Americans! - Who do you make your perfect eggnog?

I’m Scandinavian, and I want to serve eggnog after christmas dinner this year. I believe none of our guests ever had it, neither have I.

Now I just need the recipe on how to make the perfect, American eggnog.

Brandy, rum and whisky are the typical liquors, according to the wiki article; I would prefer a good rum, but if that’d be un-American, I’ll settle for whisky.
(Oh, the title should read, “How”, not who.)

As far as the typical egg nog goes, I’ve never known anyone to be too particular about it. They all just buy some egg nog from the store and dump some rum into it. Unless you go to a liquor store and buy it with the stuff already in it. I haven’t heard of anyone actually making egg nog from scratch in years. Probably not the advice you were looking for, but it’s all I got.

Yeah its amazing how much stuff is like that here (been living in the states 5 years now). Have you tried getting actual pumpkins for pumpkin pie after Halloween ? (“why not just use the canned pie filling ?” sighs). And that’s for an American holiday staple, don’t get me started on how much hassle it was trying to find the ingredients for Christmas Pudding :slight_smile:

My folks are here for Crimbo and I was going to use this recipe (I can’t vouch for its authenticity I got it via Google):

Rum is a damn fine American liquor.

My eggnog recipe?

Did you see “The Big Bang Theory” last Monday? When the girl was pouring rum straight into a carton of store-bought eggnog? And she told her lactose-intolerant friend to not worry about drinking some, since it stopped having any nog in it a half-hour ago?

My recipe is like that, only I skip the nog part.

The best eggnog I’ve had, I used coconut rum (I think it was Malibu Rum.)


Don’t listen to anyone else in the thread who has been drinking commercial eggnog. Commercial eggnog is all crap and should be avoided at all costs. I have the worlds best eggnog recipie, but don’t have it with me since it is at home and I am not.

I will post later tonight.

Good Eats/Alton Brown is usually absolutely right about everything. I’d go with one of his recipes, mostly because it looked reallyreally good on tv. :smiley:

FWIW, several old recipes are available here.

Please do.

Thanks for answering, everone. Note that you can’t buy commercial eggnog where I live. I’ll look into the sites with recipes some of you posted, while waiting for NAF1138 to come back.

Martha Stwart’s recipe rocks
It is wonderful, but be advised unless you have a mob over, cut it in half, or even quarters. A little of this goes a real long way.

Now fair is fair, we gave you eggnog recipes, how about you cough up one for Glögg?

Who do I make the perfect eggnog?

I think small children make the best nog. Of course, it involves a long night with the food processor, but they have the tenderest bits, so they make the smoothest mixture… :wink:

Just kidding. HOW do I make the perfect eggnog? I confess that I purchase my eggnog, drink half a glass and call it a year. I actually LIKE the taste of eggnog; it’s just too rich (heavy, creamy, filling) for me to consume much of.

Shoot I forgot all about this thread. Let me go find my recipe.

I think this is a really great eggnog recipe. And although raw eggs from modern commercial farms are exceedingly unlikely to have salmonella contamination, with a cooked recipe you absolutely don’t have to worry about it.

I say that it’s worth the risk to use an uncooked recipe. But that’s me. You can also (apparently) buy pasteurized eggs in the shell that wont have any chance of salmonella.

My recipe:

Disclaimer, contains raw egg. Also, if you like commercial eggnog…this doesn’t take like commercial eggnog. It’s similar but different.

Ok you need:

8 eggs seperated
1/3 cup sugar
2 Tbs of the best quality vanilla extract or paste you can find
2 quarts Half & Half
1 pint whipping cream
nutmeg to taste. Fresh is best.
Beat 8 egg yolks until blended and add 1/3 cup of sugar. Stir in the 2 tablespoons vanilla. Then slowly mix in 2 quarts half and half. Set aside.

Whip 8 egg whites to stiff peaks and gently fold into the first mixture. Move to serving container.

Whip 1 pint whipping cream to soft peaks and again fold into the mixture that is in the container.

Add nutmeg to taste and let sit in a refrigerator for 3 DAYS. The waiting period is non negotiable.
To serve, stir and pour. Add bourbon to taste per glass, or serve without.

Very interesting. Thank you very much. (I don’t mind raw egg.)

A bottle of excellent Scotch

Now toss out everything except the Scotch. Add a touch of pristine water to release the aromas. Enjoy

Canned pumpkin is not “pie filling”: it’s just straight pumpkin. And it’s one of the few things that really does taste the same out of the can as it does if you make it yourself, as the steps for preparing pumpkin for pie are the same as preparing pumpkin for canning.

It is possible to get pumpkin pie filling (has all the spices and such), but it is also possible to get “100% pure pumpkin”.

I had real eggnog last night. The cook said the eggs were cooked enough to kill salmonella (I don’t remember the details). It was quite fluffy. Definitely different than store eggnog (more different than better IMHO)


“Who” is fine. Because American eggnog… is made out of people!

Glögg is bought bottled and just heated, some are quite good while other are awful.

For thoose who wich to make it themselves there are spicepacks than can be bought… just ad wine and heat slowly.

for making it yourself:

serve with sweet almonds and raisins (in the glögg) and pepparkaka.

Your local ikea should have most of theese things.