America's Got Talent Season 9

I did a search, no thread yet. So here it is. We’re on week 2.

I really liked the 15 year old girl singer, and the two magician dudes who did the pseudoscience.

The family of 12 siblings who sing, while they were good, I didn’t think they were great. The little girl dancing was cute once.

The guy with the guitar was pretty good, the girls like him.

Those montaged magic acts were pretty stinky. And the guy with the eyepatch - Big Red X on that. Nobody wants to see your asscrack. Yes, he did a good job with the mechanics of the trick, but it was a slow-paced delivery not conducive to the 90 second window. And asscrack.

Oh, the lady with the aireal act and the animation, that was interesting. I am reminded of the shadow story group from last year, but she’s in front and hanging in the air. Pretty good, let’s keep it up.

I was less impressed by the stunt show guys. Yeah, the one guy doing the big jumps was impressive, the other three got mostly ignored by the cameras, and for good reason. Oh, and it’s not particularly original - there’s already a group that tours big arenas doing monster jumps like that. Plus, they’re a ministry. :rolleyes:

And once again I find Howard to be the voice of reason. The couple times he voted no on acts everyone else liked, I agreed with his reasoning.

Can you imagine having to sit through hours of auditions, hundreds of acts? Watching all the bad magicians, all the dance groups, all the people with a modicum of talent but not impressive enough to be worth a million dollars?

Wow, everybody’s given up on this show? No responses at all?

We’re now up to elimination week, where they review the acts in Vegas and then pick which ones to send to the live shows and which ones to send home.

Some acts were put through automatically, and we were shown video of each of the judges and Nick going to some contestant and telling them they made it. Howie pulled the “I have to tell you something, not everyone made it through to the live shows, and so I have to tell you that we won’t be seeing you in Vegas, because you’re going to Radio City Music Hall” schtick on one group. And he visited the card throwing kids and pulled all sorts of delaying strategies to keep them in suspense.

Then we got to contestant reviews and going through different categories, to narrow down the great from the good (and the occassional bad).

Two nights of show, still working through them. First night had lots of acts and a few results. Apparently they felt it interesting to tell one contestant out of each category their decision.

They did magicians. The Mad Jack guy (dressed in orange jumpsuit, bald mask) did a lady in the box, slided into bits, box pulled apart. He had some mechanical difficulties putting blades into the box and separating and reassembling the box parts, so it didn’t go smoothly. They decided to let him go immediately.

Two magicians that really annoyed me were the two supernatural guys.

The first one is the guy who says he has supernatural powers, “no gimmicks”. His act for this audition included making an empty water bottle suck in and a trick with a soda can. The can starts open and partially crumpled. He shakes the can, and it slowly pops out all the dents, then he carefully rubs his thumb over the top and the top is magically resealed. Then he opens the can and pours out soda to drink.

Okay, the judges may be impressed, but I’m not. The water bottle one had condensation and was using some sort of thermal change to compress the bottle. The soda one I’ve not only seen done on TV before, I went into my kitchen and replicated it myself.

But the other annoying guy is the guy with his “spirit advisor”. Desmond, my ass. What he did was a standard spirit writing gimmick that was performed by spiritualists in the 1800s. He gave Howie two “blank” chalkboard slates, put a piece of chalk between them and had Howie shake the boards, then think of a name and some numbers. Poof, separate the slates and the “spirit” has magically written the name on one slate, and a number grid on the other slate. The number grid adds each column and row to the number (23). And then he showed that the sum of the birth months of each of the judges is 23. Yeah. “Desmond”. :rolleyes:

I hate both of these guys, I hate their schtick.

Kid singers performed, and they put through automatically the 11 year old girl that sings soul. She’s a knockout. There’s a boy who sang some Michael Jackson who was pretty good, the Opera Singer girl, and the teenager who sang original folkish music. It’s hard to pick out bad singers from the group, they all did pretty good.

Strength acts had two people: The Mighty Atom Jr (80 year old guy who pulls cars with his teeth) and the really big guy who bends things and such. The Mighty Atom Junior pulled a pickup with the four hosts in it. And it took him a minute and some real effort, but he succeeded. The other guy began by tearing phone books in half, then took two skillets and rolled them at the same time. But his finale was wild. He had a stack of ice sheets suspended in a row, and he ran at them and slammed his shoulders through the stack. It made an awesome burst of ice all over the place, and he actually got a cut on the back of his scalp.

Adult singing groups performed. The family group had another song, wasn’t quite as impressive as their first audition. There were two groups doing original songs that seemed very similar, neither was extremely impressive. One guy’s drummer failed to show up and they called him and he wasn’t going to do it, so he had to scramble to find a drummer. They slid him till later and he managed to dig up someone who’d performed with him before. He sang Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home”, and was very good. And the drummer was like he had been with them all along. They put him through immediately.

Still watching to see more results.

So elimination night two is complete. Lots of results, I’ll mention the ones I have comments on.
First, I thought they were harsh on the male singers. I liked a couple of the ones they said had problems with nerves and whatnot. Then they put through the two young guys, Miguel and Jaycob. My problem, Jaycob wasn’t bad and I approve him through, but I wasn’t thrilled with Miguel’s performance. Mostly because it was a bad song choice, it had no real dynamic in volume or pitch, it bounced around basically in one octave. Almost three notes. I wanted it to go somewhere, but it didn’t. Maybe he’s got better song choice next time, but this didn’t impress me, and IMO wasn’t as good as a couple of the guys they sent packing.

The kid ballroom duo wasn’t as good as the two groups last season, and they didn’t make it through. The girl opera singer didn’t get through, either, and I’m not sure why.

For some inexplicable reason, they put through the rollerskate dancer guy. Why? There’s nothing there. I mean, he’s better at roller skating than I am, but his dance moves aren’t anything spectacular, he just spins and poses. I really don’t get that one.

The young hand balancer acrobat guy came out, last time he balanced on one finger in a bottle. This time he had a surprise up his sleeve, or I should say, in a bag. After he did a couple rounds of moves on the hand stands, he pulled out his suprise - a chihuahua, that came over and did tricks with him. He had the dog walk over the top of him while he did a sommersault, then walk up onto him and stay on top of him as he pulled a handstand, and the dog balanced on his feet. All the way up and back down smooth motion. It was neat, and he says he’s got more and bigger things to come. Kudos that he’s through.

Dustin’s Dojo was the comedy act spoofing martial arts. This time they had fruit hanging on poles that he busted with a staff, then for the finish was showing how to use focus to sense attackers, so he had his flunky stand facing the judges and was supposed to react by instinct, then came up behind him with nunchucks and swung at the guy’s head. And hit him, and “knocked him out”. I thought the last bit was hilarious, but I know they were foam chucks (I have a pair). My concern is that he’s pulled two rounds of the gag, but does he have more? When will he run out of material for the spoof? This feels like material for one 5 minute comedy gag or one SNL skit, not something that can run new shows for several weeks. He wasn’t put through, but also because I think both Heidi and MelB were put off by it.

Also, the two guys who spoofed “Ratchet” girls that Howard used his golden buzzer on were back, trying to do the same type send up to “church goers”. In theory, that’s ripe territory, but they didn’t have much. They had one comment about Mel B looking at the preacher and a slam against the folks there with a hangover from the previous night, and that’s about all the commentary they had. It was a real letdown from Ratchet, and that had been polarizing. So no joy for them.

Mudslinger the trained pig didn’t go through, thankfully. It wasn’t a great act to begin with, and this time he messed up.

Comedians, there was one guy who didn’t have any punchlines. He had observational humor that was all set ups, but his punchlines didn’t have any twist or odd observations. Like he was saying his 6 year old doesn’t wipe himself yet, and one day the kid is in the bathroom bent over waiting for daddy to wipe his ass, and dad get’s fed up and says, “Why can’t you do this?” And the kid says “Because it’s gross.” That’s the joke. :confused: They were kind in their dismissal, but he didn’t go through either.

For some reason, they didn’t show the two magicians I didn’t like. I hope that means they didn’t get through.

Okay, next week should be live shows.

I enjoy watching this show, but despite the rhetoric from the judges, I find that overall the talent seems to be reduced this year compared to last year. Last year I really enjoyed:

(1) KriStef Brothers
(2) Colins Key
(3) Innovative Force
(4) Forte
(5) Taylor Williamson
(6) Duo Resonance
(7) Catapult Entertainment; and,
(8) Kenichi Ebina

This year I like:

(1) Jasmine Flowers
(2) David & Leeman
(3) Blue Journey; and,
(4) Hart Dance Team.

Few of the acts seem to be as fun as last year. Maybe some acts will grow on me during the live shows. I hope so, because I do like the show.

I agree with you on the roller skater. What a waste of a spot.

I’m enjoying it.

I wish the karate guys had something better for their second chance. Their initial audition is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

That little girl with the big voice may be the one to take it all. Her performance came all out in front of the judges with no other audience. I think all the other singers were weaker without the audience in front of them. She performed like a pro.

I think the pseudo-science guys were hilarious too. The guy with the imaginary friend is also interesting.

Good acts this year, but it gets tougher as the competition goes on. I think these judges pass people through the first audition too easily. In that regard I miss Piers, he was more discriminating.

Yep, I’m still watching, though I find myself getting bored.

I asked that same question when there were a number of other acts more deserving. Something tells me that’s a Howie choice, and since I hate him as a judge, I hope that guy gets dumped immediately.

I think a lot of people are like me, not really trying to judge/guess the results until we get to the official competition shows.

Another comment, on the female singers, what was with that one woman’s hair? The left side was pulled and sticking out oddly, all disheveled like she’d gone through a windstorm or rubbed up against a wall or something. She’s there talking to Nick before going on stage, and I’m thinking “Do you say something, and risk offending her that that is on purpose, or ignore it and then her be embarrassed later at how bad her hair looked and nobody said anything?”

Last chance mirror check, anyone?

Although I had acts I like and dislike, there’s nothing too memorable, so I’ll comment on some of the acts Irishman brought up.

I liked them. They weren’t doing the same old same old cut a woman in half, levitation, making something disappear, or any of the same old acts we’ve seen 1,000,000 times before.

Wow, you sound like it’s taking it personally. As for the guy with Desmond, the judges and Nick had to be in on it.

I loved them all and thought they all deserved to go through.

Something I was wondering, do have have a certain number from each group that gets to go through, or can they choose the 45 acts any way they want?

Actually, Atom Jr. was something like 92. Very impressive. But if all he does is pull automobiles, I can see they let him go.
As for the second guy, there have been lots of strength acts like that for decades. Impressive, but not original. But I know, you can say that about a lot of acts.

I liked the first group to do an original song. The second one, not as much. I’m glad about the one group finding a new drummer. I wonder why the other one bailed.

Juan Carlos. Everybody but Howard voted him though. Howie is known for making bad decisions. I don’t know what Mel and Hedi were smoking though.

Thanks for starting this, Irishman. I was hoping to post something about AGT and just found this.

The comedian, Joe Matarese, was really disappointing for me. He was great in the audition. I was hoping that he’d have more good stuff. But wow, how does that happen? He shows up for another set with no jokes.

The other comedian that they showed from the auditions, Jodi Miller didn’t even get shown in the second round. I didn’t like her as much.

The other two magicians were probably Rogue (with the staple guns) and Smoothini with the pen up his nose. Smoothini made it. The list is here.

I noticed that Aerial Animation also made it. I didn’t notice her doing a second audition or being given a pass to the lives piece. I might have missed it.

I was also dismayed that Juan Carlos and Darik Santos made it. Both looked a little shocked themselves.

I like Mike Super, the guy with “Desmond”. I’ve seen him on youtube and he doesn’t do the Desmond bit as much. I can’t figure out how he did that trick.

The other magician who shows Howie holding up the 7 of hearts seems like an easy trick. He was holding the cards all the time, so he had control over what shows up. But Mike Super didn’t hold anything for any length of time. I can’t figure out how he did it. If Howie was in on it, how could he think it was a good act? There wouldn’t be any magic involved.

It was amazing to see people who did great in the auditions flub so badly in the second round. I’m wondering if some of the people who were put straight through will also flub in their next performance.

I really enjoyed the 92 year old with the penis song. They didn’t even show his second song, so I guess it was only the shock value that made the audition worth showing. That girl Rachel that did impressions that won the Howard Stern contest didn’t make it either, it looks like.

This is my first time watching AGT. I was really impressed with the auditions. But as I look at the line-up that shook out, I’m less impressed.

Well, the first competition show was tonight, and overall I was unimpressed. There were a few acts I enjoyed (like the hand balancing couple and the fan dancers) but overall I really don’t care if I see them again. :frowning:

I especially wasn’t blown away by the two final singers, but the judges gushed madly over both of them. So … was I just in a grumpy mood, maybe? Were you closer to ‘okay, I guess’ or ‘mind-blowingly stellar’ over them?

Oh, and the two guy magic act was the lamest thing I’ve seen. Do you believe the judges were really amazed by it or just playing along?

OK, for the short version, my rankings.

Baila Conmingo / Jasmine Flowers / Miguel Dakota - 8.5/10

Valo & Bobby / Julia Goodwin / Flight Crew Jump Rope - 8/10

David & Leeman / JD Anderson - 7.5/10

Emily West / Dan Naturman - 7/10

The Willis Clan - 6.5/10

Shawn & Luke - 5/10

Long version.

Shawn & Luke (tap dancers) - Good effort it didn’t work for me. Agreed with Howard, it needed something more.

Valo & Bobby (strength acrobatics) - It was awesome, I just wish they had the time to do more than the one routine.

Julia Goodwin (16 yo singer) - Guess I’m the only one who really liked her performance.

Bailo Conmingo (salsa dancers) - Nice synchronicity, especially for the number dancers out there.

David & Leeman (magicians) - Looked like he picked the eighth piece of shred instead of the seventh. Anyway, it was a great trick, but like Howard said, there was a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

The Willis Clan (family singers) - I am Mr. Goody Two-shoes, and I thought they were, for lack of a better term, too wholesome. Howie was right on the money saying they belong in Branson. I bet they’d make a killing there.

Flight Crew Jump Rope - I was expecting something more exciting, but they did a good job.

Jasmine Flowers (dancers) - The flashing lights were too much, other than that it was a very good act.

Emily West (singer) - I guess I don’t know talent, because she didn’t wow me like she did the judges or the audience.

JD Anderson (strong man) - Didn’t wow me much either.

Dan Naturman (comedian) - The jokes were OK. His voice though… Accent? Jon Lovitz impersonation? Whatever, didn’t work for me.

This week, we had some entertaining acts, but I don’t think they’ll go through just because they were entertaining. My impressions:

Sean & Luke: good dancers, but it’s a tap dance routine. I have to agree with Howard, it just isn’t enough.

Valo & Bobby: I’m continually impressed with the rigs he’s carrying on his head. I liked that they tried two different stunts, which required two different rigs. I do wonder if at some point that’s going to get old.

Julia Goodwin: She looked amazing, and the staging and set were good. It was a decent song but an odd style for that song. I think her voice was great, but the song style didn’t work for me.

Baila Conmigo: Fancy footwork, thoroughly impressive how fast everyone was moving. Even the kids were getting all the steps. Big show, filled the stage, high energy and fun to watch. The crowd in the audience loved it. And they opened with the girl flipping the guy. But I don’t know that I’d go to see their act.

David and Leeman: Good act, personable duo. I think Howard had a good point, it could easily get too busy and long and lose the audience. I ended up watching it through a couple times to double check things I was seeing, and the buzzer thing was an annoying interruption, but they played through it. It was somewhat reminiscent of Collins Key from last season, with the book trick. I do have to say that, knowing what to look for, the force was obvious, but the judges were clueless and missed it. But I want them to go through.

The Willis Clan: Nice enough family, song was okay. I kinda feel Howard’s vibe, this was missing something. The harmonies weren’t very strong IMO, I could mostly hear the lead vocals. And I, personally, could do without the little ones, but they want to involve them somehow.

Flight Crew Jump Rope: Entertaining, good use of music, never seen jumprope on trampolines before. Very good.

Jasmine Flowers: I liked that they mixed it up with a lot of elements beyond just the fans. They really stepped it up for the live shows. My one complaint is the strobe lights detracted from that spot. Flashy and fun.

Emily West: Looked stunning. That song is a bitch and a half, and she did pretty well. I don’t think I’d gush quite as much as the judges did, but I thought it was a solid performance.

JD Anderson: I’ve got to give him credit, he upped his game by scripting that segment into a show instead of just being some random acts. He did have problems with the the concrete blocks, and almost knocked himself silly - you see him stagger backwards. The problem with breaking acts when they don’t go as planned, you’ve got to keep moving. He repeated the ice blocks, but Howard had it right, that deserved to be seen by a live audience. It was exciting and dangerous.

Dan Naturman: He’s pretty funny. I loved the IKEA bit and the ads for medicines bit.

Miguel Dakota: I’m just not impressed. The band was good, and he sounded better in the up tempo part, but it wasn’t spectacular.
I’d probably vote for Valo & Bobby, David and Leeman, Flight Crew Jump Rope, Emily West, and Dan Naturman as my top 5.

I’d put Sean & Luke and the Willis Clan as my bottom 2.

You mean the spiritualist act from the 1890s that Houdini was busting people for using claiming to be mediums and communicate with the dead? Spirit writing was one of their gimmicks. And it wouldn’t make any sense for the judges to be in on it, there wasn’t any audience but the judges, if they were in on it, there wouldn’t be anyone to judge the act. Maybe Nick was in on it, but most likely he used some kind of force to drive the numbers and name.

Good question. I don’t know if there are rules anywhere to look up. I imagine they have a lot of leeway, but feel an obligation to pick one or two of each category. I mean, they could put through all the kid singers and then drop, what, the male vocalist category?

Thanks for the list. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant they didn’t seem to show Mike Super (Desmond) and the other guy during the results annoucements, unless I missed them. Seems that Mike made it through but the other guy didn’t. At least I get one.

They didn’t show everyone that got in to the live shows directly, or the acts that weren’t invited back.

He would need to use some kind of force to guide the name and number selection. He had to have picked the numbers ahead of time for the birthdate gag to work. The slates are a simple gimmick with a loose slate that he holds in place to show the blank sides, then it falls onto the other panel and reveals the prepped writing inside.

Yes, his musical ability wasn’t anything at all. It was a funny gag once with the shock value, and yes, that song is a real hoot. But that wouldn’t make a headline show.

No, I think they were seriously impressed. They don’t seem to know much about magic, which makes them an easy audience for a skilled magician, but if they don’t like your act then it really says something. I thought the force was a little ham-handed, but they didn’t get called on it. Howie not being able to read or follow instructions didn’t help.

My rankings.

(1) Flight Crew Jump Rope. Good, the best of the night, but I they’re lucky they were with that group because against another group of acts they might have been going home.
(2) Jasmine Flowers. Good, but I agree with the judges. I may love it, but it isn’t for everybody. The strobe light burnt my eyes out.
(3) Dan Naturman. I realized I’ve heard him on XM radio. He definitely can be funny although last night wasn’t amazing.
(4) David & Leeman. Supremely lucky to be in that group. The lead up was slow and uninteresting, and they (well Howie… longest word “many”) blew the trick.
(5) JD Anderson. Failed one trick and arguably two.
(6) Miguel Dakota / Willis Clan - Okay. Miguel will get the girl vote so he’ll get through this time.
(7) and the rest were not good enough to even warrant a ranking.

The comedian took the show last night. Great performance, but helped by appearing late amid some weak performers. The judges had it right a lot of times. Jasmine Flower is good, but they may not have broad appeal. And while they are pleasant to watch, they aren’t astounding either. The balancing act that opened the show is impressive, but I’m wondering how they can keep raising the bar as the competition continues. I wasn’t impressed with any of the singers, all good in a sense, but not the kind of stand-out performances needed to take the big prize. Why the strongman is still on the show is a mystery to me.

Only two of my top five, well actually six, picks made it through: Baila Conmigo and Miguel Dakota.

For the rest…

I was sad that Jasmine Flowers went home, but I guess I understand. The strobe lights hurt them, and they didn’t grow much from their audition. I still wanted them to go through, but I understand why the rest of American didn’t.

I wanted Valo and Bobby to go through, but I’m guessing they were seen as too limited and repetitive.

Julia Goodwin. I liked her performance, the judges were critical and I guess the rest of America was too.

Flight Crew Jump Rope. They didn’t live up to my expectations the second time, but I thought they did pretty good anyway. I liked them a lot better than David & Leeman who did go through.

I was very disappointed that Flight Crew didn’t make it through. They were my favorite act from last week. I wasn’t that impressed with Baila Conmigo. Personal taste I guess.

I like David and Leeman, so I’m glad they got another shot. I hope they execute better next time.

I’m very glad Naturaman got through.

No surprise that Miguel got through on charisma.

Looking forward to next week when Juan Carlos gets eliminated (he will get eliminated right???)

I was surprised (but pleased) that the Willis clan didn’t make it.

I don’t know if it means anything, but previous years they’ve always made a big point that the judges were picking between the next highest two point getters (say, #6 and #7) in the audience voting, but never said it this time. It made me go Hmmm? anyway.

And, yeah, all three of the only acts I really enjoyed didn’t make it. America Has No Taste.

I noticed that too. I’m hoping they didn’t do away with that.