What causes a fetish for Asian women?

Like many, many American men, I have a huge thing for Asian girls. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipina, whatever. So many of them seem to be hotter, to me, than the percentage of hot non-Asian girls. Where, oh where, does this fetish come from? What past sunconscious experience, or genetic predisposition, makes a guy really attracted to Asian women? I just find the facial appearance of Asian females very, very attractive.

I know I am not alone here. It seems like Asian girls are the most specifically lusted-for demographic, on the basis of ethnicity, in this country. For example, there is so much Asian porn marketed in the US and clearly it is being eaten up by American male audiences, so there must be a large group of men in this country who like the way Asian girls look. Why, though, is there this attraction? It can’t be just because they’re “exotic” and “different.” Women from the Middle East, or from South America, or from Africa also look different and “exotic,” but I don’t find myself specifically attracted to them. There is something about the unique facial structure of Asian girls that I like - the specific distances between the nose and mouth, the shape of the eyes, the overall look of the face, that I find intensely appealing. Why, though?

I think that it is because U.S. society generally portrays them as small, meek, submissive, and childlike.

You can’t discount the exoticness factor so easily, because Asians are by far the smallest large ethnic group in the US. Last I heard, they were about 4%, with latinos and blacks both at about 12%.

Their hair is gorgeous.

I am by no means a male or fetish-ologist :wink: , but I would wager to say the obsession stems from the fact that most people* think that most Asian women are TINY.

You’re always going to look like…well…much MORE of a man next to a girl like that :smiley:

*Wide brush? You know it!

I can say with confidence this isn’t true across the board. I adore Asian women (one of my many fetishes), but the traits of “small, meek, submissive, and childlike” don’t do anything for me at all. In fact, I find those qualities in women to be turn-offs. While a gorgeous girl of Asian descent will catch my eye every time, I tend to prefer physically larger women with confident personalities, smart, good senses of humor, and (if I’m lucky enough to find out), more dominant when it comes to the sexual side of things. So the Asian stereotypes don’t “do it” for me.

I think a lot of people might say that, but still have unconscious connections with, “small, meek, submissive, and childlike.” I’m not saying it’s true for you Lou, just that generally we can believe one thing but have deep seated unconscious thoughts about another.

Fetish? Fetish? WTF? Gentlemen prefer blondes. Have a thing for redheads, ad nauseum. Prefering blondes (substitute redheads, brunettes, Latino’s, etc) is “normal” but attraction to Asians is a “fetish” or sexual deviancy.

mall, meek, submissive, and childlike. Throw out a few more stereotypes, which are just that, stereotypes. Asian Americans are as American as anyone else, so why don’t you call all women small, meek, submissive, and childlike. I think this sexual fetish label has a lot more to do with subtle racism.

Try using that stereotype in Asia. Bwahahahahahahaha.

I’ve always described any sexual preference at all as a “fetish.” (Beyond basic sexual orientation.") When I said Fetish I meant Preference…not a deviation. I’ve never thought of my preference for Asians as anything deviant.

Like I said, it has nothing to do with any stereotypes or how I prefer my women to act, or being “childlike.” It’s all about the facial features.

I have no idea what you are trying to say. Gee, could it be a stereotype? You think? Does it matter for purposes of answering the OP whether it is a stereotype if American men believe it (consciously or unconsciously) and it causes the fetish? No.

Please try to do better; the fact that some people believe something that may be a stereotype does not always require you to bring the “Logic 101 - It’s a Stereotype” tool out of the bag. Sometimes, even when you have the hammer, the problem isn’t a nail.

Do you spend a lot of time explaining that you don’t mean the same thing that anyone else means by that term?

I’m gonna go with the simplest explanation and say that it’s the common physical features of any nationality that causes a predilication for them. I don’t mean to say that all Korean people look the same, but that ethnic groupings tend to have similarities in their overall “look” that could interest this person but not that. Such is the wonderful variety of life.

As well, like someone else stated, the common ethnic features for an area tend to be viewed as boring and somewhat passe. What isn’t common is viewed as interesting on first glance, warranting a second one.

fetish (INTEREST)
noun [C]
an activity or object that someone is interested in to an extreme degree and that they give an unreasonable amount of time or thought to
He had a fetish about clothes.
A fetish is also a strong sexual interest in an object or a part of the body other than the sexual organs: a foot fetish

(from Cambridge Dictionary of American English)

SlyFrog, you’re the one that said: I think that it is because U.S. society generally portrays them as small, meek, submissive, and childlike.

That’s not a stereotype?

Again in the US it’s normal and almost required for Gentlemen to Prefer Blondes. If one generally finds Asian’s more attractive then it’s a fetish. That, SlyFrog, is a bad stereotype.

If we’re second-guesing what people think they find attractive, we could also say that people who believe they like the “small, meek, submissive…etc…” actually don’t but are really attracted by straight black hair for some subconscious reason…

Well, 'round these parts, prefering blonds would be a fetish. 'course, “these parts” happen to be Asia.

I think it’s the hair.

I agree with this. Whenever there’s an international car show, the Japanese manufacturers always have the best looking women (IMHO, of course). A lot of the American models have grossly over-sized breasts and look like air-headed bimbos (again, IMHO).

As long as it is not the tub . . .


Okay, sorry…I’ve been drinking. But I wanted to put a word in about the fetish for Asian women. Which, you know, dozens of people probably mentioned. But first of all…there’s a stereotype that they’ll do what you ask. Which for all I know, may be true…
Then there’s the body type. AMerican men love thin, frail women. I wish I was a thin, frail woman. And I don’t blame them. There are all kinds of reasons for this, which I could itemize, minus a few beers. But in any case, it’s our idea of attractive…submissive and frail and thin and…well…helpless.

Dang, at this point, I almost wish I was like that. So…you know…go for it. As, much as I hate such stereotypes, I understand how they come about and don’t really feel like it’s your fault that you’ve been taken in on them.

Now…if you want a chubby-ish brunette, American girl…give me a call…