"America's Sweethearts" ad question

OK, totally lame movie. But a chance to see Julia Roberts AND Catherine Zeta-Jones? I couldn’t pass it up.

Anyway, in the TV ad campaign, there is a shot of Julia Roberts and John Cusak riding in the back seat of a car, laughing. I do not remember that scene anywhere in the movie. Did I fall asleep at some point, or was it cut out?

– Beruang


“Back in 5 – Godot”

I don’t believe it was in the film, but it’s not unusual for an ad to use deleted scenes. You get some use out of them that way.

The same thing happened with The X-Files: Fight the Future. There’s a scene in the trailer where Mulder is running down the middle a city street at night, as though he’s being chased by someone. I think the scene was supposed to happen just after the Well-Manicured Man blows himself up. Anyway, that scene does not appear in the movie.

I had another example, but it eludes me.

The one that came to my mind was from Spice World. Yes, I saw that terrible movie. My girlfriend loved the Spice Girls at the time.

The commercials showed a scene where one asked whether her skirt was too short, and when the others said no she pulled it up further. This scene never actually appeared in the movie. So I would agree with AudreyK and BobT that they use cut scene sometimes.

Trailers have to be put together and distributed months in advance of a movie’s release, and between the time it gets sent out, and release day, anything can happen. A director may attempt to tighten the movie based on audience feedback, and add new scenes or delete or shorten others.

So it may not be an intentional use of deleted scenes to get some use out of them. It may be inadvertant.

Same thing happened in Thirteen Days. I remember after looking through the DVD’s deleted scenes and watching the trailer again that there was a deleted scene in the trailer.

BTW great movie if you haven’t seen it (and box office numbers would indicate a lot of people didn’t :))

Oh that’s nothing. I know one guy who’s shooting a trailer now, and he hasn’t even started on the film itself.

I rented Monkeybone (shut up :slight_smile: ) on DVD and watched the trailer, it shows the main character almost die- in a totally different manner than in the actual movie. I chalked it up to what people here have said, the trailer probably came out before the movie was in post production.

I know someone who used to produce movie trailers (they apparently are usually done by completely different teams from the actual movie). She worked on a trailer for Saving Private Ryan, and said that Spielberg wouldn’t release any actual footage from the movie, even for the people making the trailer, so they had to make most things up from stills and shots they fabricated on their own. Weird. Before hearing this, I hadn’t noticed the fact that the trailer is lacking in live-action shots, and is mostly pans, zooms, and compositing of still shots.

Given this, it’s not surprising that other trailers wouldn’t necessarily match the movies exactly.