AmInds Named Human Vulva Shapes After Animals?

This is my first new thread, but from lurking here I’m sure it’s not out of line. Anyway, I emailed this question to Cecil in January, and a staffer replied suggesting I try here on the message boards.

About 10 years ago, I heard a guest on a radio talk show describe how his native American tribe had customary animal names for the various “shapes” of human vulvas. He implied that there were specific categories of shapes of the labia and that his tribe had established these and assigned animal names like “bear,” “doe,” “rabbit,” etc.

(Sorry, no semiaquatic tree-chewing rodents were mentioned.)

It was intrigueing and entertaining - it’s easy to imagine bored and lonely braves spending too much time alone in the woods. And as a casual consumer of porn, well, I can understand how one might see patterns in the shapes of dangly bits.

As a usenet veteran, I’ve come across mention of all kinds of cultural obscurities and have always been able to find some corroboration of them on the internet, but this one has always eluded me. Every couple of years or so, it will surface from my subconscious, and I try and research it with no success. I wrote it off as just another radio talk show nutcase’s ramblings…

Now, this March, I hear from a friend that HBO’s sex documentary series (I don’t watch it - I don’t have cable) had a segment based the identical concept. Heck, it could have been the same guy for all I know.

So - my General Question is: Is this guy for real? Has anyone else heard of this Native American cultural quirk?

And if you care to pass along anything you might recall from the HBO program, I’ll be grateful for that as well.

I’ve never heard of this particular quirk among the American Indians. There is one Eastern Woodland myth about women having a contest over who had the most beautiful pubic hair, though.

Certainly other people have come up with names for vulvae based upon animals (and other things). Have a look at The Perfumed Garden of the Sheikh Nefzawi, a classic Arabic erotic work (there are several translations, including one done by Sir Richard Burton for the Kama Shastra Society over 100 years ago. That’s the one I Have). There’s a huge list that takes an entire chapter. So I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the AmerInds did the same thing.

I recall three catagories based upon size in the Kama Sutra, with three complementary categories for males. There were warnings about incompatible combinations, and each class had an “animal” designation.

I believe we are dealing with someone who did not differentiate between “Injah” Indians and “Whoo-Whoo” Indians (to borrow a turn of phrase from Eric Idle in the Cochise Goes to Oxford sketch on an old Saturday Night Live.)