Sex,myths, and legends..what have you found?

I am just wondering what you folks take on certain preclusions to sex that you can either account for or disprove.

Example…one time I heard from a friend who stated that Asian women were bad lovers because they were painfully shy in bed. I can safely say I disproved it by bedding a cute Asian girl named Yoshi (serious!) one time and engaging in what must had been the meanest, gnarliest session of hot monkey love I have ever been fortunate to have been in. Hell it was not monkey love, more like gorilla sex. This girl, though quiet in the public eye was a tigress and I still have a good fingernail scrape scar on my shoulder as proof.

So there you have it. So what stories do you have? Can you discount or say matter of factly that all black men have big …uh attributes? Italians make the best lovers? Jewish women are umm…loose cannons? The G spot exists or does not? Had a orgasm by not having sex only connecting it with someone blowing in your ear (ex girlfriend said she had one this way once) Kiss and tell!

Well, from my experience the Asian women who are recent immigrants from Japan, and Taiwan (can’t speak on any others) were very inhibited, and fit the “shy” stereotype likely from a subsurviant status in their home country. American born asians however feel like they have to prove something and swing the other way. Basically all the asian girls I’ve been aquainted with have issues with sex of one kind of another, none were healthy.

Redheads are firey and animals in bed, it makes my eyes roll back just remembering it. She broke my heart too :(.

The rumor about black men has only applied to the flaccid state. In locker rooms they hung lower, but from all the porn I’ve seen, from some girls who kissed and told, and some honest frat brothers, erect they are just average. And this is a tough pill considering the women expect so much. I’m thankful that I stack up well after hearing some women talk.

Italians are fucking hairy, men and women!

G-spot is a tricky one. I’ve found it on 2 girls (their first time anyone had) and it lived up to its advertisement. All the rest of the girls don’t seem to have one, and we’ve looked.

Had a girl orgasm from a good nipple job. She loved to have them pinched and biten lightly and that’d send her over the edge.

Jewish girls have been loose, but fairly inhibited. Go figure.

The size of a mans hands do seem to be a good indicator of penis size. According to my female roommates., and ex’s.

All women perfer thongs once they get used to wearing them regularly :D.

Once they go black, they definately come back!

A few people have mentioned the various penis size theories [big hands, big feet, race, etc…] and from my extensive research [okay, not extensive at all but it sounded good] I would be inclined to say there is no indicator what size someone’s penis is.

Not that it matters though… because sometimes guys who are more than well-endowed lack in other departments… and makes their size really irrelevant.

…and I’ve noticed that men who have inferiority complexes are MUCH better lovers… so I’ll take an inferior man any day. :o

My fiancee is Asian (Korean), and yes, she is shy about sexual matters. She is divorced and I am only her second lover. Unfortunately, her ex was a selfish (boom, boom, boom, then finished) man who did not cherish her, treat her with tenderness, or encourage her to develop her sexuality.

So, I have gotten to play “teacher.” She is a complex mixture of shyness, playfullness, and and willingness to please and be pleased. I enjoy our physical relationship much more than the all out monkey-sex that my former girlfriend (Evil Incarnate) and I had.

The G spot exists, mine was found once, but never again…sob…

I once orgasmed by having my toes sucked, it was the first time, and he was very good.Strangely enough, he was a virgin…for a while :slight_smile:

I can find no outward sign of a mans size, but I can tell volumes about how the shag by the way they walk.

Most of this research is 10+ years old, and my not be applicable anymore.

There is an old book, the Genuiss [sp] Book of World Sexual Records.

Never read it, couldn’t figure out if it would be true or not.

My few years of researching the myth of the female orgasm has led me to believe some girls do have the not-so-easy-to-find g-spot and some girls do not. It is my opinion/experience that only the girls that do have this magical spot can experience the highly coveted orgasm.

–Don ‘always lookin for the g’ Juan

what do you mean, jewish women are loose cannons? i havent heard that term before…

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Donj, if you think that women without G-spots don’t have orgasms, you need to, well, shall we say, practice some more. I’ve heard the G-spot stories, and even tried really hard to find out if I have one. Near as I can tell, I don’t. Orgasm, though, has never been a problem. :slight_smile:

I’ve found:

Jewish men are very active lovers.

Men that are well endowed generally think that size matters…and nothing else does.

Bald(ing) men are better lovers. (This goes along with OfficeGirl’s inferiority complex thing…for some reason, bald(ing) men think they’re inferior)

Powerful men like to be masochistic in the off hours.

handy wrote:

This being the electronic age, handy, I suggest you type “World Sexual Records” into a search engine. You’d be surprised on what you turn up.

The way a person kisses me tells me how they will be in bed. My “hotness” indicator has never been wrong. If they can’t turn me on with a kiss then they can’t turn me on in the sack.

Size or even having a penis doesn’t mean shit. Sorry to be so blunt but I know men worry about that one; however, women do not. Take that anyway you’d like :wink:

People who try to “impress” me into bed with them because they are: rich, powerful, have connections or some such never, EVER succeed. Clothing on or off I don’t give a rat’s ass!

If you can’t bother to take a shower I can’t bother to take you to bed.

I can have an orgasm just by working on my writing and pressing my thighs together; I’ve done it when other people have been in the room and they never knew. My panties are almost constantly wet while I’m working! Not a bad thing :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Every single part of the human body is a potential erogenous zone… it depends on the person, the mood, and how you go about it.

Sex is good, normal and wonderful. There isn’t a damn thing shameful about it unless it involves children, animals or unwanted force.

Hey, am I getting off the topic here or just getting off? Okay, well my post is probably in the category of “I’m sorry I asked” or “Thanks for caring but fuck you for sharing!” or “that’s more than I, or anyone else wanted to know”. Thanks for reading… gonna go take a cold shower or sometnslkdn slskds arg! trying to type with one hand just sucks!


hmmm, some people can be so open.

It’s not fair.

Women have all kinds of erogenos zones; toes, ears, neck, nipples…well I’m not gonna name "em all.

Even if I knew them all.

How many zones do the guys have?


yeah, okay, it’s a good one, but still…

The opposite of courage is not cowardice, but conformity

sorry. erogenous.