Americans are unsure witch country to invade

:smack: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ;j

you better stay home where you can find MacDonalds and Kentucky fried chicken

I say we invade the Netherlands, since it floats, so it’s obviously a witch.

Lame. What they don’t show on that clip is the people that they interviewed who didn’t give stupid, ignorant answers.

You could go anywhere, shoot a couple hours of video, and edit it down into something like that.

Secret Proposals: Fighting Terror by Attacking … South America?

Thanks for the heads up Minotaurus.
I was not aware that Iran, North Korea and France were Island Nations. :wink:

Witch country? Are we going to be invading the Ramtops next? What did Lancre ever do to us?

Is Bush insane ?! The last thing he needs is a personal visit by Granny Weatherwax !

No, I think he means Salem. It’s time to go back and finish what Cotton Mather started. We can call it Crucible 2: Raising the Stakes.

Yeah, but it’s still fun :smiley:

But we never used stakes in Salem, just gallows (and one pit).

He can foresee the past! He’s a witch!

I know, but I couldn’t come up with a good pun for that.

I’ve never known you to be at a loss for gallows humor before.

Lame! The title must be Crucible 2: Electric Boogaloo.

I’m more interested in hearing about the retro caveman that dressed like a monkey.

It is heartening that in the course of pitting Americans for lack of intelligence, you not only manage to mis-spell your title, but you also seem to have lost any ability to punctuate your sentences.

[Hoping and praying that Gaudere’s Law has not struch again.]

Why, oh why did I type that bracketed sentence? The rest of the post was fine…

You shouldn’t have posted this follow up. Everyone would have assumed it was deliberate.

You didn’t need that hyphen in misspell. :dubious:

To be honest, I’m convinced you did it on purpose.

The scariest of the whole bunch, the least ignorant of the line-up, was the middle aged, square jawed guy who was content to turn the whole Middle East into a glass lined crater. That, I’m afraid, is the opinion of the great unwashed and is an opinion that can be whipped into public policy by any power hungry want-to-be with the right propaganda machine.