American's Chinese wife denied toursit visa from Shanghai embassy

Senor, do you by chance have the name of the officer that interviewed your wife?

I’d like to send them a thank you note.

Given your attitude and general stupidity, the embassy official that turned you down should get a medal. She probably feared being responsible for a herd of little senors running around the US.
The person I feel worst for is your wife. That poor woman now has a failed visa application in her record, probably including pithy remarks from the interviewer like “loon”, “racist”, and “asshole”.
If you can’t stop being a jerk for your own sake, at least try to show some consideration for your wife.



I’d advice everyone not to waste their time. It must be laundry day, because I have a hunch that several of the threads on page one have socks clinging to them.

BTW, senor lost me right here (underlines mine):

Would it be OK for him if it had been “fucking ‘slant-eyed yellow’ Muslim fanatic bastards”? :rolleyes:
(BTW China has millions of muslims, of various ethnicities)

I wish he would conduct the experiment of taking his posts, replacing all the references to America and the US Government and its agencies with references to the PRC, the Chinese Communist Party, Jiang Zenmin and whoever the latest new Great Leader is.

Senor: that you again, Clever Nifty Uekte?

Senor, you’re gonna have to do your homework before having a kid. You’ve got paperwork and hoops to jump through to get the child citizenship. Just so you know…

For the last time, you have to be rationale and hold your temper.

if you and your wife can wait a week I’ll be in China to pick up a pair of pandas you guys are more than welcome to ride back in the panda cage

Sounded to me like Senor was despising the fact that (as he thinks) his spawn will automatically be a citizen of the US. So this isn’t the case, maybe this will be good news to him. Instead of having an FBI “dossier” on his kid, he can have a Public Security Bureau file. If SenorSpawn gets caught up in some arbitrary “strike hard campaign” of the future, all he’ll have to worry about is not wetting his pants when he gets a bullet in the back of the head in front of the local train station.


To everyone, I am sorry about the two threads from last night. I was very drunk and yes, angry.


And exactly how is that an excuse for the racist crap you spewed?

If alcohol turns you into a rabid anti-semite and racist, maybe you should avoid drinking.

Gonna take a lot more than that to get me to retract my “Fuck You”, Senor.

Perhaps, Tito, it wasn’t the alcohol.

China is not the only place where spouses of American citizens are regularly denied tourist visas. It is very common in MANY countries in Latin American where it is not rare to find American citizens (some of Latin origin themselves) that marry people for the sole purpose of taking them to the US. It is a business for some. That seems not to be the OP’s case, but his case is not unique.

In the words of a local US consulate employee “marrying an American citizens does not give the spouse an automatic right to enter the US on a tourist visa”. Apparently the merits of the application is judged according to the foreign spouse’s capacity to fulfill the requirements by his/her own.

Please don’t take my word for it. I might be wrong. I have been once or twice. :slight_smile:

Absolutely true. Out of sheer pity for the OP’s wife, if not the OP, I’ll try to explain.

The consulate is looking at a couple of basic things here, with the very limited time that they have to adjudicate each application: a) are you two legitimately married? and b) even if you are, is she likely to comply with the terms of the B-2 visa category, i.e. is she going to leave the U.S. before her visa expires, or is she using the B-2 category to circumvent the much slower and messier procedures for a green card, even if she’s completely eligible for a green card?

If the two of you are traveling together, and if you’re young and mobile and don’t have much to tie you to China (kids, job, school, property, etc.) you are going to have a harder time getting a tourist visa. Anything you can show the Consulate as evidence of your wife’s ties to China will help her case. Pissing off the consular officials will NOT help your case, and consular officials have nearly unlimited discretion to deny visas on the basis of immigrant vs. nonimmigrant intent, so you REALLY don’t want to piss them off.

Eva Luna, Immigration Paralegal

In vino veritas. You’re a racist with anger issues. Get a grip, get a shrink, get a clue.

>> get a clue.

He really needs one because the US embassy is in Beijing; what the US has in Shanghai is a consulate.

Well said. I know I don’t go around talking about the International Jewish Conspiracy and/or watermelon eating negros when I drink. That’s because I’m, well, SANE.

Plus that is dueling with “my brother logged on as me” as the most used cliche when a jerk gets called out.

on the off chance that Senor has been adequately chastised, had a bad hair day, sobered up, found some rationality, left the bitchy whiny shit behind, what are you actually doing?

Your wife can probably get a visa provided you do things “correctly”, which does not mean simply following the visa instructions to the letter. that’ll get you nowhere fast as you already discovered.

Are you ready to admit you made a completely indefensible faux pas, apologize, and then rationally try to move forward?

Otherwise, thank Deng the hamsters had a heart attack since I was trying to post my mobile so you could call me for advice after reading your first post. Whew, dodged that bullet.