that hurt even more people.

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Because some pissant countries (need I name the one in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?) are incapable of defending themselves! -(You bring the worst out in me, Thor!)

I think Rock gave a preety accurate answer. Now how about some answers from you? Why do Iceland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, etc. tolerate the presence of American troops on their soil?

We are in those countries by invitation. All you need to do is ask us to leave. The Philipines asked, and we left. It sounds like your problem is with your government, not mine!

OK Thor, your other postings have pissed me off, but I’ll give you another chance and try to answer your question.

I can’t claim to speak for the entire populace, but it seems to me that most Americans don’t mind having troops here and there provided that 1) it is not costing us millions of tax dollars for an indefinate period of time and 2) no Americans get killed.

I believe #2 is the reason for the rather mediocre support of the Kosovars. Americans in general (IMHO) want to help these people, but they don’t want to lose their sons and daughters in the process. Can’t say as I blame them, but, if we don’t help, who will?

My personal opinion is that the rest of the world aught to be a damned sight more grateful for our help. Where else are you going to turn, folks?

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Let’s not forget that most of these bases were established after WWII, when having American troops means having American goods, American companies, and American money ($$$) come into your country.

You see guy’s.

My parents were communists in their time and made me march every year 50 km (along with 20000 other people) to the base and back. They did this to show in action that they were against US troops being here.

Then everybody calmed down and were ok with the situation.

But now I have my doupts. I don’t fell comfurtable being a citizen of a NATO country.
Not that I aprove of what Milosevic is doing but to punish his people so harshly for his crimes is a bit out of line.

Answer for the ever delightful Gregbear from the pisspot country in the Atlantic.

I’m sorry to get you so angry Gregbear, but it’s also a good thing to know what impact I can have on your psychic state.


sshhhhh. quiet. maybe he’ll go away.

Who’s Gregbear? Is it a play on words? Is your sense of humor as warped as your understanding of international politics and history?

sshhhhh. quiet. maybe he’ll go away.

You know Greabear, after we were invaded in the WWII, first by the brithish than Americans, people got frightend.

Who were they to stop them and argue about it.

When the Parlament agreed to join NATO they had the biggest riots in over 800 years on their hands. People stood outside throwing rocks and trying to break into the parlament.

But now everything has been quite for some time until the Jugoslavian airstrikes.

Who knows what time brings but I know this.
Two groups of people have suied our foreign minister on gronds of being among others the orginaiser of mass murders in Jugoslavia…

(I don’t agree on that )

Also thanks for the insults, their really funny :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Okay, honest question this time. I’m split. Most of the time I think, ‘okay, someone’s got to be the big guy and keep the little kids on the playground from killing each other’. But there comes a point where I start thinking 'screw ‘em; they don’t want my help, they won’t get my help’. There’s a lot of whining and crying about NATO and the UN and the US isn’t paying its fair share but as long as we’re putting out the manpower/firepower and the money to foot the bill for that manpower/firepower, payment would seem to be a little moot. Not to mention the fact that when there’s a natural disaster in some 3rd world nation (hey, that’s not a dis), the US is generally the country who gets their butt, their money, and their people over there to help. Whoops, that was a digression huh? Good honest question this time, Thor.

Carpe Diem!

Gotta agree with the BunnyGirl on this one. Money does kind of seem like a moot point when it’s the US’s men and women getting killed in the name of the UN or NATO. I think we need to find a better way to solve our differences. How about arm wrestling, winner takes all? Better yet, pro wrestling!

Good thought Rocky!


Seriously… doesn’t everyone remember watching ESPN2 at about 3am in college (drunk or sober and bored)? Wasn’t that Magnus ver Magnusson guy from Iceland? Well, if Iceland and the US ever have a tiff, let’s get Magnusson to 'rassle Stone Cold Steve Austin. Do it on neutral territory. Winner take all. Don King has to be kept out of the promoting though… it has to be on the level.

You want to go one on one with The Great One?

>>We are in those countries by invitation. All you need to do is ask us to leave. The Philipines asked, and we left. It sounds like your problem is with your government, not mine!<<

Then again, the people of the Philippines had been asking us to leave rather vehemently since shortly after we arrived in 1898. We left completely in 1992. You should probably amend your statement to read “all you have to do is ask (and shoot at us) for about a hundred years, and we’ll leave.”


So true Devilfish- It’s also very serios what happened in Japan!

Yeah Magnus you say. Goofball on steriods. Yeah a good choise, farvell musklekopf!!


Bob - Dex added a word to my vocabulary today. Let me share it with you: Estoppel! (look it up, I’d probably foul up the correct definition)

I’m not talking about 100 years ago when we grabbed the Philipines from Spain, or the following 50, when they were an American colony. Let’s talk about current US policy. Do you really believe that the USA would try to continue occupying any of these host countries by force if we were asked to leave?

Frankly, I think the Pentagon would jump at the chance to abandon some of these old garrisons. Some, like the one in Thor’s country, accomplish nothing but to add a source of revenue to the economy of an oft-times ungrateful host.

If Thor can manage a petition (in legable English) for the removal of US troops from Iceland I would be delighted to sign it.