America's Got Talent - spoilers

Any one watch? Only one cute kids act so far, so that’s good.

Why the judges hate for the “Hot, Hot, Hot” guy? Granted he wasn’t going anywhere, but I’ve never seen an act get buzzed that quick - he wasn’t cringingly awful.

I sinecerly believe that Howie would have hurt the opening act guy if he’d been armed.

Too early to pick favorites, but I didn’t disagree with any acts put through (other than the little kids), and none of the failures seemed worthy (although I guess they probably don’t show borderline cases - just good, bad, and ‘kind of good with a compelling story’.

There was one act I could not believe Sharon and Pierce put thru (and it was not the opening which I though was pretty funny with Howie).

My main pet peeve with the show is the same as previous years, too much sob stories, I want to see if the contestants have any talent as per the name of the program, I do NOT want to hear about how hard of a life they may have had.

Thank God for PVR’s and fast-forward.

Yeah, using my DVR, the 2 hour show only took me about 35 - 40 minutes to watch. I don’t watch any of the background story and of course none of the commercials. The only thing I watch is the act, and if the act was any good, maybe some of the judges comments.


I turned it off after they went bananas for a damn parrot that frankly is as amazing as about a dozen parrots I’ve known in my life.

I don’t know why they had to spend so much time showing crap like that Indian dancing guy.

The rapping 6 year olds were terrible, they only went through because they were cute. They’ll be cut during the next round.

I liked the last act with the light up outfits, that was cool. Nothing else really seemed that memorable.

Yeah, I don’t know why Piers was so impressed that the parrot knew the chicken sound. Clearly she trained it to respond to the sound of clucking by saying “chicken.” A neat trick, but nothing to do with intelligence or all that special. My dog barks when I say “speak.” Big whoop.

Thought it was your basic run of audition shows.

Only thing that really made me mad was how much everyone (especially Pierce) fawned over the light dancing people at the end. All they are is a worse (and now less original) version of last years “Defying Gravity”. Calling it the most electric (or whatever adjective he used) audition he’s ever seen? Really? Defying Gravity was better and had more WOW, also the guys who used the lightning last year were worlds better.

I found it laughable that Howie got all bent out of shape be the juggler messing with him; if I recall, Howie used to pour water down the front of his unsuspecting volunteer’s pants when he was doing stand-up.

Nobody special in this episode - but interesting that the ratings were higher for AGT than the NBA finals game.

I really wish this, and all shows, would kill the sob story backgrounds! I seriously don’t care if your family was eaten by wolves, 38 natural disasters happened in your backyard and you only have one toe…just get on with it. Geez, if you can’t sing then who cares - and if you can sing, well good! Lots of talented people come from sad tragic backgrounds, but lots of talented people had fairly normal lives and, I hate to be the first to tell ya this, but often grandmothers and grandfathers die.

The new schtick between Howie and Piers is going to get tired really quickly…stop acting like brats or I am going to turn this car around!

I thought it was great. I also could tell which acts would bomb. A lot of them had me looking away from the screen. How could some of those people actually believe they had what it took to go on to the next round?

And some people seemed doomed because I don’t see how they can top their last performance. Take the unicycle juggling guy that pissed off Howie. I liked what he did, but how can he take it up a notch next time, and the time after that?

It’s because without the sob story half of the people wouldn’t garner votes. To take last year into effect the girls who both had cerebal palsy (I believe) but could sing reasonably well got into the top 10, a spot they shouldn’t have been in since they weren’t anything special outside of their story.

AGT knows this and will shove the “mommy or daddy died/we are all homeless/my small business failed and this is all I have” stories down our throats so we vote

Ok, but why can’t they wait to show the sob stories until at least the first round in Vegas? Showing background stories of acts when they’re just auditioning doesn’t make any sense. Even if what you say is true, by the time the top 10 rolls around, who will even remember the stories that were shown this far back?

My gigantic complaint about AGT is the same as always: Why, WHY, WHY do they always believe that the viewers are more interested in reaction shots of the judges, reaction shots of random audience members, reaction shots (and lame, lame, lame antics) of that dreadful host, than in actually seeing the acts?

Migod, it makes it so painful to watch. They waste 30 to 60 seconds or so showing the act introducing him/her/themselve(s) (“Do you think you can win AGT?” Crap, what do you expect anyone to answer that with? “Of course not, I just like wasting America’s time!”). Then they show 1.5 seconds of the act, then 3 seconds of Pierce making a face, then a full 2 seconds of the act, then five seconds of that lame-ass host making faces, then 1 second of the act, then 4 seconds of some random audience member laughing . . . God in heaven I just want to slap the producers and scream, “Let me see the damned act, will you?!?!? The show is called ‘America’s Got Talent’, not ‘Look at the mugging judges’!”

Another freaking bird act gets through?

But it’s nice to know that Sharon thinks Piers is a dick, also (although I guess you need someone inclined to not let anyone through to balance Howie’s love of the inane/insane).

To me the Piers/Howie “war” is a detractor. It seems fake and pointless.

I liked the technique of the silhouette dance but will it seem fresh next time we see it?

Sure Tanner (6yo dancer from Texas) did a great job, but it really isn’t a million dollar act. I wish more people would be told “you’re clearly quite talented, but you should keep practicing and stay a kid. no need to rush this. Come back in a few years.”

The judges were acting astonished at the very existence of the high diving guy, as if they’d never e’ver heard of such a thing. Wasn’t that type of dive a staple of circuses and midways? I’m not trying to take away from this guy, I know they aren’t a dime a dozen, and he did it well.

I liked the cowboy skills folks. How she could shoot those balloons after spinning so long is absolutely beyond me.

as soon as they told us that singer’s fiance had died in a crash I knew she was going through. I think she was a better singer than some of the people who’ve skated through on their sob stories, but not an off the charts amazing singer.

Oh, and that Russian bar deal? I thought that really was fantastic.

I’m totally blanking, which one was that again?
As for the bird act, I thought that: 1, it was better than last week’s, and 2, it’s not a million dollar act.

I loved that woman who did impressions. She was great. I could see her being a Vegas act.

As for Piers, I don’t know how much is an act and how much is real, but he seems more like an arrogant little prick than he has before. I’m positive some of it is real, but if the rest is an act, then it is not amusing.

I don’t think it’s an act at all, I think Piers really cannot stand Howie. I do not get any undertone of “just joshing!” at all.

I liked her too, very memorable and different. Women don’t do impressions very much and her Kathy Griffin was truly outstanding. Excellent!

I just hope she has a bunch more impressions up her sleeve.

The Russian bar was the woman on the springy bar held up by the two guys, who tossed her as she did flips. Very amazing - but the judges were saying that they’d never seen anything like it - I’m pretty sure that there was a similar act within the last couple of seasons?

:smack: I was thinking bar as in a place to drink alcohol. I was like, there’s no act like that. :smack:

Anyway, I don’t remember if there was a similar act before. This is only the second season that I’ve been watching.

I absolutely think Piers and Howie disagree about what should go through. What bothers me is the “I’m going to vote yes just to piss him off” and herding the Vanilla Ice dancing dwarfs into his dressing room nonsense. That’s also what seems contrived to me.

The kinetic contraption thing was amazing to watch, but I wouldn’t buy a ticket for a Vegas show of that. I’d love to see him at the state fair though. “Next show at 3:00” I wish instead of one $1 Million prize the purpose of the show was to connect these folks with the right venues. I assume agents watch and contact some of these folks.

I have a hard time saying anything negative about any of them because they’ve taken a chance which is more than I’ve ever done. But Gasmask? I have to believe that before he went and waited on that line he tested that act out. Why wouldn’t anyone who saw it tell him America’s not ready for his level of genius or something?

Of the two parrot acts I preferred the second one, but really two is enough.

Was it just me or did the illuminated outfits act seem heavily edited for television?
Instead of showing the act from beginning to end it seemed like they chopped it up interspersed with random judge and audience reaction shots.