Egg nog is like catnip to me.

I can never decide what to do. Do I swallow and go for more? Or do I hold it in my mouth, letting it cover my taste buds for as long as possible?

I have been known to drink half of a punch bowl of it all by my one-zeeze. I will stick my tounge as far down the inside of my glass to get as much of it as posssible in my mouth.

Man, I like that stuff!

You too, eh?

I got five quarts about four days ago. Those are gone, and a gallon-and-a-half purchased the other day is already halfway done for. I feel compelled to drink a couple pints each day.

Good thing that the holidays don’t come but once a year…

Try putting a little Brandy in with it.
Even better tasting.

I’ve tried it with rum and with Brandy. I must say, t was better with Brandy. That chick is one buxom momma!

Ah, we’ve got brandy. That’s on the agenda for this evening…

I like Braum’s Eggnog. It’s very rich and just sweet enough. I mixed some with VSOP just now.

God does exist.

When I read the title I thought you meant it made you roll around on the ground purring.

I drank waaaay too much egg nog this past weekend. Bought 3 quarts, probably drank the equivalent of 2 of them by myself.

Okay, 2 and a half.

I’m thinking it’s probably the Official Drink of Heaven.

:hastily scrawls “eggnog” on the grocery list:

It’s hard to not drink an entire carton at once. That stuff doesn’t last long around here.

What is in it? We don’t have it here, I always thought its appeal was alcohol.

Without alcohol is it …egg milkshake?

My SO is hooked on the stuff, too. I don’t get it, I have never developed a taste for it (probably a good thing, isn’t it loaded with sugar?)

I’ve tried it in the past, but could never manage more than a sip.

Y’know, if anyone ever asked me to try “bubblegum flavored buttermilk” sight unseen, I’d probably tell 'em to get bent, or question their sanity.
But damn is that some good stuff.

It’s crossed my mind to try it as a creamer with coffee, but somehow that just feels like it’d be a waste of eggnog.

God, I HATE egg nog. The overpowering taste, the sickening thickness and nasty film it leaves in your mouth… ugh. It’s the soured milk from Satan’s own teat.

Basic ingredients: eggs, milk, cream, nutmeg, sugar. It’s a very thick drink, a serving is supposed to be about 4 ounces (maybe 8 ounces) and if you drink too much it will tear your tummy up. It is impossible to drink only 4 ounces, it’s just too good.

It’s still egg nog without alcohol. (I personally can’t fathom ruining it with a shot of nasty tasting booze, but apparently lots of people enjoy it.)

Yep, it’s egg milk shake. I shall yuletide without it.

Of course here christmas means fresh strawberries and cherries…and beaches (yes ok if it stops raining, grumble grumble)

By ‘tear your tummy up’ do you mean merely a, er, rapid processing of said egg nog, or does this shit cause ulcers? Because, you know, I drink a lot of egg nog…

The former.

Really? Ya think so? Will it have whipped cream on top? And a cherry? I’m gonna be such a good boy from now on!

Huh? Now I’m confused. I don’t even want to know from where the whipped cream is dispensed.

Do I need to be a saint or a sinner to guarantee an eternity of eggnog?

calm kiwi, it took me a minute to realize that Australians habitually forget to freeze their milkshakes like all decent folk do. No wonder eggnog sounds like milkshake to you: you drink melted milkshakes!

Actually, that sounds pretty good right about now.


How my uncle does egg nog: buy it in a paper carton and put the carton in the freezer. Once the egg nog is kind of frozen to a slushy consistency, fully open up the top of the paper carton (i.e., open it up the way your mom woulda killed you for doing to the milk) and spoon out/pour the egg nog into a cup. Top with some Jack Daniels et voila!

Actually, he might add the Jack Daniels before freezing the egg nog, which would seem to help it get all slushy and semi-solid instead of rock solid. I think he may also add some liquid egg nog to the cup if the frozen nog gets too solid.

Anyway, the frozen slushiness adds a new dimension to it and totally kicks ass.