Do asian people have white people fetishes?

As I was watching a Chinese movie, I got to thinking that there are plenty of porn sites for the western markets that cater to asian women fetishes. Does the reverse exist? Are there asian based porn sites that cater to a fetish for white people?

We all know about the stereotypical white guy that has the hots for asian ladies so is there the stereotypical asian guy that has the hots for white ladies?

How would those sites differ from any other “white ladies” pr0n site?

This level of ignorance of depressing racial dynamics is truly a luxury.

The answer to your question - yes. Everyone has a fetish for white women.

Back in the day, when I was playing poker alot (before it was popular like now) many Asian men seemed to be attracted to my curly hair. Actually, it was specifically Korean men. I was sorta cute with BROWN naturally curly hair and I actually got the “Shirley Temple Comparison” comment more than once. I am a white female. I grew into finding Korean men attractive myself.

Well, it just seems that when you look at a western based porn site, all the white ladies are just referred to as “big-boobed” or “hot, barely legal girl” whereas if the girl is asian, then the site takes great care to point that out.

I haven’t really surfed asian language based porn sites before so I’m wondering if they section off their sites to asian and white ladies areas. Are the white lady porn pics on asian sites clearly label as “white ladies”?

I guess this is in part based on my ignorance of not knowing enough about asian people porn culture. Over here in Canada and the USA, if you like asian women, then you get the stigma that you have an asian fetish.

I don’t really see it as all that ignorant. It’s a good question. I think there’s a difference between many people being attracted to white women because they’re mainstream here in the U.S., and asking about how white women are perceived in Asian countries. Like, are blue eyes/blonde hair considered exotic over there?

From what I’ve read about Japanese anime, blond hair is most definitely considered exotic. That’s why Sailor Moon was a blond, despite her supposedly being Japanese.

I thought Sailor Moon was a white chick. :smack:

For an example of what I mean, take at look at this Chinese girl singing a song . Some guy wrote in the comments:

If this was a white chick singing, I seldom if ever have seen somebody reply with:

And I thought Sailor Moon was a sexual position. :smack: :smack:

pizzabrat, I believe you are black. Do you care to expand upon that? Your answer fits with my life experiences. Black men tend to love white women and desire them. In my experience, it even includes rather rotund white women. However, white men don’t tend to be attracted to black women at least the very dark ones in the long-term relationship type sense. White men often like Asian women and that is a common fetish. It is very rare for white women to like Asian men especially stereotypical looking ones like the Chinese.

I can see how white women may seem to be a type of forbidden fruit to certain types of Asian men and that could be a turn-on.

**Sorry if any of this is offensive but it has been my experience across many places and people.

I had never thought about what Sailor Moon was. I guess I figured her being blonde and Japanese was another inexplicable anime thing. You know, along with talking cats, cat-girls and people being imprisoned in other people’s eyes.

Are other non-Japanese types also considered exotic there? Like, blacks, Hispanics, South Asians?

White guy in Asia chiming in. I can’t say that my Thai wife has a “white fetish,” but it is not unheard of in Thailand. When I first arrived here way back when, it was fashionable for Thai ladies to have white boyfriends or husbands. Besides the fact that many if not most of us tended to have more money than the local men, we usually did not beat our wives and girlfriends, a not uncommon problem with the local guys. Alas! but even in Thailand these things run in cycles. Us white guys have been toppled from our pedestal, first by the Japanese and these days by Koreans. Anything Korean is all the rage in Thailand right now: Music, television series and, naturally, guys.

But local Thai men have always gone for white girls. There are many, many Russian and other East European prostitutes in Thailand, and their clients are almost exclusively wealthy Thai men. These girls charge outrageous prices, and based on the ones I’ve seen, they tend to be rather pudgy. My friend upcountry routinely has to take visiting company bigshots to the main local brothel in his town; he tells me there are several East European girls working there, and that’s who the visitors invariably go for.

Now you can argue that with the Thai ladies, it was not really a fetish, that it was more about economics or some such, but from what I can tell, Thai men really do have a white-girl fetish.

More anecdotal evidence: I knew a girl that went over to Japan and found a job in a hostess bar. The fact that she was a blue eyed blond made her very popular.

How so? I don’t have a white women fetish and I don’t know anyone who does. And I was far from talking only about black men. In fact I think blacks in general are less likely to have an overt desire for whites than any other minority group; because there’s more than enough media representation of blacks as sex symbols so few are unfamiliar with viewing their own as desirable, because blacks in general are more conscious of racial dynamics than any than any other group and are more likely to shame each other for indulging in a “white fetish”, and because black men and white women is the most condemned interracial pairing in our society.

No, I got my perception from readings and online discussions.
EDIT: And phenomena such as the fact that fashion ads many Asian countries feature white models exclusively (but there’s a surprising glut of black female models in Italy. ::shrug::).

Not realizing how revered white women are the world over is ignorant, but I didn’t mean that in an insulting way.

Japanese girls liking white men is a common theme in Japan.

The extent of the effect is debated, but there’s no doubt that there’s a particular sort of Japanese girl (the gaijin hunter) who likes ahhh… white meat. And free ‘English lessons’.

30 y.o. student

On the other hand, you’ll notice that every girl in an anime has a different color hair. The primary purpose for this is so that the viewer can tell them apart, since their faces are otherwise virtually identical.

I’ve watched a few AMWF (Asian Male White Female) porn made for the Asian audience. A lot of them were cosplay. Aurora Snow as a cat. Penny Flame as a volleyball player. Some random Eastern European chicks as various video game characters. A few English teachers giving an extra special lesson. Now granted I haven’t seen the broadest of selections. Anyway search for AMWF.

Ooh. There’s also a popular Russian nude model called Yulia Nova who has extremely large breasts and makes moves exclusively for the Japanese market.

This paragraph is all speculation. I think there’s some special taboo about white women. I’ve heard of many mixed couples, there are tons here in Hawaii, and Japanese dating White man isn’t so troublesome to their parents but the reverse is much more so. As I understand it the daughter-in-law is supposed to be one of the traditional caretakers for elderly parents. If your son marries a White woman they just wont know how to treat you right.

My (Asian) girlfriend doesn’t really have a “fetish” for white guys but she has a thing for facial and body hair, something that Asian men are not known for. She always thinks it’s super hot whenever I have a beard, rubbing against it and what have you. She says that she has never been sexually attracted to Asian men because they all remind her of her own family. It would be like having sex with your brother, she claims.

I have heard other Asian women say this too.