When is the last time you drank egg nog?

As a follow-up to “When is the last time you ate liver and onions?” and “When is the last time you ate creamed beef on toast (shit on a shingle)?” I present the holiday-themed “When is the last time you drank egg nog?”

So when is the last time you drank egg nog?

For me, it was when I was a kid. My mom bought some and made me try it. I didn’t like it. So, it’s been more than 10 years for me, with no desire to go round two anytime soon.

I said never, but I likely had a sip as a child and didn’t like it, otherwise I don’t understand my strong aversion to it now. It’s probably thick, isn’t it? I can’t stand any drink thicker than skim milk so that’s probably the issue.

Per my spouse, as soon as Thanksgiving dishes are cleared we go into full Christmas mode. Eggnog replaces creamer or milk in the morning coffee. Yeah, I know, FML.

I made a batch for Thanksgiving, I’ll make another for Christmas. That’s it for the year.

Somewhere around last Christmastime. I haven’t had it yet for the season, so within the last 12 months for me.

Last Christmas. I buy a quart every year. I plan to get some this weekend.

Last night, laced with brandy. We only get to indulge in egg nog when the good stuff from the local dairy hits the shelves, so we don’t waste time. Sometimes with a decent dark rum, sometimes with brandy, sometimes just straight from the carton, but always with a dusting of freshly-grated nutmeg.

Probably more than 10 years ago. I find it too rich (thick? sweet?) for my tastes.

I had an egg nog with brandy in it Monday night.

I make it as my dinner when I don’t feel like cooking and the husband is not home. It surely doesn’t have to be thick or sweet if you make it yourself. I use 2% milk and very little sugar, and if I want to kick it up I put in some cream and/or some brandy And yes, freshly-grated nutmeg. Lots of protein and yum.

Most eggnog in the store is too thinly flavored, thickened with guar gum and flavored with sugar, and not worth drinking. The local Whole Foods knockoff sells some eggnog in a glass bottle that’s flippin delicious. If I’m ever executed, I hope it’s by drinking myself to heart-attack with this stuff, which should take about five glasses.

A couple of Christmases ago, I made some for the work Holiday party. Hey, they had b ooze for the Thanksgiving day work party, so I was just continuing the theme. It was aged eggnog, I printed out the reference and everything – it seems, raw eggs, after a month in alcohol (not less time though!) will actually destroy any salmonella or their toxin. People were still scared, what with not trusting the reference, and not wanting to get hammered when they had to drive home, but they had to taste it.

Its not something I’d do every year 'though. It has to be a real party.

Otherwise, I’ll always have a half a cup of store bought, just to be festive, if its lying around.

I never thought to make it myself. I usually get it in its natural state: in a cardboard carton at the supermarket.

What do you think of this recipe? Uncooked, or cooked? (Cooking seems like a pain.)

Mistakenly drank some thinking it was milk when I was four. Got sick because I’m allergic to eggs. Understandably never drank it again.

I make cooked because the wife is on an immunosuppressant.

if you’ve ever made custard, it’s the same thing.

I used this recipe. Only change is I used 7 eggs total(5 whole+2yolks) rather than the 6.
it’s easier if you use a double-boiler.
ETA: This time also substituted a cup of cream for a cup of milk.

Yesterday, as a matter of fact. It was at the friary Christmas party.

I love it, but don’t have it often.

I don’t have it very often but I like it. I used to drink it in high school when I was working as manual labor all the time and had trouble keeping weight on. One medium sized carton was about 2000 calories IIRC and a whole lot cheaper than weight gain supplements plus it tasted better. The gourmet kind is just a bonus.

It’s been many, many years. I don’t really like it much.

I had a taste for it a few months ago and picked up a quart. I drank a cup, and the rest sat in the fridge. I think I threw it out. Hmm. Anyway, before that I hadn’t had any for a few years.