Why so many more White Male/Asian Female couples?

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In my home metropolis and in other areas of the USA and also Europe, I see many, many more white male/Asian female couples than I see white female/Asian male couples.

Have you noticed this where you live? If yes, why do you think is this so?

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Because all the white girls are dating black guys!
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Naw, I can’t say I’ve noticed the same thing myself. (Both about the OP and the white girl/black guy stereotype too).

I’m an Asian female who is currently in a wonderful relationship with a Caucasian male. Also, a fewof my Asian girl friends have dated only white guys.

Based on the Asian males I have known, I actually would rather not date them because of the dominant/submissive aspect. No matter how old they are or where they grew up, many of the Asian guys I know seem to have little respect for women in general. I realize I’m making a broad generalization, but only one of my Asian friends would be good boyfriend material.

The white men I’ve encountered are respectful though and don’t think less of me just because I’m a woman. My girl friends and I have talked about this, and they seem to feel the same way. I know I’m not speaking for every Asian woman out there, but this is at least how 4 of us feel about it.

Well, in the countries in which I have lived (Taiwan, Korea, Japan) this is absolutely true. There are couple of reasons for this, one them being that there are many more single foreign men living abroad then women. Also, the local men are usually considered a lot less ‘enlightened’ then their foreign counterparts. Of course, quite of few men flock to Asian countries for exactly this reason. There is also an attitute that seems prevalent among male expats that women back home are bitchy and fat.

See this website for evidence of the last statement.

Living in Hong Kong, recently I’ve been seeing an almost equal number of asian male/white female couples to Asian female/white male. (Though, I haven’t stepped out much recently :wink: )

Because Asian girls are cute.

Seriously though (not that the above comment isn’t serious), I’m the only white guy I know out of my friends who has dated an Asian girl, and two of my Asian male friends are currently dating white girls.

Walking around town, though, I notice the same thing as the OP, quite a few Asian girls holding hands with Caucasian guys. Maybe it’s because all those cute Asian girls are going out with white guys and the poor Asian men don’t find white women attractive. Then again, I don’t see many Asian guys out with their girlfriends (of any race), so maybe they prefer cough indoor activities.

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Heigth is one major reason there arn’t as many WF/AM couples. Lots of girls have a 3 or more inches taller guideline, and Asian guys tend to be shorter which cuts down the number of potential hook-ups.

Depends on where you go, Green Bladder, but it definitely happens.

I think good-looking Asian-American guys have a fair shot with most people in most places, but when it comes to, say, foreign students hooking up in college, their opportunities are far fewer. To be totally honest, this is because the “Asians are nerds” stereotype is sort of true. ICQ is a standard courting technique here; everyone works their ass of at school, and in their free time reads comic books and plays computer games. A typical Asian guy is going to have a hard time winning and keeping a typical western woman. The more “masculine” (or at least well-rounded) types are less likely to end up abroad. There is a much broader spectrum of people in an Asian country than among those who emigrate or study abroad. I personally have seen a lot of white women who go crazy for Chinese guys when they find out that some of them are tanned and toned with zero body-fat rather than no-social-skills computer nerds.

As another factor, from the comments I’ve seen I would guess that there are more white guys attracted to Asian women than there are Asian guys attracted to white women.

The OP is correct in his/her assumption that WM/AF couples are more common in the U.S. than WF/AM couples. I believe the ratio is over 2:1.

As to why this is the case, here’s a link to what I said when this question was posed earlier-


Here are the data on inter-racial couples from the U.S. census department-


WM/AF couples are far more common than WF/AM couples, and WF/BM couples are far more common than WM/BF couples.

The issue is pretty complex in America, but here are just the basic.

In America, the reality is the media sometimes register the notion that White guys should go for Asian girls, for they’re percieve as submissive, sexual, and easy. How many Hollywood movies or TV shows out there, do you see Asian-American guys pair up with Asian-American girls? Hardly. The thing is, the media has also sterotype Asian guys as just agressive, weak, kung fu, nerdish fighting, etc. Rarely, would you see a hollywood movie depicting American born Asian guys in non-sterotypical Asian roles and portray as a positive leader.

This notion has also created “selling-out” and 'white-washed" Asian girls in the socially aware Asian-American community. By definition of selling-out, these are Asian that will exclusively date White men and not Asian guys, for the sterotype that White men are better. Similar cases are like are those who think Lucy Lui is a sell-out for the way she wants to be portray in the media. Or Amy Tan whose books have sterotype Asian men as weak to the non-Asian audience to make profit. In a way, she’s selling-out to the Asian-American community.

Of course, love is blind. There are actually White male/Asian female couple that do love and go out with each other regardless of race. However, it’s the notion that White male go out with Asian because of the submissive sterotype or that Asian guys are weak sterotype, that Asian-American find it an issue.

To gain a better perspective from an Asian-American community and social issues of Asians in America, check out:

Check out the interracial section.

The Isle of man has tons of them. Heck, my place of work is full of white males with (mainly tai) wives.
I have on occasion seen one colleague browsing dating websites with almost entirely asian women on them.

If some recent sightings are anything to go by, and you count india as ‘asian’ I might become one myself. (was mesmerized by the indian girl on the recent episode of ‘Masters & Servants’ on channel 4, especially the bit where she performed the traditional indian dance!)

I’ve lived long term both in Indonesia and Vietnam. Most of my expat friends (including myself!:D) ended up in a relationship with an Indonesian or a Vietnamese. This went both for the men and the women.

Anyone who’s been to Bali must have encountered the infamous ‘Kuta Cowboys’ who seem to have mystifying success in getting caucasian women to fall in love with them, despite knowing full well they’re basically hookers. A fair proportion of S-E Asian men have beautiful bone structure, long dark hair, great skin and a good physique. They are also very pleasant, laugh a lot and have a disproportianate ability to play the guitar. As a western guy in Indonesia, I often felt very indequate there!

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Could height have anything to do with it?

How tall are asians compared to whites? (I personally dont know many tall asian men, and I dont know any asian men over 6 feet tall)

Nearly all American women prefer and marry men who are taller than they are. If a woman wants her man to be at least 6 feet tall, asian men are excluded from her serious dating pool. How many tall women do you see marrying asian men? Not many.

Those shorter women who dont need their men to be over 5 feet 10, can date the rather plentiful remaining supply of short white men left over and unpicked, so the asian males face huge competition in the “short category”. Since the remaining pool of all men under 5feet 10 is so huge, simple math says that the odds of an asian being selected out of that pool, regardless of his race, are slim.

its seems to me in a complete generalisation,and I apologise in advance, but asian women are just as bitchy, maybe more so than their white or black equivalents. So don’t be fooled.

Of course. We all know that, regardless of race, they’re still the same species (female) :slight_smile:

Susanann, I agree that they’re rare, but I know several Vietnamese men at least 6 feet tall.

For my friends and me at least, height has nothing to do with it. The men we have dated do happen to be taller than us, but it’s also pretty rare for me to run into a man shorter than 5’ 3".

Dang it! I feel so insercure with my 5’11" 3/4 self :smiley: The women I’ve dated were mostly white…sorry…Caucasian - but it’s mostly because I can’t relate to the 1st generation Asians here, and also due to simple population demographics.

I know an Asian woman going out with a guy 6’6", but I also know of a Caucasian female friend who was going out with guy of a similar height.