America's Worst Tattoos

Oh man, this is hilarious. America’s Worst Tattoos is a new show on TLC that profiles people who are sick and tired of tattoos they got. Some of them are just poorly executed tattoos, and some have unbelievable content, but the people just want them gone. So tattoo artist do a cover up or transformation.

But the highlight is the stories from the tattoo subjects:

“My advice is never go to a trailer park to get a tattoo.”

“If you go into a tattoo shop, don’t fall asleep.”

“I just wanted a guy version of the Playboy Bunny. That rabbit looks like it is on drugs.”

Oh man, I can’t stop laughing… :smiley:

It’s Cake Wrecks, only in human form! I wonder if I could get away with watching this without my family finding out?

I’ve seen one episode and it was kind of neat to see how much of an emotional burden was lifted by having the bad tattoos covered.

Oh man do I love this show!

I’ve learned so many valuable life lessons:

Don’t get a tattoo from a guy you refuse to bang.
If you’ve gotten three tattoos and over time you’ve hated all three, probably a good idea not to get a fourth.