Really bad tattoos.

There HAD to be alcohol/drugs involved in the decisions to get these tattoos.

Yeah. It seems like they’re trying to get laughed at.

I think the creepiest was the one of Maddox Jolie-Pitt. I’d be really disturbed if someone got a tattoo of my kid on his arm like that.

Holy crap, that’s some funny shit. The best is the last one on the third page, Mr. Cool Ice. Points for picking a theme and running with it, I guess. I like the guy in the back, who’s getting a tattoo, and clearly having second thoughts after realizing what a douche Mr. Cool Ice looks like. One of the posts from that page provided this link. Guy’s got a whole documentary about him! In German, naturally enough. Love to get an English transcript of that.

Anyway, here’s more fun with bad tattoos.

Obligatory link to SA’s Horrible Tattoo Fashion SWAT.

Damn you, Miller! :smiley:

Oh wrong damn url anyways.

Ok, a guy gets his penis made up like Puff the Magic Dragon, and you pick that one as the creepiest??

Oh, no doubt. Dragon Dick’s tat is certainly squirmworthy, but there’s no indication that he has any designs (so to speak) on someone else’s john thomas. Getting a tattoo of someone else’s kid? Seriously creepy stalker territory, there.

Holy shit, the first tattoo on the second page is the same as the one I have on my left arm! :eek:

I knew it wasn’t an original design when I got it, but I never expected to see it on a “bad tattoos” web page!

At least yours looks like a wolf.

If you look closely, the one on the woman’s forehead is fake. You can see the edge of the clear plastic under about a half inch under the lettering.

No, that tattoo isn’t fake, that woman made the news, and it showed pictures of her right after she got the tattoo, with the redness and swelling still prevalent. I remember, because I thought it was a very bad decision.

Yours is actually done WELL, though.

At least yours appears to be suckling a breast… hehe… kidding yours is much better then that crap on the other site.

I saw that and thought that too at first but I think thats just from the stencile that was applied and then removed… left a red line like a bandaid

Yeah, but at least yours is done with some skill. The wolf in the first one is seriously crappy art.

Whoever wrote that seems to not understand that the cheeseburger tattoo is supposed to mean “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” a Jimmy Buffett song. Whether or not this is a concept worthy of a tattoo is beside the point, it is symbolic of something.

Does anybody else think the “brain on drugs” guy looked as if he was wearing some kind of fake scalp?

The tattooed johnson boggles my mind. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must be to get testicles tattooed.